This is supposed to be a very graphic fiction, DO NOT READ if you're not looking for some HARD CORE YAOI or you hate any of the things listed below. Also this fic will have multiple pairings I think, currently I plan to do AshxSebastian and ClaudexSebastian because we all know Seby is such a man whore.

**Warnings** – Blood play, injury, humiliation, prostate milking, forced orgasm, rape, multiple partners, gay sex everywhere, abuse, rim, oral and whatever else I can come up with

Hey people, Kuroshitsuji is not mine!

Breaking Him Down

Part 1

I want Sebastian. I want his body, his mind, his heart. I want to take him in my arms and make him cry out in the feelings I decide he should feel. I want to touch his scorching skin, drag my nails across his arrogant back and suffocate him with my wings as I wrap his unclean body with my pure white feathers. I want to hear him cry out my name as I purify him and defile him. I want to take him.

The night sky was black with thick rain clouds. A heavy chill had scared most humans back into their little huts, hiding from the oncoming storm. I love storms. Their rage cleanses the poisoned earth, even just for a moment. Almost like fire. Fire is the most destructive and beautiful form on earth. Like the man below.

Black, black tailcoat, black hair, black heart, but still I lust for him. My mind can not stop thinking about his crimson eyes, the ones that had willingly left me to die in the falling monastery, his eyes that had tried to kill me as I touched what he had claimed. I want him to look at me, catch me on fire with those ethereal eyes. His eyes that only now see me.

I dropped down onto him with enough speed that even his demonic reflexes could not match. I knew that alone against me he was weaker, and without his master he could scarce do anything to me. That is why I had waited for him to be alone, for him to be single-mindedly pursuing some goal. His eyes barely had time to lock with mine before my sword found his beautiful chest, right above his black heart.

The gasp from him acted as electricity running down my spine. I could not stop the shiver of pure delight just at the sound. His face was contorted in rage for a moment before he finds that stupid mask of nonchalance. I hate that look, like he doesn't even care about me. I shove the sword into the ground his beautiful and sinful body is pinned to, like a butterfly, and I twist the sword almost moaning with him as he bucks and writhes against the pain.

"Ah, you!" He is looking at me as if I was some spoiled child. I buried the sword almost to the hilt into his body and the ground, effectively pinning him to the earth.

"I knew it was you, you led Ciel into the damned trap!" I just smirked.

"I must do whatever is necessary to purify him, to purge him, and you." Sebastian is beautiful as he growls at me. His body is weaker than before; I can tell he has not eaten in a while.

"You have grown frail." I lent forward to tug at his inky black hair. It had the consistency of fine silk.

"Such a pathetic beast, debased so easily. Delicious." I dragged my teeth over his pale, milky white neck.

He twitched and tried to pull away but I would not let him. I forced his head back, exposing his whole throat to me. His eyes were burning even though he could do nothing but let me ravage him; the sword buried in his body prevented much movement. I grazed my teeth dangerously across a fluttering artery and bit, almost hard enough to cause serious injury and enough to draw blood. He gasped. It was so soft that had I not been listening I would have missed it. The sound was enough for me.

I tore his useless coat and shirt apart, exposing his creamy chest to the lusty air. Even with the sword lodged so deeply into his beautiful chest and blood covering his right side he looked just as any angel, but I knew he was anything but. He seemed to know where I was going, what I was thinking as he tried to lift the sword from his chest. It was useless, I had purposely pinned him so close to the heart, lest me might easily break away.

After a moment of struggle he seemed to realize his complete immobility, though no fear filled his eyes. I wanted to lick them, to taste their crimson glow. I refrained though, it was better to examine the emotions flitting across them. The most potent emotion that I could see was one of resignation. I was high with just that look.

In this form my desire for him was obvious and I made sure he knew what I wanted. Lust was something that acted just as the best poisons; it filled the veins so fast that one could scarce know that they had succumbed to it until too late. I knew though, and so did he.

"What an angel, what might your god say if he saw you so lewd and prepared to rape a demon?" The snide remark was made as his crimson eyes flicked over my body. I could feel myself swell more in the confines of these confining clothes, but that was unimportant.

"He would encourage me to teach you your place."

I dragged my nails over his chest, catching on his nipples hard enough to make him bite his lip.

"Don't fight your true nature; you know that you've always wanted this." I pinched and rolled his little nipples until they swelled and throbbed between my finger tips. I loved the look on his face as I began to descend his body until my lips were only centimeters away from one pert little peak.

I let my tongue snake out and flick over the tip as I watched his normally pale cheeks begin to flush with color. I smirked as I took one nipple into my mouth, suckling it and using my teeth to grate and grip onto the sensitive peak.

"Gah!" His head fell back for a moment before he forced it back up to glower at me.

"Stop, don't do thaahhhht!" Again his head fell back against the ground and this time his chest moved up a little against my mouth and the sword. He was gasping now with both the pain and pleasure.

"You would make such a beautiful butterfly, such beautiful colors you have." I teased the other nipple just as viciously, and I watched the sword lewdly move deeper into his body as he arched into my touch.

"Such beautiful blood." I moved up to the sword and licked at the edge of his wound.

"Should I move this somewhere else?" My silky sweet voice seemed to upset him but the way his crimson eyes fluttered I knew his answer.

I stood and tore the sword from the earth and his body. The gasp from his lips was almost orgasmic. I grinned, he couldn't be left unbound. I forced his arms above his head and placed both hands atop one another. He tried to struggle but his bleeding body was not up to the task. I forced the sword almost to the hilt again, this time through his hands.

"Now we can continue." I dropped back on top of him and locked onto the wound that was beginning to close. I thrust my tongue in and out of the hole until it became too small, every thrust of my tongue making him cry out.

"oh, what a naughty boy you are, getting so aroused from this. You want more don't you?" I ground my narrow hips against his swollen crotch. I could feel the pulse of his filthy member between my legs and it made me moan.

"So beautiful, I just want to eat you." I bent forward until I could take a bite of his swollen red nipples. He cried and arched up, his swollen member twitching violently against me as I tugged and nipped at his overly sensitive buds. I took equal time to tease both as I let him grind his perverse hips into mine until I could feel his breath begin to hitch in desperation.

"Beg me; beg me for what you want." I stopped teasing his nipples and descended even lower down his rutting body.

He refused to say anything as I began to thrust my tongue into his perfect bellybutton. His head fell back against the ground and lolled about uselessly as all his energy and blood had made their way to his most sensitive places. I couldn't believe how aroused he was as his hips tried to find some kind of friction. I pulled back until I was kneeling between his wantonly spread legs.

"Beg for me to touch you." His eyes flashed with anger but it was overrun by lust.

"Please, touch me…"

I grinned victoriously and took one finger to lightly skim over his straining member, the taught fabric was smooth and slick towards the head of his cock.

"Where do you want me to touch you?" He bit his lip enough to draw blood, his eyes scrunched closed in overwhelming desire.

"Anywhere, please, just touch me!" It was the best answer I could have ever hopped for.

"Anywhere?" He growled as my nail skimmed over the inside of his thighs.

"Yes, I don't care just touch me!" I smiled sweetly.

"As you wish."

I tore his pants from his lewd body, pulling his underwear along with them.

"Oh my, are all demons so, sloppy?" His member was oozing pre-cum and his whole cock was covered in it. I had figured that a demon's body was lewd but this far exceeded what I had imagined, it was obvious that this body was primed for sex, constantly desiring to be in such carnal acts. I was fascinated by the twitch of his member, the way it was curved back almost like a bow and how the skin was flushed a beautiful red. Every vein looked filled to burst and his poor balls were so full they looked ready to explode too.

I knew where he wanted me to touch the most but I had other plans in mind. His beautiful legs spread so willingly as I opened him wide enough for me to look at all his most shameful parts. I ignored his throbbing length and watched his little hole quiver readily. His whole body jumped as I brought one long finger to tease around the ring of his hole. He let out a breathy gasp and lifted his hips even higher for me to get to him. I was a little shocked to see that there was not a hair on him, except for what was on his head and the little trail above his throbbing cock.

"You're body is truly built for such carnal acts isn't it." He just panted and shivered with unabashed lust. I began to toy with his entrance more and was happily surprised to find that his little hole opened greedily around my finger. The heat inside him was just like fire, he was so tight and his body was just begging to be taken. I suddenly felt betrayed, my heart skipped a beat for a moment and I growled low in my throat.

"Who else has had you!" I jammed two fingers into his lewd hole and fucked him with the two digits. He let out a pitiful cry and he shook his head as his hips jerked to meet my fingers.

"No one, please, no one!" He was lying, not even a demon's body could be so obscene.

"You lie, tell me!" He made a high keening sound as I shoved a third finger in and slammed them all against his prostate.

"No one, I promise no one has touched me, th-there, pleeaaaaaase!" His voice ended in a pained moan. His member was pouring pre-come now and his sweet balls were pulling tight trying to release.

"Good." I kneaded his prostate ruthlessly and his voice rose into a single cry, so sweet and erotic that I almost found my own release. His hips were locked in the air as wave after wave hit him, all his semen spilling across his stomach, and chest. Even as he was orgasming I continued to milk his prostate until pained cries fell from his bloody lips as I forced him to keep releasing. After a while I relented and pulled my fingers out from inside him. He gasped and slumped exhaustedly against me and the cool ground.

"So beautiful, and still hard after that." I smirked and trailed a finger over the ridge of his member. He squirmed and whimpered in protest.

I was enjoying how his hips tried to jerk away as I teased the head of his penis, still full and throbbing. For a moment I heard something, it was faint. I stopped my ministrations and lifted my head to better listen. Sebastian was so over stimulated that he couldn't seem to hear the thing whispering for him. After a moment I understood that it was the dirty child calling through his and Sebastian's bond. It was getting loud enough that Sebastian had finally picked up on it. I wanted to growl as his penis twitched at the sound and a gasp escaped him. I knew though that the bond would force him to go, not even I could really stop him.

I was angry, furious in fact, though it made little sense. I stood up and glared down at Sebastian's dirty body, I had thought I would be disgusted at the sight of him but it just made me furious to know that he was going to leave and I wouldn't be able to finish what I started. I ripped the sword from his hands and he made a pained sounded. Before I could stop him he was gone, as if he had never been there.