Lucy sat quietly in the Main Hall of Crage Hall, listening to random snippets of conversation. One in particular caught her attention. The headmistress, Madam Morrible, was having some sort of heated disagreement with a blond girl about Lucy's age, one Galinda Arduenna Uplands. Apparently Galinda's Ama was running late, and Galinda didn't want to be stuck in an ordinary dorm room.

Oh, shut up, you selfish, spoiled ninny, Lucy thought. At least you have an Ama.

Galinda finally gave in and let her Ama be a chaperone for her and her roommate in the Pink Dormitory of Crage Hall.

That is to say, roommates, plural. Galinda was placed in a room with Lucy and Elphaba Thropp, the Thropp Third Descending of Nest Hardings.

As the three went to their room, Galinda asked Lucy, "Where did you say you're from?"

"Finchley, in London, England," Lucy said. "By way of… Spare Oom."

"Never heard of those places. And what of our roommate, Elphaba? What's with the green skin? It's so weird."

"So what if she's green?" Lucy asked. "I rather like it. I mean, it's not like her head is on upside down or anything like that."

That got Galinda to shut up.

The three girls continued on in silence to their room, number 22 on the second floor.