Jessica Watson looked in the mirror and scowled, gently poking the large red mark on her neck and wincing slightly before calling out of the room.


There came a chuckle from the next room.

"Yes love?"


"I would think that, to a woman as intelligent as yourself, that would be fairly obvious."

"How old are you? Sixteen? I can't go to work like this! Eli will laugh me out of the office!"

A turtle neck flew through the door and collided with her behind. She picked it up and scowled again.

"You planned this didn't you?"

"Stevens is coming in today. I'm actually rather fed up with him staring at your chest. That's my job."

She sighed, the long suffering sigh of a woman who lived with Calvin Lightman.

And currently had a large red mark on her neck because he had decided to bring out his inner teenager.


Jessica re-adjusted the neck of her jumper, hooking her necklace over it so as to hold it in place and avoid a major love-bite based catastrophe. She sighed, pushing the door to Cal's office open and dropping a pile of papers onto his desk with a distinctly un-amused expression that gave Cal an odd sense of déjà vu. Her black hair waving and curling down to just past her chin after six months of re-growth as she tapped her fingernails on the table.

"And here we are again…"

He smirked slightly as the red mark showed slightly over the top of her black turtleneck.

"Oh stop looking so bloody pleased with yourself." She said, trying to sound firm and failing miserably. "And do your own paperwork. Honestly Cal I'm not blind, it says your name on every sheet."

Damn. He knew he'd missed something. There was no way she just knew it was his…

"I'm trying to write a book." He grumbled slightly. She chuckled.

"The same book that Emily has already written the forward to? That book?"

He nodded and she laughed again, leaning forwards and pressing a kiss to his forehead.

"I'm sure something will inspire you."

"You know writers of old were often inspired by their lovers."

"Really?" She asked, slightly amused, hand still on her hip – she was still slim and slight despite six months of dedicated food-programmes and training in self-defence.

"Hmm." He nodded. "Of course it helped better if said lovers wore less clothing…"

She laughed outright and raised an eyebrow before saying one word.


He sighed, throwing her a mock-pleading glance. She laughed again.

"Not in the office and definitely not when there is only ten minutes before Emily is due to arrive. Now do your paperwork and find inspiration elsewhere, I have work to do."

He caught her wrist as she began to walk away, bringing her lips to his and kissing her soundly before stepping back.

"Inspiring?" She asked. He shrugged.

"It will do…"

"Charming." She said, leaving the office. She pulled her collar up again self-consciously and returned to her 'lair' as Emily had jokingly called it. It wasn't long before the young girl skipped into view, bag hanging from her shoulder as she burst into Jessica's office and sat down on a chair.

"Why yes Emily do come in and make yourself at home." Spoke Jess sarcastically as Emily threw her jacket over the back of the chair she was sat on. "How was school?"


"So he spoke to you then?"

Emily's eyes grew wider as she nodded excitedly, regaling the tale of how the boy in her Maths class had finally had an actual conversation with her. She was so ecstatic that she barely noticed Jess yanking up her turtleneck. When she did she paused in her commentary and glared at Jessica's throat.

"Jess what was that?"

Jess froze and shifted slightly as she responded.

"What was what?"

"That thing on your neck."


But Emily was on her feet and pulling down the jumper neck before Jess could flinch. She laughed outright at the sight of the red mark and recoiled playfully.

"Ew! Please tell me that wasn't my dad!"

"Well it wasn't Eli I'll tell you that much!" Replied Jess, yanking it back up.

"Oh I'm going to have so much fun with this!"

"No you will not! Remember when you had one and I helped you hide it from your father?"

Emily nodded, blushing slightly.

"Well now we're even. Not a word."

Emily sighed dramatically and nodded, sitting down and starting on her homework. As the sun went down over the tops of buildings they had resorted to playing basketball with balls of paper and a waste paper basket. Jess missed and swore.

" I'm bored out of my mind. Where's your father?"

"Still in his office I think."

"Come on then Em, let's go find dearest Calvin."

Cal looked up as they entered.

"Ladies." He nodded, looking over his glasses. Jess smiled amusedly and Emily smirked. "To what do I owe this pleasure?"

"It's a Friday evening and everyone else has gone home."

"Well what do you suggest?"

Jess shrugged.


"And for Emily?"

Emily sulked at the revelation that, yet again, she would have no alcohol.

"Coke was invented for a reason Cal."

He smiled and shut off his computer, grabbing his coat.

Just a bit of an intro for you there!