While Ryan and Esposito gathered their things to go to the Old Haunt, Castle observed his Detective Kate Beckett. His? Unfortunately not. She was filling up some paperwork on the case they just closed. He wanted to know why she watched Temptation Lane but first he had something to give her and he couldn't wait to see her face.

"What?" she asked when she saw him approach her desk.

"I have something for you" he answered simply, shaking the envelope he had in his hand.

"What is that?" she asked, now intrigued. What could he be possibly having for her this time? No doubt something stupid … She smiled at the thought. Contrary to common knowledge, Richard Castle was not just some play boy who did nothing else but party or change girlfriends as he changes shirts. He was really attentive to the people he cared about. And since the bomb scare, she was pretty sure she belonged to this category of people. She cared for him too, that was not the problem. Josh was the problem. She wanted to break up with him but didn't want to be ungrateful. He cancelled his trip to Haiti for her after all. She had decided the day before that she would let it slip 'naturally'. She knew it was the coward way to do it but she really didn't want to have to deal with it and him. But it was hard, because he was attractive, he was a safety net. Way less risky that the one she really wanted …

"Kate!" Castle called louder, after three failures to get her attention

"Uh? Yes… what?"

"Were you even listening to me?" he asked, laughing. He was really loving her today. Not that he didn't love her every day, but today he was seeing a whole new side of her. A personal side.

"Of course! … Well, not really. Sorry, what did you say? " she continued when she saw the look he was giving her.

"I said, I'm only giving it to you if you promise to come with me to the Old Haunt to meet the guys after."

"It's not something mean, right?" she asked

"What? No ! Why would I give you something mean? Have I ever been mean to you?" he asked, suddenly worried. He had never meant mean to her but he knew that sometimes his words could be misinterpreted.

"No, you've never been mean to me. Can I have it now?" she was getting really curious.

"Only if you promise" he said, hiding the envelope behind his back as she was reaching for it.

"Ok, I promise I'll go with you. Now give it to me"

"Oh, getting impatient now, are we detective?" he laughed, handing her the envelope, and watching her open it as a kid would open her Christmas present. He was not disappointed by her reaction. Her eyes widened, along with her smile.

"Oh my God ! How did you even get this?" she asked him, her eyes shining, making him smile even more

"I know people who know people" he answered, as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

"Thank you ! it's … I don't know what to say. Thank you so much! Why did you do that?"

"I know you like the show, I thought you might like it"

"I love it, thanks" she said, kissing him on the cheek "it's really sweet"

"So, shall we go now?" he asked, standing and passing her her coat

"We shall" she answered, gathering her things. "Can we stop by the morgue? I have to show it to Lanie, she's gonna be so jealous !"

"Of course" he answered "spread the word all you want, I'm an amazing partner. I want everyone to know it" he boasted as he followed her to the elevator.

Her phone rang just as the door were closing. She took it from her pocket and saw that it was Josh calling. She pressed the 'decline' button and put it back in her pocket.

"A problem?" Castle asked

"No" she answered smiling "everything is fine".

After a quick stop at the morgue, just enough to make her best friend beg Castle to get a picture for her, Kate got back in her car, waiting for Castle. Apparently he was being threatened by Lanie to end up on one of her tables sooner than strictly necessary if he didn't get her one soon. Kate's phone rang again. Checking the caller ID, she pressed 'decline' once more put her phone in the glove compartment on the passenger side. Just at this moment, Castle came back, apparently running from Lanie. He took his seat without realizing that Kate's arm was still on his side, not completely back on her seat yet. He sat on her arm.

"Aaahh" she exclaimed, completely taken by surprise.

"What" Castle asked

"You're sitting on my arm! Move!" she said "Oh my God, I didn't think you were so heavy" she added, rubbing her right arm

"What were you doing on my side of the car anyway?" he asked

"Your side? Do I have to remind you that it is MY car? All the sides are mine" she told him, starting the car and pulling into the street of New York.

They bantered all the way to the bar, but ended up laughing more than fighting. They took their drinks at the bar and joined Ryan and Esposito. Lanie joined them a few minutes later, followed closely by Jenny. The boys talked about the latest football match while the girls talked about … Temptation Lane. It appeared the Kate Beckett was more than the regular soap-opera fan. She knew everything that had happened in the show. She knew every character. She knew who loved who and which couples broke up. Apparently, Lanie and Jenny were not too far behind her. After a few hours, everyone was going home.

"I'm taking you home" Castle said to Beckett.

"Ok, but we take my car" she answered. He was so stunned by the fact that she didn't fight him on this that he didn't move, and nearly missed the keys when she tossed them at him.

"Why?" was the only word he managed to get out, completely shocked by her behavior

"You've been really nice to me today so I want to do something nice for you. But if you don't want to drive I can …"

"NO!" he shouted, surprising everyone including himself "I won't pass the only opportunity I have to drive the Beckett mobile!" he added, trying to justify his outburst.

Everyone laughed and went home. When Castle and Beckett arrived at her building, he proposed to walk her up to her door.

"Why, you think I can get lost on the way?" she asked him, laughing lightly

"You never know Detective, New York is a dangerous city" he said, grinning.

"Oh why not, I'm sure five more minutes being nice to you won't kill me" she said, stepping in the elevator.

On the way up, she didn't know why but she told him why she knew so much about Temptation Lane. He was really the only person with whom she talked about her mom. Even to her father she couldn't say as much as she did with him. It hurt too much to see her father's face when they talked about her. When they got out of the elevator, Kate got the envelope out of her purse and took the picture out, looking at it once more.

"Really Rick, thank you. It's really nice"

Rick, she had called him Rick. She never called him Rick.

"Uh … you're welcome"

She put the picture back into her purse and they went to her door … where they found Josh sitting on the floor.

"Josh? What are you doing here?" Kate asked

"We were suppose to have dinner tonight" he simply answered "I tried to call you at least ten times in the last two hours"

"I'm sorry, I totally forgot. And my phone is … oh crap, it's in the car! I went to the Old Haunt with the guys and I …"

"I'm going to get it for you" Castle said, taking the stairs

"Why was he with you?" Josh asked as soon as Castle was gone

"I told you, I went out with the guys and …"

"Oh, so he's one of your guys now ?"

"Of course he is! We've been working together for three years. Oh, and by the way, Jenny and Lanie were there too, even if they're not guys." She answered, getting angry

"And you didn't think of inviting me?"

"Honestly, no. I had a long day and I was happy not to think of anything. I just followed them and …"

"Here you go" Castle cut her off, handing her her phone."See you tomorrow Detective?"

"Sure, see you tomorrow Castle. And thanks again" she said, smiling and pulling her purse closer to her"

"Finally ! I swear he would never leave you alone if you didn't dismiss him" Josh said, started to follow her inside her apartment.

"What do you think you are doing?" Kate asked "I don't want to see you right now, not after the scene you just did. Go home and come back when you're calmed down" she said, closing her door on him.