August 19, 2011…

"Come on Baby," Dean encouraged, caressing the top of the Impala's steering wheel with his hand in an effort to make her go faster.

"Dude, you're gonna get us pulled over and arrested. Then you'll definitely never make it there in time."

"Well I wouldn't have to speed if you hadn't taken so long to find me," Dean griped.

"Oh this is my fault now?" Sam was incredulous. "We would have been back at Bobby's two days ago if you hadn't let the little old lady get the drop on you."

"How was I supposed to know friggin' Grandma was the Selkie?"

"Well you're lucky I figured it out or you'd still be tied up in her basement right now."

Dean looked at his watch again and groaned. "We're cutting it close, man," he growled, fisting the wheel with two hands as he tore up the tarmac on the way back to Sioux Falls and Bobby's house.

The brothers and Tasha had been spending a lot of time at Singer Salvage, using it as a home base between hunts and often extending one-day layovers into a few days or a week. Ellen had officially moved in a year ago and had finally convinced the gruff bachelor of thirty years to clean out all the rooms he had upstairs for the gang to stay in. Jo also stopped by regularly and had become quite good friends with Tasha. In fact, the two women had just worked a hunt together in Florida while Dean and Sam had solved the mystery of the missing people in Grayland, Washington. Dean had told Sam that he and Tash had a 'real friendly' wager on which team would wrap things up first and, although he really didn't want to imagine what kinkiness the stakes surely involved, he had teased his brother when it became evident Tasha would be winning that bet.

Sam took in the intense look on Dean's face and smiled. Today was the day Chuck the Prophet had told Dean that Sammy and Cassie would be conceived. He was looking forward to finally being an uncle, even if it would be another nine months or so before he could meet the kids he had been hearing so much about for the past two years. Dean had been distracted all week – probably the reason a four-hundred year old Selkie had managed to slip past his defenses.

"Aren't you nervous?" Sam asked curiously. "I'll admit, I'm still having trouble picturing you with twins."

Dean grinned over at him. "Wait 'till you meet them, dude. They're the best kids ever. You're gonna love them."

"Yeah, but you – changing a diaper?"

"I can take care of that part for you," came a deep voice from the back seat.

Both brothers spun around to find Cas sitting in the middle of the bench seat. The angel frowned and addressed Dean directly. "Leaving it a little last minute, aren't you?" he accused sternly.

"Cas, where have you been?" Dean demanded back. "I've been trying to call you. Can you zap me there? I'm gonna be freaking late."

Cas rolled his eyes. "You have known about this date for two years, Dean. You shouldn't need my help to make Sammy and Cassie."

"Hey! You just zap me there. I can handle the making babies part on my own, trust me." Dean pulled over quickly to the side of the road, leaving the keys in the ignition for Sam and an instant later, he and Cas were standing in Bobby's living room.

"Tash!" Dean hollered, never one to be subtle.

Tasha came sauntering in from the kitchen to find herself swept up into the hunter's arms and smothered in kisses. She giggled at Dean's enthusiastic welcome and tilted her head to give him better access as his lips reached her neck.

"Where is everyone?" Dean questioned between quickening breaths.

"Bobby and Ellen are gone for the weekend," she answered, moving her lips to meet his but after a moment, she stopped and looked past him to peer at Cas. Without letting her go, Dean twisted around to quirk an eyebrow at his friend.

"Oh, yes," Cas stammered. "I guess I'll be leaving now."

He disappeared just as Dean jokingly called out "And no peeking!" into the empty corner of the living room.

Tasha's eyes widened. "Woah, he doesn't peek, does he?"

Dean shrugged as a laugh rumbled through his chest. "Well if he did, he would have only done it once coz you…" kiss "…are an animal…" kiss "…and you would have…" kiss "…blown his blue-ass eyeballs out of their…" kiss "…sockets."

He planted his hands firmly on her hips and started to walk her backwards towards the couch, too impatient to bother taking this upstairs.

"Uh, what about Sam?" Tasha stammered, sounding oddly nervous. "Won't he be here soon?"

"Not for at least three hours."

"You know, Jo broke up with that loser she was seeing and she'll probably stop by tomorrow." Dean noticed a slight tremble run through her as his hands slid up her waist under her t-shirt. "Maybe this time Sam'll finally man-up and make a move," she continued, obviously stalling. "I mean, I think he should just sleep with her already."

Dean grimaced at her. "Eww. Not the visual I wanted right before we have sex." He pushed her gently back down onto the couch behind her.

"Wow, you don't waste any time, huh?"

"I've been waiting two years for this," he breathed, tugging at the hem of her shirt to get it off. She let him remove it but he could sense her hesitation so he cupped her face and gave her a slow, deep, openmouthed kiss, hoping to ease her mind.

"Are you sure about this, Dean?"

"I've never been more sure about anything in my life."

"Yeah, but kids? What if I'm a terrible mother?"

"You're a terrific mother," he assured her, kissing her neck again. "You can trust me on that one; I've seen it." He pulled back and grinned at her. "And you're a total milf."

She chuckled at that. "You're not helping your case."

"Just shut up and kiss me," he ordered. "We got babies to make."


A/N: This was just a short, sappy flash-forward to confirm that Sammy and Cassie will be back eventually :-) Hope you enjoyed this story and hope you come back for the sequel (warning: M-rated). More action, more romance, and some dark themes in an AU version of season 6 that starts up a month after the last chapter of this fic ended. I need to take a couple of weeks off to do mass amounts of fic-reading but I already have the next story sorting itself out so it shouldn't be too long!

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