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Chapter 2

After spending a night silent in horror at what I had done, I got out of my closet, found the emergency ax, and went after the few Aliis(others in Latin) that were left. Among them were Katherine, Jenny, and Robert. All had been torn to shreds and then returned as an Aliis. I ran at them and quickly thrust the axe through their spinal column. I had seen this in all the zombie movies and I guessed it couldn't hurt. It worked just like I hoped. The spinal column snapped and the leftover body fell to the floor in it's second death. After that I was an Alii killing machine. I was so angry at myself, and not willing to let the infection spread that I killed any of them that I saw, not caring about who it had used to be. I knew that none of the person I had known was left inside of that shell. All the memories and humanity were gone. Replaced with a hunger for human flesh. I almost gagged at how awful it was. At that moment Jane, the receptionist ran toward me. She looked terrified. That was when I heard the moans. The Alii were coming, forever drawn toward out scent. I raised my ax as Jane hid behind me. Within a few minutes the Alii were upon us. I ducked when it swung at me, but it grabbed Jane. She screamed as the result of my stupidity pinned her to the ground and clawed at her as it tried to sink it's teeth into her flesh. She thrashed and rolled it over trying to run. The limbs were so tangled that there was no way that I could hit it. After minutes of thrashing and a pool of blood was forming, she kicked it off of her. I ran at it and ended the monster. When I turned back to her I almost passed out. It had clawed every inch of skin and she was bleeding. It had also scratched one of her eyes until her eye swelled shut; four fingers were broken back and a clump of her hair was laying off to the side. Her breathing was ragged and by her heart rate, she would die soon. Even if the victims didn't get infected by the venom in the mouth, the sheer incessant attacks could kill you from loss of blood.

You always hear about how even the weakest of people finds inner bravery in times of need, well mine was wearing off. It finally hit me just how dangerous these things were. They would fight, forever. Since they were already dead they didn't need sleep, and I doubted they could starve. They would just run after human flesh until they tore themselves to pieces. These people were gone and yet I seriously doubted the could pass on into whatever afterlife they believed in. They would just be gone. All memories of humanity destroyed, all ability to think or feel, gone. I had done what I had gone out to do. In essence, they were going to live forever. Just not the way I expected. My simple formula for eternal life had mutated inside her and became something no human could have figured would happen.

I collapsed on the floor beside Jane. I had counted, and all the workers in my building were dead, again, but I still heard moans coming toward me. That meant that the infection had gotten out, that there was no more hope for humanity. The infection would spread, and humanity would fall. Humanity would seem like the mutant instead of the Aliis. And this was all because of me.

In that moment I swore that people would know that this was my fault. I would send out a recording on the Internet for the others before it was too late. I wanted people to know who I was and how it was my fault. After condemning humanity to...to this, the best I could do was admit to my failing. Take responsibility for my mistake. That was why I recorded this.

I did find out that smearing yourself with mud covers the scent of human flesh for a little bit. They work off of scent, so whatever works on other animals should be effective. I am currently hiding in a closet with a laptop and the recorder used to document my experiment. Outside I can hear the moans, incessantly. Run while you still can.

I leave the world of the living with this, I want every last human to know that the knowledge that this is my fault is eating away with me, and that my plan is to go out with as many of the Aliis as I can. None of you deserve this. Just enjoy the time you have with your families left. I don't hesitate to end any Alii. They are not human anymore and wouldn't give you the same favor.

Signing off, Dr. James Drane

This is the last communication of Dr. James Drane. He set this video on the Internet of several different places, but few believed it, until the Aliis came. This wasn't warning enough, and thousand after thousand were infected. Eventually the Internet fell and all evidence that this mistake was man-made was gone. The real fight began, and the war for humanity started.

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