Jo's Pov

"Okay class, we will learning about History." said.

No,body was listening, they were buzy texting on their phones. The school wouldn't listen to the rules about no cell phones.

"Class!" yelled.

Again no,body listened, I pulled out my phone real quick, my wallpaper was Zac Erfon, I smiled and read a text from my dad who said to be home before 7.

I shut the phone closed real quick and saw she was staring at all of us, She is cool and all, but she looks ugly when she is mad.

"The suns been shining,

And Ive been singing

This song in my head and it goes


Nothing but blue sky

When I stare into your eyes

I get tongue tied everytime

You smile

Some people dont know

What love can do

Well, they should see me with you."

We heard the ringtone and we all looked trying to find out who's it was.

"Oh, Betty were yoyu texting?" asked crossing her arms around her chest.

"No." Betty answered.

"Hand me the phone." said, she stared at the phone, she smiled and went to the board.

"Wow, nice picture of Eric." said smiling.

Betty blushed and put her head down, was showing everyone the picture over and over again,After a while she put the phone in her desk and said she will get it back after school. Eric was smiling and his girlfriend was staring at her with cold eyes.

Only 1 more min left before lunch, I am so hungry I couldn't wait.

"Jo." Gabe whispered.

I turned and saw Gabe give me a note, I took it roughly and read it.


Can I have your pizza?


I laughed and shook my head no and threw it away, The bell rang and I rushed to my locker and got my books and heard my best friends talking.

"Jo! what's youe wallpaper?" Ashley asked.

"Zac Erfon why?" I said.

"Didn't you hear? if you put your crush on your wallpaper for two weeks then you fall in love!" Ashley and Brittany screamed.

"So take a picture of Gabe and see what happens." Brittany said.

"Shut up!" I said pushing her.

Only my best friends found out about my crush on Gabe, I mean come on he's cute and has those big brown eyes.

"So do it!" Ashley yelled.

"No! where could I ever find time to do a picture?" I said in annoy voice.

"Please do it, and stop looking at your Mike wallpaper." Ashley said.

Brittany yelped and hide her phone, I laughed and saw Gabe there smiling and watching people.

I sighed and felt my phone vibrate, I opened it to see a text from Gabe.



March 30, 2011

Like what ya see?;)

I yelped and saw Gabe was staring at me laughing too, I shut my phone and put it back in my pocket, I need a picture of him so I can try this stupid charm.

Today went by fast and the finally bell rang, I rushed out and saw Gabe standing there looking the other way with the sun in his way. I opened my phone to see I got a message from my mom, I didn't look and put the camera and made it to where it just showed Gabe. I smiled and took the picture real quick and put it back in my pocket real fast, I walked off and hurryed to the bus. I pulled the phone out and saw the picture, Gabe wearing a black shirt and skinny jeans with jordans, the sun was shinning on him and his eyes looked like they were glowing, He looked so cute.

"Did you take the picture?" Brittany asked sitting next to me.

"No." I lied through my teeth.

Brittany looked away, the whole ride was boring and not good, Everyone showed their wallpaper and I hide my wallpaper. I jumped off when they went to my stop and walked out, I held my phone in my hand and kept staring at my wallpaper.

"Okay Two weeks." I said to my self.

Should I finish?:D