MacReady made the decision to burn the rest of Bennings' remains. Gary opposed it at first, claiming that Bennings had been his friend for ten years. He eventually came to reason with the fact that it wasn't the real Bennings; it was an imitation. Everybody gathered the remains in between two snow banks and poured gasoline on them. MacReady lit another flare and dropped it on the pile. The fire lit up the group's desolate faces, highlighting their suspicions about one another. Kay could only stare at the fire, her mind going blank.

"You sure that's the rest of him?" MacReady asked Copper.

"We cleaned out the storeroom. That's all there is," he replied.

Everybody soon started to file inside as the cold grew bitter. Kay remained where she was, her eyes closed, trying to process everything that had happened. The cold didn't bother her anymore; nothing did. "Kay?"

She looked up and saw MacReady staring at her. "You should probably go inside to the Rec Room. It's getting cold out here."

Kay smiled grimly. "There are other important things to worry about besides the cold."

"Look, I know this was…unfortunate, but until we straighten this whole thing out, it's best you just go back inside. We're gonna need you soon."

She sighed. "Fine. Are you coming?"

He paused. "I'll stay out here for a little. You go ahead; I'll be right in."

Kay nodded and walked back into the base. She found her way to the Rec Room where everybody was still stunned silent. It wasn't long, however, before they started hearing loud crashes coming from down the hall. Everybody stood up and rushed down to where they heard the noise. Kay saw that it was the communications room. She didn't have a good view, but she saw Blair and Windows inside. Windows was on the floor backing up very hastily and Blair was wielding something in his hand. She soon realized what it was: an ax. Blair was swinging it around the room, chopping up anything in his way. He was shouting to something that wasn't there.

"Anyone comes in here, I'll kill them!" he exclaimed, firing a shot from his pistol. It nearly hit Kay, so she crouched down low against a wall.

"What's going on?" she whispered.

Before anyone could respond, there were footsteps coming up from behind her. She turned around and saw MacReady running towards their small group. He crouched down next to her and said, "He chopped up the chopper pretty good. Childs, go see if he got to the tractor."

Childs nodded his head and disappeared down the hall. Blair was continuing to shout and smash their only method of communication. "Nobody's getting out of here! Nobody!" he shouted. "They think they're smart, but I got them!"

"What's he talking about?" Kay whispered.

"I don't know," MacReady replied. "Christ, we got to stop him before he hurts Windows."

"Any ideas?"

"I'm working on it," he said. Suddenly, there were more approaching footsteps from behind them. Childs appeared breathing heavily.

"He got most of the chopper and the tractor. And he's killed the rest of the dogs," he said gravely.

Kay looked at Clark. His face was stone cold as he rose up and ran down the hall to where the dogs were kept. She started to rise up, but MacReady yanked her back down to the floor.

"Kay, stay down," he warned her. "I have an idea. Childs, go around to the map room door, try to talk to him." Childs nodded and quickly darted around the room. MacReady looked at Norris and said, "Get a table from the lab. We'll try to pin him down."

Blaire kept shouting about the thing wanting to be an animal, and it only filled Kay with more fear. Despite his state, she understood what he was referring to. The only problem was, should she tell the others?

"Okay, Blair, "Childs started. "Come on now, you don't want to hurt anybody." He ducked out of the way as Blaire fired off a bullet.

"I'll kill you!" Blair exclaimed, firing off his gun like a mad man. When he ran out of ammo, he threw his gun at the entrance where Childs was. When he did so, MacReady held up the lab table and charged at him, knocking Blair to the ground as he swung the axe. However, Blair was too quick for them. He shoved MacReady to the ground, then Garry, just knocking people down. MacReady, along with Childs and Copper, charged Blair again, punching him so he went unconscious for a brief moment. When things had settled down, they hoisted Blair to his feet and tried to keep him steady.

"What should we do? Lock him up?" Childs asked.

"We'll put him in the shack outside," Garry said. "Copper, can you give him some morphine to keep him calm?"

"I'll go prep a needle," he replied, exiting the room.

Kay looked at Blair and his bruised face. He looked up at her and said, "It can't get out. It can't leave…"

She nodded. "I know, Blair, I know."