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Mama's Boy

Tiny feet padding across the floors. Hugs and smiles and kisses in abundance. Little giggles and loud angry cries echoing throughout the house. Soft fruit hogging all the space in the refrigerator...

"...only a matter of time before we start talking to each other in baby talk."

"We've already been talking to your stomach that way."

"Who knows? Maybe our tough little man won't appreciate the baby talk."

"I still think it'll be a little woman, and we'll have to name her after you because she'll be your spitting image. Completely lovely."

She gave a contemplative look for a whole moment before laughter overtook her. Trisha placed her hands gently upon the swell of her hugely distended stomach, craning her neck down in her child's direction and humming smoothly, rubbing smooth circles across the skin. She shook her head, whispering a quiet, conspiratory, "Nonsense, you're gonna be my little man. I know it."

Her glance up in her husbands direction was filled with mock suspicion, in case he was eavesdropping on their conversation, it wouldn't do to have him butting in on their talk, "and you'll look just like daddy," she smiled, picturing her little golden baby, stumbling along, "you'll be so handsome."

Casting a quick look around the newly furnished nursery and watching as Hohenheim added the last strokes of red paint to the walls, she muttered a final small addition to her theory.

"–but you'll be a mama's boy."

Trisha smiled.