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Just wanted to say that I've had this idea in my head since I saw the first movie ten years ago (yeah, it's been that long!) but, seeing as I was twelve at the time, it was before I started writing fanfiction so the idea just sat around in my head. 2 Fast 2 Furious didn't really inspire me at all but Tokyo Drift? Hell yeah, it did! I didn't want to write a fic about another racer apart of Dom's crew or a sister-fic or a-supreme-female-racer-comes-out-of-nowhere, like so many fics here. I wanted to do something different and, since Han is my main man of this series of films, this is a Han/OC. I've read so many bad Han/OCs or fics that say Han/OC and end up being OC/someone-whose-not-Han – and it's really starting to annoy – that I can guarantee you readers that this pairing isn't going to change. Han and Eve are endgame! I've been working on this for a little over two months and hope to have Fast & Furious out by the time Fast Five comes out. Also, this will go into Tokyo Drift and, if he's in the sixth movie, it'll include that one as well. Hopefully, it's another prequel because we all need Han in our lives. We'll just have to wait and see. So here's my fic, hope you like.

Life Left To Go

Chapter 1

"Special Agent Trudeau, would you care to explain what the hell happened?!"

Leaning back in the uncomfortable hospital chair, Eve tried to think of a way to describe the pure and utter cluster fuck that had been her most recent case. She'd known that teaming up with the LAPD was a bad decision from the start. The LAPD had a reputation all its own and, needless to say, it wasn't a very good one. Eve was FBI – elite, the best of the best. She didn't want to team up with, hands down, the worst police force in the entire country. However, given her background before becoming a decorated officer, she didn't have any choice but to take the assignment. There weren't many Feds who had a background as grease monkeys, or served time for boosting cars for that matter. Not to mention, undercover work was her specialty. Her background only served to make her the perfect candidate for the job: to infiltrate the local street-racing scene. Her hands were tied. Well, that and the fact that there was only a short amount of time to find those responsible for the thefts before the truckers would take matters into their own hands.

The assignment sounded easy on paper. Perpetrate and stop a string of high-speed, semi-trailer truck hijackings. There'd been over six million dollars in merchandise stolen, presumably by a gang of street racers. The only lead both departments had was that the hijackers were driving black Honda Civics with green neon under glow. Her partner was Officer Brian O'Connor. He was the perpetrator while she would run interference and remain in the background, providing backup if needed. Both of them were set up with new identities and backgrounds. Officer O'Conner became Brian Earl Spilner and Special Agent Trudeau became Evelyn Marie Spilner. The only reason they were made siblings instead of just friends was because siblings were easier to pull off as believable since the two of them were going to be living together for the foreseeable future. With their new histories, which weren't hard to make up due to their combined extensive knowledge of cars, both got cover jobs at The Racer's Edge. It was an aftermarket parts shop owned by a shady man named Harry, and had a known affiliation to all the local street racers. Harry was told what was going on and was paid for his silence regarding his two newest employees' involvement in the case. He'd been reluctant to assist until Eve's superior, Agent Bilkins, threatened to slap him with an accessory charge.

Eve sighed and leaned back against the wall, arms crossed. Staring her boss dead in the eye, she said, "Basically, it went like this…"

After three weeks at the shop, gathering intel, listening with an open ear and waiting for the right opportunity, her partner finally decided it was time to make his presence known with the racers. Driving a bright, neon green modified 1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS-T – commandeered by the FBI at an illegal street-racing ring in Atlanta – the two rolled into the races one night. Eve had seen Brian practicing plenty of times, even gone with him on occasion, but she knew he wasn't ready to race. She would tell him such, that they should wait longer, that his over eagerness would only get them in trouble. His reply? "I know what I'm doing, Eve". If he really knew what he was doing, then he wouldn't have kept going back to Toretto's shop to see one of their suspects little sister, Mia. That was really where all the trouble had really started.

Eve remembered waiting in the ugly ass red truck for Harry's shop as Brian got some lunch. One minute, she was flipping through a magazine about the latest designs out of Japan, munching on a mini-bag of Chex Mix; the next, she was hopping out and watching Brian getting his ass kicked. Walking around the front of the truck, Eve sighed in boredom and leaned against the driver's side of the hood. The big guy, Vince, was giving Brian quite the beating but her partner was at least getting some good hits in. She shook her head, watching the scuffle in annoyance and continued to munch on her bag of chips. Eve called out to Brian that he needed to keep his left up; it was basic boxing technique. Keep your left up, if you were right handed that is, and you'd protect your face. The two eventually went to the ground, Brian on top of Vince. He actually got a good hit in until he was pulled off and thrown back by one Dominic Toretto.

"Hey, man, he was in my face!" Brian explained defensively, hands up in the air.

"I'm in your face!" Dom retorted. Before he could say anything else, he had to hold off Vince, who tried to come back at Brian. "Relax! Don't push it! You embarrass me!" he shouted and Leon, another known racer on Toretto's team, pushed Vince back into the garage. "Jesse, gimme the wallet." From the information Eve had gathered, Jesse was the second youngest of the group – second only to Mia – and the brains of everyone. But he was also a loyal little dog, did whatever Dom asked of him and, just as ordered, he grabbed Brian's wallet and chucked it to Dom. ""Brian Earl Spilner". Sounds like a serial killer name," he remarked. "Is that what you are?"

"No, man."

"Don't come around here again," he warned. Dom passed him back his wallet and walked back to his crew.

"You had enough fun for the day?" Eve asked Brian, picking up the truck's keys from the ground.

"Hey, man! You know this is bullshit!" Brian called after Dom. Eve sighed and shook her head, eyes closed.

"Guess not," she mumbled, as Dom came storming back to them.

"You work for Harry, right?"

"Yeah, I just started."

"You were just fired." Dom left them for good then and Brian sighed, watching the team disperse.

""I know what I'm doing, Eve". "Don't worry, Eve". "I got this, Eve"," she said, reciting Brian's earlier words. The same ones she'd been hearing for the past three weeks. Every time he came to Toretto's and she told him he was just asking for trouble.

Brian turned around to face her, "Shut up, Eve."

""Shut up, Eve"," she mocked, no hint of a smile on her face. Dead serious, that's how she always was. "Get your ass in the car, Barstow." Brian reached to take the keys from her but she pulled them back. "I'm driving." Scoffing, Brian stormed over to the passenger seat and slammed the door closed. Looking at Toretto's, she saw Dom watching them very carefully. Eve didn't do anything, just popped another chip in her mouth and turned away to hop in the driver's seat. As she started the truck, she looked at Brian, who was stewing in his seat. Shaking her head, she stated, "Men, you're always getting in trouble over some woman."

"Any guys ever get in trouble over you?" he asked bitterly, not really caring to hear her answer.

Eve started the car and replied, "Nope, I was a good girl. And you know what they say about good girls?"

"They always swallow?" Eve looked at Brian as she sped back to the shop. He was smirking, quite pleased with himself.

"You're a pervert, you know that? You've got serious problems." Brian just laughed. The second she swerved around the corner and parked the truck, she added, "That's why you'll never get close to Mia. Toretto's got that big brother sixth sense about guys like you."

"Bitch," he toned and stormed into the shop.

"Pussy," she called after him. As they walked in, only a few customers were milling about and Harry was on the phone. One guess with who.

"Dominic, I owe you!" Harry said, hanging up the phone as the two went into the back room. Harry was close behind them. "Brian, you're messing with my business! When Dominic drives, he's golden! Kids pour in here, they want everything he has, every performance part, and they pay cash!" His words seemed to fall on deaf ears because Brian just went to the sink in back, taking a drink straight from the faucet.

"Am I fired, too?" Eve asked, not that she really cared.

"No, you're fine. Dominic didn't even mention you." Brian turned to look at both of them, glaring at Eve as she smirked triumphantly, before turning back to the water and washing up.

"See what happens when you fuck around like that, Barstow?" she questioned smugly.

"You just wanna work this by yourself," he griped at her. Eve nodded, not bothering to deny his claim. He and their bosses already knew full well that's exactly what she wanted. He ignored her, however, and turned back to Harry. "What did Dominic say?"

Harry shook his head, "You don't wanna know."

"What did Dominic say?!"

"He wants 'ya outta here!"

"He wants me outta here?"

"Is there an echo in here? He just said that, numb nuts," Eve answered.

"For once in your miserable life, just shut the fuck up, Eve!" Rolling her eyes, she crossed her arms and leaned against the wall, muttering under her breath about how he was just a big baby. Brian was certain he heard her call him a 'pussy' again. It was their routine; every time he called her a bitch, she called him a pussy. Looking at Harry, he asked once more, "He wants me outta here?"

"Yes!" Harry shouted, beyond exasperated.

"And what did you say to Dom?" After wiping off his face with his shirt, Brian stripped it off for a clean one.

"What do you think I said? I told him good help is hard to find." Harry ran a hand through his hair, thoroughly stressed.

"Hey, relax," Brian said, a hand on his shoulder to reassure him. For all the good it did.

"Don't worry so much, Harry. It's not like Dominic's the Godfather; he's not going to hire someone to take you out if you don't fire the screw up here." Harry nodded frantically while Eve shook her head. He really was a nervous man. Both of them heard Brian say, "I need NOS. I need NOS" before he ran out of the back room. "Brian, no!" she shouted, racing after him.

"My car topped out at 140 MPH this morning," he told her.

"Amateurs don't use Nitrous Oxide!" Harry stated, getting in Brian's path, grabbing his arm to make him stop. "I've seen you drive! You got a heavy foot!"

"That's the understatement of the century," Eve snorted behind them.

"You'll blow yourself to pieces!" Harry warned. But Brian didn't care. He stopped in front of the display of various NOS' the shop had and nodded to himself.

"I need one of these. One of the big ones." Eve shook her head and rolled open her bag of Chex Mix again. "You know what? Let's make it two. And, Harry, I need it by tonight." As Brian went to wait on some customers, Eve shared a look with Harry.

"He's gonna get himself killed!" her temporary boss exclaimed.

"Yeah, but at least it'll be fun to watch," she replied, eating another chip. "Relax, Harry, I'll be watching him, like always," she assured him and went behind the desk to ring up a customer.

When the two of them got off work, Brian went to work on upgrading his car with the two new NOS' Harry begrudgingly provided. Eve didn't offer to help him, knowing that he wouldn't accept it and, frankly, because she didn't want to. Brian had been causing her plenty of grief and she knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that he'd be causing her even more tonight. Besides, she wanted no part in his dumb plan. So, instead, she went to work on her own car. The 1969 Boss 302 Mustang was a gorgeous piece of classic American muscle. Her favorite, her baby, affectionately named Boh, to remind her where she came from. Natty Boh, the only beer she actually drank, was a staple originally brewed in her hometown of Baltimore. Now, tons of people liked the newer cars but Eve personally thought they looked like something a kid would win out of cereal box. Sure, her car didn't have the best paint job in the world – pale yellow body, black on the hood with black stripes on the side – but it was the engine that counted. And her engine kicked ass! Eve never raced, not anymore at least. It just wasn't her style. What the hell did she have to prove to the bottom feeders anyway? Absolutely nothing, that's what. But at least she knew she could get wherever she needed quickly, very quickly. Like Brian, her superiors had provided her with a car. Unlike Brian, however, she got to keep the car. It had been possessed from an illegal street racing ring in Las Vegas some years a go and, after a lot of paperwork, Eve bought it off the Bureau and kept it for her personal use. She loved her car.

The "siblings" rolled up to races, parking next to each other and leaning on their cars. For Eve, the scene was nothing new; she'd seen it dozens of times before. But Brian? Eve took one look at him and shook her head at him, per usual. He looked like a kid in a candy store. He was taking it all in – the music, the cars, the racers, the racer chasers. Everything. She had tried to tell him to dress up a little, try to blend into the rest of the crowd, but he wouldn't have it. He wanted to be comfortable so he went as he was: sneakers, capris, and baggy T-shirt. Eve, however, who knew how to dress to be seen as a woman and not a chaser, had on a leather pants, tucked into knee-high boots, a smoky grey vest, and a cropped leather jacket. The less skin a female racer showed, the more seriously she was likely to be taken and definitely not confused for a chaser. She slicked back her long blonde hair into a ponytail, flowing down to the middle of her back. Eve looked at her partner and rolled her eyes. The dumb look on his face was quickly shut down as she thwacked his arm, bringing him back to reality. While he had been busy ogling the party, she'd been busy scanning the ground. Dominic was only one suspect, one of three – the other two being Johnny Tran and some Hispanic local only known as Hector – and she had been looking for the other two. Luckily enough, the latter of the two was walking their way.

"Sweet ride," Hector complimented, eyeing Brian's car. "What'chu running under there, man?" Brian just smiled and Hector shook his head, smiling back. "You gonna make me find out the hard way?"

"Hell yeah!" Brian laughed.

"You're brave, you're brave," he commented as he walked around the hood of the car, inspecting it. "They call me Hector. I got a last name, too but I can't pronounce it so…"

"Brian Spilner." Hector shook his hand.

"Eh, typical white boy name." Nodding to Eve, he asked, "And what's your name, mami?"

"Not mami," she retorted and Hector laughed, nodding his head at her.

"I like that! I like that."

"That's just my sister," Brian told him, waving her off. That part of their cover hadn't been her idea. In fact, she'd been totally and completely against it but because her and Brian sort of looked alike, siblings had been the plan. According to their bosses, siblings was easier to sell due to their looks, especially given they were forced to live together. "Don't mind her. She's a bitch to everyone." Hector laughed and the two men shook hands again while Eve rolled her eyes and scowled at him.

"Eve," she introduced, shoving Brian a little. "And don't mind him. Evolution missed a step." Hector ooh'd at that and laughed, giving her a low five. Once they calmed down, Hector pointed out his car to them, his baby, and told them he wasn't taking her out tonight. Upon being asked why, he told them he was going legit, trying to get on the N.Y.R.A. circuit. Eve stored that information away for later, a little shocked by it but refusing to let it show on her face. After all, how the hell did some no account street racer who couldn't even pronounce his last name get into the New York Racing Association?

"So why? What's up with you, man?" Hector asked, leaning on the side of the hood.

"Nothing, I'm just waiting for Toretto," Brian replied, looking out at the crowd as another racer came up to them.

"Shit, you outta get in line," the black racer said and eyed the Eclipse. "This yours?"

"I'm standing next to it, aren't I?"

"That's funny." Clearly, from his tone, it wasn't funny at all. "You know, Edwin happens to know a few things and, one of the things Edwin knows is, it's not how you stand by your car, it's how you race your car. You better learn that."

"So how 'bout'chu, girl? You race?" Hector asked, nodding at Eve's car.

"When I feel like it," she answered blithely, making the guys laugh a little. The sound of rumbling engines interrupted whatever they were going to say next.

"Aw, shit! Here they come! It's on!" Edwin exclaimed and the crowd parted like the red sea for Dom and his team. The crowd surrounded them when they got out of their cars. Dom more than the others, especially by the racer chasers, although they quickly backed off as soon as his girlfriend, Leticia a.k.a. Letty walked up and scared them off. Eve smirked, knowing she could definitely respect a girl like that.

"Okay, Hector!" The Hispanic who didn't even know his last name rolled up to Dom, fist bumping his friend.

Edwin followed, doing the same as Hector, and asked, "A'ight, how we doing this tonight?"

"One race. Two G buy-in, winner takes all. Hector, you're gonna hold the cash," Dom ordered. When a racer buying in asked why Hector would be holding all the cash, Edwin promptly joked that it was because he was too slow to make away with the cash. The crowd crowed at that, Hector laughing along with them in goodwill before glaring at his friend. "Okay! Good luck, guys," Dom said, slapping some backs.

"Hey, wait! Hold up!" Brian called. Eve tried to grab his arm and stop him but he just shrugged her off. Sighing, she followed him as he pushed his way through the crowd to stand between Hector and Edwin. "I don't have any cash, but I do have the pink slip to my car."

"You can't just climb in the ring with Ali because you think you box," Jesse stated.

"He knows I can box," he stated, pointing to a scowling Vince. "So, check it out, it's like this: if I lose, winner takes my car, clean and clear. But, if I win, I take the cash and I take the respect." The crowd – even Dom – scoffed at him. "To some people that's more important." Eve could say whatever she wanted about Brian, but the boy did have a way with words. Clearly that had won over some of the crowd but, more importantly, it had won over Dom.

"That your car?" he asked and, after confirming it, Toretto's team walked over to the Eclipse and popped the hood. The crowd was clearly, and appropriately, impressed.

"I see a cool air intact," Jesse began. "It's got a NOS fogger system, the T-4 turbo, Dominic. I see an AIC controller. It has direct port for Nitrous inject."

"Yeah, and a standalone fuel management system. Not a bad way to spend ten thousand dollars," Dom complimented. Edwin made a comment about the car having enough NOS to blow Brian up. Eve nodded and mentally noted that he wasn't wrong. She and Harry had warned him about that very thing, not that he listened.

"So, what do you say? Am I worthy?" Brian asked.

"I don't know," Dom answered, "but you're in. Let's go." Everyone cheered and hopped in their cars. In a flurry of activity, everyone followed Dom's team to the race location, a select few blocking off certain parts of the road, others sitting as lookouts for the cops or to ward off pedestrians. She was pretty sure she saw at least two other drivers with police scanners, listening to chatter. Dispatchers, she surmised. Eve parked her Mustang not too far from the rest of Toretto's team and quickly made her way over to Brian's side. Leaning down, she quirked a brow as she heard him tell himself he was going to win.

"I know they say confidence is key, but I don't think it applies to street racing," she noted smartly. "Especially when you can easily blow yourself up. Not to mention a couple dozen people."

"Shut up, Eve."

"Just saying," she spat defensively. "You realize he's running a modified 1993 Mazda RX-7, right?" If Brian was still listening, he clearly was ignoring her, focused on the road ahead and gripping the steering wheel. Eve sighed and said, "Remember: you win, you get cash. You lose, it's your ass."


"Pussy," she retorted. "I'll meet you at the finish line." Straightening up, she moved back to her car and did as she said, drove to the finish line to meet him.

In her rearview, she saw Hector wave his hands for the racers to go and they were all quickly off, Brian swerving a little bit. Eve shook her head, knowing that wasn't a good sign. When she reached the finish line, she parked and reached for a bag in the glove compartment before getting out. Walking around to the hood, she sat down and stated munching on her Chex Mix. She waited patiently, ignoring the rowdy and gossiping crowd around her. She didn't have long to wait though as, a moment later, she was watching Dom speed by into first place. Eve grit her teeth as she was shoved in her seat, hearing people laugh and jeer at her because of her "brother". She glared at them and went back to watching the road. Soon enough, Brian showed up, car smoking. Eve shook her head, disappointed but not surprised.

"I knew it," she mumbled. Walking over to the disaster, she pushed through the crowd to get a closer look at the damage. Of course, Brian was grinning like an idiot.

"Was that fun?" Jesse scolded, lifting up the hood, white smoke billowing out. The crowd laughed and ooh'd. Eve walked over to the hood, fanning smoke out of her face, and joining Jesse to check just how badly Brian had ruined the car.

"What did I tell you?" she scolded, shaking her head.

Dom, seeing Brian's ridiculous grin, asked him, "What are you smiling about?"

"Dude, I almost had you!" Brian crowed.

"You almost had me? You never had me. You never had your car." The crowed egged Dom on, cheering him to continue his lecture. "Granny shifting, not double clutching like you should. You're lucky that hundred shot of NOS didn't blow the welds on the intake. Almost had me?" Dom was clearly amused, so was the crowd, laughing with him at Brian, whose grin had faded. "Now me and the mad scientist gotta rip apart the block, and replace the piston rings you fried." Eve backed up as Dom got next to her, closing the hood. She looked at Brian for the first time, amid listening to all the shouts of 'get out' and sarcastic 'nice job' here and there, and clearly saw the embarrassment and shame written all over his face. Eve almost felt bad for him. Almost. "Ask any racer, any real racer – it don't matter if you win by an inch or a mile – winning's winning." The crowd cheered, even louder when Dom held out his arms, like a god. Eve mentally retracted her earlier statement to Harry; maybe Dom was the Godfather.

The next thing she heard was the dispatchers calling out a warning – cops! – followed by sirens and everyone scattered. While everyone else panicked, Brian included, Eve calmly walked back to her Mustang, hopped in and took off. She drove with a couple other racers, following them, unsure of where to go for a safe spot. She was from Baltimore and, despite being on the case for a few weeks, the streets of LA were still unfamiliar territory. After about two minutes of being lost in a sea of racers, she spotted Toretto's girlfriend, Letty, and broke from the crowd to follow her lead. After a couple moments of following, Eve found herself in a residential area. Eventually, Letty slowed down in front of a house and parked. As she got out, she waved for Eve to pull up next to her. The second she did, she rolled down the passenger window and Letty leaned in.

"You screwing your friend?" she asked bluntly. Eve's face turned up in disgust.

"Ew, no! He's my brother," she lied easily and Letty nodded.

With a dangerous look on her face, she questioned, "You wanna screw Dom?" Eve laughed under her breath.

"Not my type. No offense."

"None taken," she replied, relaxing. "So you just followed me because you wanted to get away." Eve nodded, Letty nodding back before tapping the window of the car. "Good. You ever need to hide, you can come here. Just keep your hands off my boys."

"No worries about that," Eve replied, laughing at the thought of ever getting involved with anyone in Toretto's crew. "Thanks for getting me out of there."

"No problem. You wanna come in for the party?"

Eve inspected the house a moment and shook her head, "Big parties aren't really my thing. Thanks though."

"Had to ask. You be careful getting home, Arizona," Letty replied, nodding her goodbye and walked away, heading into the Toretto household.

Eve wondered for a moment how Letty knew she was "from" Arizona, but more people started showing up behind her and she decided that was her cue to leave. She figured Brian would go to the party – especially if Mia was there, which she likely was since the house in question was the Toretto residence – stick around, get whatever information he could. Well, get information when he wasn't kissing up Dom or flirting with Mia. Besides, Eve was absolutely exhausted; her bed was calling her and she let her car lead her back to the house that her superiors had set up for her and Brian. The moment she fell into bed, clothes and shoes still on, she was dead to the world.