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Chapter 12

About seven hours later, Eve was almost in Mexico. Given that her charges were still standing, it would take a little creativity to get across the border. Hell, if illegals could sneak into her country then why couldn't she sneak into theirs? It shouldn't be that hard. Right? Besides, her reasons were more important than wanting a better life or making more than ten cents an hour in a sweatshop. Well, maybe Brian didn't rank above patriotism or idealistic dreams but he was important because he was her ticket to a clean record. That, more than anything else, outranked whatever moral beliefs she had regarding illegally entering another country. Then again, it wouldn't be the first time she'd entered a country illegally so what did adding one more to the list matter?

Eve didn't know why she was so surprised when she discovered she'd be breaking into Mexico. Braga needed drivers to transport his drugs, and it was a known fact to the FBI that drug cartels in Mexico controlled seventy-percent of the foreign narcotics that flowed into the US. Not to mention that the State Department estimated that ninety-percent of cocaine in the US transited from Mexico via Colombia, the main cocaine producer. It had been three years since the Mexican Drug War began and the cartels were still going strong. Drugs were a thirteen to almost fifty billion dollar industry and at least ten percent of something is better than one hundred percent of nothing. Mexico was at the heart of it all. So, again, why Eve was surprised that Campos had all the drivers smuggled near the Mexico so they could drive in, she didn't know.

It was night when she finally caught up to the truck. Falling back into her old patterns as a Fed, Eve took some higher ground and flipped open the visor on her helmet. Down below was a shitty little warehouse. The truck was parked and there were a few cars, some people milling about, but nothing else. She had to wait so, cutting off the engine of her bike, she parked it, got off and sat down to wait patiently. There was nothing she could do until Brian decided to get in touch with her and who knew what that would happen, if it happened at all. Putting her phone on vibrate, just in case, she waited for about two hours, almost fell asleep, when her phone finally buzzed.

"Brian! Where the hell are you?" she hissed, keeping her voice low. She was high up in the canyons, didn't need her voice echoing to Braga's people below.

"I need you to meet me, now!" he shouted back, panic clear in his voice.

"No! First you tell me what the hell is going on because, right now, I am sitting on a cliff looking down at some of Braga's men!" she shouted back.

"What? You're at the warehouse?" he echoed confusedly.


"You got my message," he realized and sighed.

"Obviously," she sassed.

"Good, but look, the plan I had in mind, it went south. I need you meet me and I'll explain everything but not right now."

"Why not?"

"Because I just hijacked a Hummer with sixty-million dollars worth of heroin!" he shouted agitatedly and she ran a hand through her hair. Fuck, this was definitely not good. "Look, you need to get away from there as fast as possible before they spot you and kill you. I'm on my way back to LA. You do the same and I'll call you when I got a spot for us to meet, okay?"

"Okay. Just be careful," she told him and hung up, climbing back onto her bike. Starting up the engine, she quickly spun her bike around and drove as carefully and quickly as she could away from the warehouse.

Speeding cut her time in half and, before she knew it, Eve was back in LA. When her phone buzzed, Eve pulled over to the shoulder and answered. It was Brian and he told her where to meet him. Anxious, she hung up as soon as he told her where he was and got back on the road to find him. Eventually, cars became fewer and fewer until she was the only one of the dirt road. Turning a corner, she saw two figures and, when she stopped, both looked at her from the back of the Hummer. Taking off her helmet and shaking out her hair, Eve joined the two and nodded at Dom before shaking her head and Brian. When she saw the trunk filled with packages of heroin, she whistled and put her hands on her hips.

"So, that plan you had," she began casually, "what was it again?"

"You were gonna be back up but…yeah…" he trailed off and sighed.

"Yeah," she echoed mockingly. "And where the hell is your Nissan?"

"Dom blew it up," he answered. Turning to Dom, he just look at her a moment before looking down at the heroin.

"I'm sure he had his reasons then," she replied cautiously. Brian just nodded a little, assuring her that it was for a good reason, and eyed up Dom's back.

"We gotta get you to a doctor," Brian told him.

Dom shook his head and answered, "We gotta find a place to hide this." Moving around to Dom's back, Eve didn't wait for permission and pulled off just enough of his jacket that she could see his gunshot wound. She poked at it and sighed when she heard him inhale sharply.

"Well," she said, pushing his leather jacket back up, "I think I can help with at least one of our problems, boys. But what about this shit?"

"I got a spot," Brian said before he and Dom put the heroin back into the back of the Hummer. "Follow us," he told Eve and got back into the driver's seat of the Hummer. Groaning, Eve walked back to her bike.

"You know, my ass isn't the only thing getting sore from all this following you have me doing, Barstow," she shouted over her shoulder. Inside the Hummer, Brian was chuckling to himself and just honked the horn at her. In the side mirror, he saw her give him the finger, making him laugh even more. Climbing onto her bike, she put her on her helmet and mumbled, "I miss my car."

She did as she was told though, not liking it one bit, and followed Brian all the way to the police impound lot. The second she saw the sign, however, she backed off and parked, waiting for him and Dom to come back out. Eve only waited for a good five minutes though because a modified Subaru Impreza WRX STI soon came speeding out of the lot. Eve only caught a glimpse but she knew it was Brian and immediately gave chase, following him once again. She followed him all the way to some dingy little shack of a house, probably one of the many safe houses the FBI used. After parking her bike, Eve got off her bike and watched as Brian got out of the driver's side, of course, grinning at her like an idiot. Now they could add grand theft auto to their growing list of violations because, if the broken window on the car was any indication, the guard at the lot didn't give him the keys.

"He owed me a ten-second car," Brian stated, a shit eating grin on his face as Dom went into the little shack.

"Men," she mumbled, rolling her eyes, and nodded at the house behind her. "So, what is this dump?"

"My other place," he answered. Eve quirked a brow in confusion; sighing, he added, "No one at headquarters knows about this place. It's just someplace I can go and relax, or work out some stuff with cases, store stuff, 'ya know, the usual."

"Right," she toned skeptically and followed after Dom inside the house. It was an absolute wreck, filthy disgusting and cluttered with junk. "How long can you keep the heroin there?"

"I got a forty-eight hour hold on it." She nodded, mildly impressed. It was a smart move to put the stuff in the police impound lot; it was the last place Penning, Campos, and anyone else would look. Before going into the house, Brian pulled out his cell and sent a quick text message to someone. A moment later, he got a reply that must have been good because he told her that he had someone coming to help with Dom's shoulder.

"Just out of curiosity, how'd you guys get across the border?" Eve asked as they went inside. "I know for a fact that there are helicopters and surveillance cameras that scan for heat signatures."

"Blind spots," Brian answered. "That Gisele chick had another driver for Braga, Fenix, lead us through these underground tunnels."

"I highly recommend telling Penning about those," she commented lightly. "And just how did Dom get shot?" Brian just told her that he had confronted Fenix, said that only pussies used nitro-methane and, after some hushed conversation, Dom's car blew up – something Dom explained he'd set up with his own nitro and the cigarette lighter. The other three cars, including Brian's, blew up as well. It was after that, that Braga's men began to shoot and Dom got hit trying to go after a fleeing Fenix. "So, besides the Hummer full of heroin, the shoot-out, and Dom blowing up your car, is there anything else you want to tell me?"

"Yeah. Fenix killed Letty."

"The bullets not in there. I'm gonna clean it and stitch it up," Mia explained. Apparently, she was the only one Brian trusted to call to help. He also apparently didn't trust in Eve's abilities enough to clean and stitch a gunshot wound. "It's going to hurt."

Smirking a little, Dom bemusedly pointed out, "I bet you're going to enjoy this."

"A little," she answered mock-conspiratorially.

Eve looked over her shoulder at Brian, sharing an amused smile with him, before turning back to cooking her part of dinner. The moment Dom was stitched up, Mia joined Eve and began preparing a salad while the boys were outside cooking on the grill. When the table was set and the food was made, the girls grabbed some beers and the group sat down. It was just like the old days, with a few important people missing from the table when they all sat down. Their presence didn't go unnoticed, though none of them spoke about it. Dom must have been particularly distracted by this fact because he reached out to fill his plate first and Mia gaped at him.

"Dom, what are you doing?" she asked in disbelief and he paused, unsure. "You reached first, you have to say grace." He smiled in amusement and sighed, stunned that he'd forgotten his own rule.

Clasping his hands, he said, "Thank you, Lord, for blessing this table."

"With food," Mia added for him, "family and friendship." The four looked at each other somberly before Eve cleared her throat.

"Let's eat," she said, forcing a smile onto her face. The others slowly nodded, Brian patting her lightly on the back, before piling food onto their plates.

For the most part, dinner was a quiet affair. There was no laughter, except the girls laughing at the men for the stupid mess they had gotten themselves into. Somehow or another, they'd found humor in the bizarre circumstances of their current situation. A few topics that did come up were what everyone did over the past five years. Mia explained that she had to drop out of college and take another job just to keep up with the mortgage payments on the house, despite the money he and Letty had sent to her. Dom apologized and promised that he would make things right for her as well. He then told her about what he did in the Dominican, sending Eve a few covert looks throughout his story. She remained silent. When it was Brian's turn, he told them, with quite a bit of humor, about how Eve chased him for two years and then how he and his old friend Roman "Rome" Pearce helped the FBI and Customs on a case. He explained that his helping of that case got his charges dropped and, with some money they never turned in from the case, he and Rome opened their own garage in Miami. Upon Eve asking what happened to it, how he came to be in the FBI, he dodged and said it was complicated. Mia then asked Eve what she had been up to and, reluctantly, Eve explained her part in the Dominican case – leaving out her relationship with Han and Letty knowing about her presence – before running and hiding out in Malaysia.

"The races there are insane," she explained enthusiastically. "The things we do there, you gotta see to believe."

"And it's all on motorcycles?" Mia asked curiously.

"Cars are seen occasionally, but most Mat Rempit are motorcyclists," she replied, grinning. "Don't get me wrong. I don't love riding my bike more than driving my car but, gotta to say," she added, grinning even wider, "its a lot of fun. You can do a lot more on a bike than a car, too."

Scoffing, Brian asked disdainfully, "Like what?" Eve leaned forward on her arms and smirked.

"Like stunts," she replied. Eve went onto tell them about a few of the stunts that she could do. One was the basic wheelie, another was driving while lying flat on the seat called 'Superman', and another was standing on the seat with one leg during a wheelie called 'Scorpion'. There was another one she loved called 'wikang' but she decided to leave that to his imagination. Brian scoffed in disbelief and shook his head, taking a drink of his beer.

"No way could you do that," he stated firmly.

"Oh, really?" she questioned mockingly.

"Yeah, really," he snapped back with a smile. "The Eve Trudeau I remember, doing those stunts? No way."

Eve shook her head and leaned back in her seat, coyly replying, "I've got moves you've never seen." Mia laughed outright at that while Brian just scoffed again, drinking more of his beer. When dinner was through, the girls cleared the table and Mia began to clean the dishes when Eve brushed her off. "I got this, you go ahead," she told her and nodded to where Brian was sitting alone. Dom had wandered off to the garage for some peace so they had a moment to be alone.

"Thanks." Mia smiled at her before walking over to Brian, joining him at the table. Eve smiled at the two of them before turning around, quickly getting to work on the dishes. She still couldn't believe her current situation. She was on the run from the law and yet she was at Brian's home – well, the secret second house couldn't really be called a home since it was more of a walking death trap with all the shit piled up inside – and he was a Fed now, and both of them shared a meal with the Toretto's. Life sure had a funny way of working out, she mused to herself. It was the obnoxious ringing of Brian's cell phone that interrupted her good mood.

"Brian, answer your God damn phone, will ya?" she groaned, hearing it ringing numerous times. She was so absorbed in the dishes that she didn't hear Dom come back into the house.

Dom slowly stalked towards Brian and asked, "When were you gonna tell me?"

"Dom, what are you doing?" Mia questioned curiously. The rest of the group had Eve's full attention now as she dried her hands and turned to see what was up.

"When were you gonna tell me you were running Letty?" Dom pressed, ignoring his sister.

"Let me explain," Brian said, hands out in front of him.

"When were you gonna—" Dom suddenly reached out and grabbed Brian by the back of his neck and threw him into the cabinets behind him. "—TELL ME?!"

"Dom, what the fuck!" Eve shouted and tried to go help Brian, but Dom pushed her back towards Mia. Stunned, she didn't move as Mia helped her to her feet. She just stared in horror, dumbfounded. As Brian got to his feet, Dom walked up and grabbed him again. This time, by his throat, and pushed him against the wall.

"Dom, stop!" Mia shouted.

"You don't understand," Brian choked out.

"I don't understand?" he replied calmly. Brian pushed at Dom's face, trying to break free but it was to no avail. Eve tried to go help him one more but Mia just grabbed her and held her back, not wanting her to get pushed around by Dom again.

"STOP!" Eve screamed, struggling to get away from Mia. With a grunt, Brian managed to push Dom off him and both went tumbling, Dom to the ground while Brian fell into the table and rolled over it onto the ground. Dom was on him instantly, holding him down and punching him.

"Dom, stop it! Please STOP!" Mia screamed tearfully. Dom got one more hit in before Brian deflected his next hit, holding his arm to the side and wrapped his legs around Dom's neck. Unable to break free, Dom stood up, taking Brian with him before slamming him back into the ground. While Brian is writhing in pain, Dom pushed his legs off him and swung his arm back to punch him again when Brian held his hands out in front of him.

"She did it for you, Dom! She did it for you!" Brian shouted, out of breath and in pain. Dom paused and slowly backed away from Brian, waiting for an explanation. "Letty came to me to clear your name in exchange for bringing down Braga," he explained with a scowl before shouting, "She just wanted you to come home!" Brian collapsed to the ground while the brother and sister stared at each other in shock. As Dom turned and walked away, Mia hesitantly following after him, Brian kicked the wall next him. "I'm sorry, Dom! I'm sorry!" he yelled. Moving to stand over him, Eve crossed her arms and looked at the door where the Toretto's just exited.

"Why didn't you tell me?" Eve asked calmly. Brian sat up and looked at her, seeing her squared shoulders and tense stance. She was holding something in, something back, and that was never good. Not for him, at least.

"You didn't need to know," he answered slowly.

"I didn't need to know?" she echoed. Letting out a breath, she shook her head and started heading for the door. Panic rising in him, Brian rose to his feet.

"Where you going?" Eve paused at the doorway and looked at him over her shoulder.

"You don't need to know." Brian sighed and looked at the ground, running his hands over his head. "Is she why you made me come back? Promised to clear my charges?" she asked curiously. "I mean, with Letty dead, you didn't have a driver on the inside and you did say you might need me for some undercover work…"

"It wasn't like that," he stated immediately.

"Then what was it, Brian?!" she shouted, turning around to face him fully. It was in that moment that he saw her face, the look of hurt and betrayal written all over it. "I was perfectly fine overseas but you said you could help me in exchange for helping you, so here I am." Arms spread wide open, she stared at him and sighed. "Why am I here?"

Almost helplessly, he sighed, "I needed help." Eve stared at him, lowering her arms. "You were FBI before I even thought about being a detective. You have more experience and you're a hell of a lot smarter than me."

"Flattery will get you nowhere," she told him firmly. "Why am I here, Brian?"

"I thought if…I did want you to take Letty's place." Eve scoffed and shook her head, fists clenched, anger rising. "I admit it, okay? I wanted you to take Letty's place and the deal would've been the same – your charges would've been dropped. But…but I didn't expect Dom to…" He didn't want to say it, admit that Dom showing up and doing the things that he'd done had ruined his plans.

"To what? Start his own investigation? Want revenge?" she finished for him, mockingly. "Letty was his girlfriend, practically his wife! They did everything together and her dying…" Licking her lips, Eve looked at the ground. "Being separated from her, whether it was by choice or not, it hurts like hell. It hurts to talk, it hurts to breathe. And when she died, it was like a piece of him died, too." Brian eyed her, taking in her almost vulnerable looking form, and it hit him – the reason she understood Dom's pain so well was because she went through it herself, or was. Either way, it startled him to see a soft side to Eve, a human side. He always remembered as this cold-shouldered bitch, tough as nails. Sure, she was more laid back now but, apparently, it was all a front.

"So where do we go from here?" he asked miserably, deciding to move onto another subject.

"Well," she sighed, and discreetly wiped at her eyes, trying not to think of Han, "first of all, you need to go back to headquarters."

"I'm gonna be in trouble," he stated and she nodded. No point in arguing with that. "Penning is gonna kill me." Groaning, he pulled at his hair and asked, "What the hell am I gonna tell him?"

"If I know Penning, and I do, he's going to want you to give him the heroin," she explained. "He'll want to splatter it all over the media, get a few hundred pounds more off the street, but your boy Braga is just gonna send another shipment next week and the week after that, and so on and so forth." Brian nodded in agreement as she shrugged. "It's just the way it is."

"So what do we do?" he asked despondently.

"What do you think you should do?" she returned. Brian paused and looked at her a moment, silently asking if she was serious about wanting to hear his opinion, before slowly thinking it through.

"Use it," he answered cautiously. He didn't sound too sure but, as the idea swam around a bit more, he nodded confidently. "Yeah. Yeah, we use the shipment to lure Braga out, take out the head of a multi-billion dollar cartel."

"And how are you going to do that?"

"The only way would be a hand-to-hand exchange with Braga."

"He'll never show," she argued objectively.

"He can't afford not to." On this point, Eve nodded in agreement.

"You need a plan." Looking at Brian, she sighed and shook her head. "I'm guessing you've already got one, huh?" He just nodded.

"There's gonna be a price though," he told her and she looked at him curiously. Looking her dead in the eyes, he stated, "We bag Braga, you and Dom walk."

Shaking her head, she told him outright, "Penning will never go for that."

"He can't afford not to," he repeated, smirking at her.

"So what do you want me to do in the meantime?" she asked, watching as Brian began to head out the door. Walking back, he asked for her cell, which she handed over confusedly. After a moment, Brian handed it back to her and started back for the door.

"Call Dom," he told her. Eve began to stammer a refusal but he cut her off. "Just call him and tell him I have a plan, okay? Get him here. Trust me, Eve."

""Trust me, Eve"," she mimicked under her breath. "Like I haven't heard that before," she muttered before sighing and dialing the number. This better work, was her last thought before Dom answered his cell.