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Chapter 14

Dom led the way to wherever it was that piece of paper told them to go. Much to their surprise, they arrived at a church. Parking around the back, they entered through a side door and came across a priest. Despite being the most threatening looking of the trio, Dom approached the priest and explained the situation to him in Spanish. Eve translated for Brian – how the fuck the buster still didn't speak a second language was beyond her because, besides her native English, she spoke three other languages fluently – and both relaxed as the priest proceeded to profusely thank all of them. Apparently, he didn't like being stuck under Braga's thumb anymore than anyone else did, and he definitely didn't think he deserved to be forgiven for the crimes he committed. He was more than happy to help them put an end to Braga's reign and directed them to hide in the back since the man in question would be arriving soon. They waited patiently and, the priest was right, they didn't have to wait long because Braga showed up about five minutes later, entering the church alone. After a few moments of speaking to the priest, he got on his knees, bowed his head and began to pray. The moment the priest was out of sight, the three of them emerged from their hiding place. Brandishing a shotgun and a standard issued FBI pistol, Dom and Brian covered Braga on the left while Eve covered his right side with her two handguns, back in her possession courtesy of Brian. The man was surrounded, no chance of escaping them.

"You ain't forgiven," Dom told him, the barrel of his gun just inches away from Braga's face. The drug lord looked at them, stunned and confused; he couldn't understand how they'd found him so easily. He saved face though, quickly masking his doubts with superiority.

"You want to arrest me?" In Spanish, he added, "In here?" Directing his sight to the church around them, Eve figured he was trying to play on their sense of spirituality, make them think arresting him in a church was somehow crossing a line.

"No, we're beyond that," Brian responded grimly. Braga paled a bit, seeing how his little plan for clemency failed.

"You can't buy your way out of this one," Eve stated. Dom slowly approached Braga and he looked at her and Brian, wondering if they'd step in to stop the hulking man. Neither one of them moved, just looked away, letting Braga think that they were going to let Dom murder him. He deserved a little scare.

Almost pleading, Braga told Dom, "Hermano, you and me…you and me, we're not so different. You're no hero." Dom cocked the gun and took aim between his eyes in response. Eve was half-tempted to step in but she wasn't a Fed anymore and getting in-between Dom and the man responsible for Letty's death was not a position she wanted to be in. Following Brian's lead, she turned her head and looked away, hoping Dom would to do the right thing on his own.

"You're right." He loosened the tight grip on the gun, but his aim never faltered. "And that's why you're going back across the border." Breathing a quiet sigh of relief, Eve watched as Brian moved behind Braga, clicking the handcuffs. "But Fenix is mine," he added, staring at Brian.

"You got it." Braga was cuffed, rather painfully on purpose, and dragged to his feet. Hurrying out the back door they came in, Brian dragged him out with a hand over his mouth, so he wouldn't alert the guards he most assuredly had out front, and shoved him into the passenger seat of his car.

Dom got into his Charger, Eve on her motorcycle, and the two followed Brian as he took off as fast as possible from the church. Tires squealing, they hit the streets and drove straight through an intersection of traffic. Cars honked and people shouted obscenities at them, but they didn't care. They had more important things to worry about than the traffic accident they'd just caused. Bringing up the rear, Eve couldn't help but laugh as adrenaline pumped viciously through her veins; this was just like cilok! As they kept driving, the fun ebbed away and the anxiousness returned. Looking over her shoulder, Eve kept trying to see if the men from the church, Fenix or the rest of Braga's cartel, had caught on yet. No sign, thankfully. Not yet, the back of her mind whispered. As they got over a hill, she saw Dom's Charger jump in the air a bit but her Bandit flew and she landed with a rough bounce, the tires grinding. Making a hard right, they turned down a dusty sandy road, weaving in and out along the path.

Where the hell was Brian leading them? Did he even know?

Eve heard the gunfire before she saw it, sand and dirt flying up beside her.

"Son of a bitch!" she exclaimed, veering to the left to avoid the spray of bullets.

Looking over her shoulder, she saw two cars following them and the passengers were leaning out the windows, firing submachine guns at them – a little too close for comfort. Eve had been so busy worrying about the bastards behind her that she didn't see Dom swerve to the right to avoid the three other cars that showed up, trying to cut him off. Making a hard right, she swerved and her bike almost faltered to the ground, but she got it under control enough to avoid crashing and hauled ass to the hill Dom had flown over. Revving the bike, she sped up even faster and flew over the hill, soaring in the air for a moment again, even over one of the cars Braga's men was in, before crashing to the ground. The Bandit faltered this time and Eve fell off, rolling across the ground. Tearing off her cracked helmet, she made a mad dash for her bike while trying to avoid getting shot. Pulling her bike upright, she jumped on and sped off just in time as one of Braga's drivers in a pickup truck tried to T-bone her.

The sand was doing a number on her bike, but she managed to catch up to Dom and Brian. Unfortunately, so had a good portion of Braga's cartel. Weaving around another car, she saw the back of Brian's window had been shot out; some great henchmen Braga had, almost shooting their boss. Making their way over another hill, Eve looked behind and cursed at the sight of at least three dozen cars on their ass as they headed into the desert. Spotting a passenger trying to shoot out Brian's tires, she kicked her bike into high gear and sped up until she was right next to him. The guy looked at her, stunned as she gave him a smile and little wave before punching him in the face. She hit him once more and kicked down on his arm, her bike wobbling a little bit before she settled and caught the gun as he dropped it. Taking aim, she shot inside of the car, killing both the driver and passenger, their now out of control car speeding off and careening into two other cars. Chuckling in satisfaction, she sped up to catch up with Brian and Dom, swerving around a car Dom had shot and actually flipped over. Over all the noise, she could still hear the thugs shouting at her in Spanish and more gunshots ringing out, closer to her than before. Trailing behind a familiar 1972 Ford Gran Torino, signaling that Fenix was in the middle of this fray, Eve looked ahead and saw Brian headed for a mountain wall and panicked. She hoped that he would turn off but he didn't. This could not be the entrance to the tunnels. There was no entrance!

"Ride or die," she muttered, trying to be hopeful. Eve knew she had no other choice but to keep going straight, even if it did mean crashing into a wall. Revving the engine to go even faster, she watched and laughed as Brian crash through the mountain – the entrance having been blocked – with Fenix and herself close behind him. It was then that she realized Dom wasn't with them and looked over her shoulder in a panic. What had happened to Dom? Where was he?

Trying to navigate the unlit tunnels was difficult to say the least. Trying to weave around the dilapidated pillars while also trying to get around Fenix so she could stick close to Brian was even more difficult. Aiming the submachine gun, she fired at Fenix, hitting the walls and floor of the tunnels before actually hitting the trunk of his car. She tried to fire once more but the tunnel narrowed into a straight shot and she saw the car jump over a hill. At the speed she'd been going to keep up, Eve flew over the hill and jerkily bounced to a stop, nearly dropping the gun. After a bit of wobbling, she straightened out the bike just in time to make a hard right to follow Fenix, her back tire crashing into the wall. Kicking off the wall, she used the momentum to push herself forward and continued the chase. Eve fired at the Torino again, blowing out the back window as he followed Brian to the left, crashing through a boarded up wall.

"Fuck!" she screamed, dropping the gun as she gripped the handle and ducked down to avoid getting crushing by fall planks of wood. "God damn it!" she cursed, straightening out as she looked back. The gun was gone and she was now driving through a larger tunnel, with no way to help Brian. The best she could do now was make sure he didn't crash and get himself killed. "Its never fucking easy, is it?"

Eve watched as Fenix sped up and moved in front of Brian, trying to jam him into the wall. Eve kept speeding back and forth, trying to find a way around, figure out a way to help but it was no use. She was stuck. At least Brian had a plan, or rather, he had an epiphany and sped up to push Fenix into one of the pillars. He used that momentum to spin his car around and get back in front. But Fenix wasn't deterred so easily and was quickly back on his tail. Luckily, the tunnel opened up and Eve sped up to get next to Fenix, quickly kicking him twice in the face. The Torino swerved, hitting the wall and, before he could swerve it to crush her against the opposite wall, she hit her breaks and fell behind him, laughing as he smashed into the wall himself. Just when she thought she could punch it and get up next to Brian, Fenix blocked her once more, just as the tunnel narrowed again. Eve didn't know how it happened but all she could do was watch as Brian's car turned to the side and was T-boned by Fenix, sending them both crashing through the blocked exit.

"Oh, SHIT!" she shouted, quickly breaking and swerved to the side, stopping just at the edge. Had she not stopped in time, she would've gone zooming out the end of the tunnel and probably would have crashed and died. She watched helpless as Brian's car flipped about a dozen times, looking like nothing more than a crumpled beer can when it finally stopped. "Brian," she breathed, seeing Fenix struggling to get his door open. Turning her bike around until it was straight, she put it in park and started revving. "If I die, I will haunt your ass, Brian. Please let this work," she frantically muttered like a prayer. "Please let this work. Please let this work." Eve kept revving the engine to build up a decent speed and, the second she did, she let go of the brake and let herself fly off the edge. Since her speed was controlled, she landed safely, albeit shakily, and sped over toward Fenix, who was walking towards the car. Pulling to a stop a few feet away, she jumped off her bike and let it fall to the ground, too worried about Brian to care at the moment.

Raising his gun at her, Fenix ordered, "Don't you fucking move, puta." Panting, Eve raised her arms in surrender.

"Hey!" Braga shouted from the upside down car. "Get me out of here!" Waving his gun at her, Fenix motioned towards the car and told her to get him out. Scowling, she remained standing still and lowered her arms.

"NOW!" he barked, cocking the gun.

Hands up in self-defense, Eve calmly walked to the car and set about dragging Braga out. With the barrel of the gun pressed against her head, she moved as fast as she could until he was free, groaning in pain. Stumbling under his heavy weight, she pushed him against the hood of the Torino and quickly backed away, rushing over to the driver's side to check on Brian. She didn't have to go too far though, because he kicked the door open and climbed out on his own. As she bent down to help him, Fenix growled and stomped over to them, kicking the mangled door shut as he passed it. He grabbed Eve by her hair, who shrieked in pain as he tossed her away, promptly starting to kick him in the face.

"Stop it!" she screamed but just turned around and punched her, causing her to fly back on the ground. Clutching her jaw in pain, Eve spit out some blood and tried to shake it off. When she looked up, she saw Fenix aiming his gun right between Brian's eyes. "NO!" Fenix was about to fire when another car came flying out the end of the tunnel, a 1973 Chevrolet Camaro. It barreled to the ground and sped up, aimed directly at Fenix, who started to fire at it. Brian suddenly grabbed Fenix's leg and Eve caught on to his plan, scrambling to hold tight to Fenix's other leg to keep him in place. It worked like a charm, the pair of them rolling away just in time as the Camaro crashed right into Fenix and killed him. Rising to her feet, Eve laughed a little hysterically, completely relieved to see Dom in the driver's seat.

"Pussy," Dom toned and got out of the car. Eve was so relieved that she wrapped her arms tight around Dom's neck, laughing gleefully. The bulky man lightly patted her back before gently pushing her away, Eve nodding and wiping her eyes clean of her tears of relief.

Her eyes widened as she remembered, "Brian." Running around the Camaro, she ran over to Brian, who was groaning as he tried to sit up, and fell to her knees beside him. Dom did the same, helping her sit him up.

"Let me see that," he said, looking at the bloody spot on Brian's right side. "Yeah. Just keep pressure there."

"What happened to your Charger?" she questioned, trying to catch her breath. Dom looked at her before looking back at the tunnel. She seemed to get the gist of what he was trying to say and nodded. "Forget I asked." Police sirens wailed in the distance.

"You'll be all right," Dom said, not moving from Brian's side. Helicopters could be heard now and the sirens were getting closer. Eve was getting antsy, knowing she had to get out of sight soon or end up facing a trial and a long sentence behind bars. If she was nervous, how was Dom so calm? Why wasn't he running?

"You gotta get out of here," Brian stated. "Both of you."

Dom looked him in the eyes and told him plainly, "I ain't running anymore." Eve closed her eyes and sighed, thinking he was an idiot but keeping that insult to herself.

Panting, Brian said, "I gotta ask you something."


"You know I would…I would have won that race if you didn't cheat, right?" Dom stared at him and nodded slowly.

"You hit your head hard." Eve chuckled at that and Brian started to laugh, too until he groaned in pain, holding his side.

"Don't make me laugh," he said, which only made Eve laugh even more. She stopped abruptly as the sound of sirens reached ever closer, sobering her up.

"Brian, I…" Looking over her shoulder at the incoming dozen or so cop cars, Eve bit her bottom lip in uncertainty. Turning around, she rose to her feet and looked between the two men anxiously. "I can't…"

Brian just nodded his head and told her, "I told you to go. Go." Her eyes flickered to Dom and he nodded at her. Bending down, she quickly hugged Brian as gently as she could, kissing the crown of his head affectionately, before straightening up.

"See you around, bitch," Eve said, smiling forlornly at him. Looking at Dom, she added, "Take care of yourself." The large man nodded and she wasted no time in running to her bike, starting it up. As she drove past the slew of cop cars, two broke off to chase after her. She'd be able to lose them, no problem, but Eve wasn't exactly sure what her plan was. All she knew was that there was too much heat on her, which wouldn't make running or hiding very easy. Eve suspected she wouldn't be leaving the country any time soon.

Eve drove for hours, taking back roads to avoid detection, until she got back to LA. The minute she entered the city, she headed for Brian's other house, hid her bike with a tarp and hustled inside to check out the damage. She was in the middle of cleaning a few cuts and scrapes, groaning with pain as every muscle in her body ached, when her phone vibrated. It was a text from Han, asking what was happening. Eve didn't answer; instead, she sent Brian a text and asked him what was going on. It was probably a risk, but it was one she was willing to take. He replied that Dom had been arrested – Penning had backed out of the deal, once again, which came as no surprise – and asked her where she was. She told him and he was there about an hour later, Mia right behind him. Brian explained that it would be around one to three months until the trial and ruling occurred so that gave them time to come up with a plan.

"What are you thinking?" Eve asked as they sat around the table.

"I'm gonna testify in Dom's defense, plead for clemency, but," he explained calmly, "if things go south, I vote we bust him out." Eve looked at Mia, who looked uncertain but nodded; there was no way she was going to sit back and watch her brother go to prison, again. Turning his gaze to Eve, he asked, "You in?"

Nodding, she replied, "You know it."

"It's a risk for you, I know. If we do this and you get caught—"

"Brian!" Eve cut off. "While I'm not excited at the prospect of going to prison, I'm already a fugitive. I've made peace with that. I'm in." Brian nodded.

"Okay." Jumping right into the plan, he explained, "Dom'll have to be transferred from lock-up to whatever prison the judge decides after the trial. I figure you, Mia and me in our cars – we'll get you one," he added to her and she just nodded for him to continue. "We follow the transport bus, cut it off, get it to flip and break him out." Eve frowned and shook her head, leaning back in her chair. "What? No good?"

"No, it's good," she answered sarcastically. "If you want add some unnecessary charges to your rap sheet." Eve then pointed out that flipping the bus would injure, maybe even kill, a few people on-board – criminals as well as cops just doing their job – so the last thing they needed were those kinds of charges on their record.

"So what do you think we should do?" Mia asked diplomatically. Eve took a breath and thought for a moment. Her mind was totally blank until, as if struck by lightning, it finally hit her.

Smirking slowly, she told them, "We're gonna need some more drivers."

Brian gave her a perplexed look as she pulled out her phone and called Wuji. Luckily, since it was late at night in LA, it was morning in Malaysia so he wasn't annoyed with her this time. She explained, with as little detail as possible, that she needed him to get her the number of a Tego Leo, whose last known residence was in the Dominican, near Baracoa. He promised he'd give it his full attention and the two hung up, Wuji promising to call her either in a few hours or tomorrow with results. Satisfied, she told Brian to just be patient and tell her the rest of his plan, since he no longer had a car – and couldn't use the FBI's impound lot since he was off active duty and the investigation was going on. He just smirked and told her that his car would need a lot of work when it arrived. Forty-five minutes later, she understood what he meant when a truck pulled up, hauling the remains of the Charger on the back of its flatbed.

"Holy shit," she gasped and hopped up onto the back, examining the remains. "This is worse than the Supra, Brian."

"Yeah. Should be fun, huh?" he told her, grinning like an idiot.

"You and I have very different definitions of fun."

With the Charger in Brian's garage, the three went straight to work, which was easier said than done because the car needed a lot of work. It was a good thing they'd had a month before Dom's trial came up because, with all the money that had to be put into the car, all their bank accounts were practically drained. It was three weeks later that Eve awoke to Wuji calling her, phone vibrating on the hard wood of the end table, with the first bit of good news. He'd finally found Tego and rerouted her phone call with him directly to Tego's cell phone. Before Wuji cut off his end of the line, she thanked him profusely and he just told her not to sweat it. Tego answered and, before he could even say another word, Eve cut him off and told him that Dom had been arrested and that she needed him, and any other partner from the heists he'd helped pull in the Dominican that was readily available, to get their asses to LA – fast. Tego tried to ask who she was but she just told him to get to LA and call her when he arrived.

Two days later, Tego did just that.

Mia went and met him, since she was the only one not on the FBI shit list, telling them to follow her. When Mia arrived, Tego stepped out of his car with one other person, who he introduced as Rico Santos. Apparently, the two of them had taken off with their share of the cash and were hiding in Mexico the past year. They all shook hands and explained in more detail what had happened, from Letty's death to Dom's arrest. To say that Tego and Rico were on-board with the plan to jail break their friend, if he was in fact charged and not freed, was an understatement and the two newcomers joined the ex-lawman and woman in repairing the car. It was almost done; close, but not quite finished. Two weeks later, it was finished and Mia added the final touch: Dom's crucifix, which she wrapped around the rear view mirror with a loving smile. The car sat in the garage for another three days until Dom's trial came up and all of them drove to the courthouse in their own vehicles. While Tego and Rico waited in their car at one end of the street, Eve sat on her Bandit – repainted and with new plates to avoid detection – across the street from the courthouse.

About an hour later, Brian came storming out of the courthouse.