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Chapter 18

The next morning, Han pressed a kiss to her lips to wake her up. He told her to go ahead and she should go back to sleep since he was going with Dom and the other guys to hit Reyes' first cash house. It was to this statement that she snarkily asked him why he woke her up in the first place if he was just going to tell her to go back to sleep. Han laughed, kissed her again and headed out the door. Groaning, Eve sat up and slowly let herself fall to the floor and began stretching. For the past couple months, she'd been waking up sore and walking like a seventy year old woman for a good while. A few simple stretching techniques got rid of that quick, but she was definitely feeling that pain this morning. More than usual; the crap cot had to be responsible, that much was sure. The moment she finished, she walked out of the room with a refreshed smile and saw all the men gathered around two cars, each getting a shotgun or rifle, loading them up, and some masks.

"Have a good day at work, boys," Eve called jokingly, waving goodbye to them. She distinctly saw Brian giving her the finger while everyone else laughed, including her. As they pulled out, she waved once more before sighing deeply and walking over to Mia. "Brian gave me the lowdown last night," she stated. "How you doing?"

She smiled and sweetly answered, "Better now that everyone is here. How about you?" Eve scoffed a little.

"Wouldn't miss this for the world," she remarked.

"That's not what I meant." Eve sighed and ran a hand through her long blonde hair, a tired smile on her face. "What's been going on?"

"Nothing. Absolutely nothing," she answered easily. "Tokyo is great but it has been sinfully boring. I'm actually glad you guys called, spiced things up."

Mia laughed and shook her head. "Glad to be of service," she told her, chucking a bottled water at her. Grateful, Eve took a large gulp but her eyes caught sight of Giselle over the rim.

Nodding at the other woman, she asked, "Who invited her?"

"Dom," was the short answer and Eve scoffed.

"Of course," she mumbled. At Mia's confused look, Eve quietly explained that they had met Gisele during the Braga incident, that the woman worked for the billion dollar cartel drug lord. She decided not to mention the fact that the woman had flirted incessantly with Dom; Eve didn't think the man's sister would want to hear that.

Arms crossed, Mia turned her back on Gisele and subtly asked, "You don't trust her?"

"Doesn't matter what I think."

"Yes, it does." Eve stared at Mia, who looked seriously concerned, brow furrowed. "I need to know if I can trust her. I need to know if I can count on her take care of my boy, our boys."

Taking a breath, she admitted, "Honestly, Mia, I wouldn't. She worked for a drug lord and gave him up to us."

"Braga," the other woman realized and Eve nodded.

"Whose to say she won't flip and do the same again? Give all of us up to Reyes? Powerful man like that, I'm sure he'd be willing to part with some cash for a problem like us to be handled." Shaking her head, Eve straightened her back and stared at the scrawny woman working on her motorcycle. "We don't really know anything about her so, no, I don't trust the bitch at all. But don't worry, I'm on it," she added, spotting the stressed look on Mia's face. "I'll keep an eye on her. Promise."

When the former fed left to return to her appointed room, Mia followed. Instead of going back to sleep, as Eve had planned, the two laid in her bed catching up. Mia filled Eve in on the more amusing and romantic parts of her and Brian's travels, while Eve told her all about Tokyo and the life she and Han had built there. She told her about their garage, the teens they had working under the table for them – Mia wasn't too happy about that little bit of info, but Eve assured her that the kids were not only paid well but they enjoyed the work – about the racing scene, everything. Mia excused herself, looking a little sickly, and Eve took that time to break out her cell and send a text to Wuji. She finally learned her lesson about calling him from a different timezone. Her message was simple: Need info ASAP on former runner of Arturo Braga, name's Gisele. When Mia came back, Eve smiled and set her phone aside. Hopefully, she'd have something in a max of twelve hours. All she had to do was wait patiently. But everyone knew that was never really Eve's strong suit.

When the men came back, they were practically jubilant and explained what had happened at the cash house they'd randomly selected to attack, one in Leblon. The man in charge had told them that they were all dead men, that they had no place to hide. Eve shook her head when Brian told her that all of them took off their masks, Dom proclaiming that they weren't hiding. Stupid decision if anyone asked her, not that anyone did; anonymity was their one advantage and the boys blew it. The boss asked them if they crazy, if they knew whose money they were stealing but that was the best part – they weren't stealing anything. Dom dumped lighter fluid on the pile of cash and lit it up. "You tell your boss exactly who did this. Tell him there's more coming," Dom had demanded. At least now she had something to occupy her time until Wuji came through with the information.

Everyone was sent out to watch the other cash houses. It wouldn't long until Reyes moved his money to be under lock and key. They needed to know where it would be moved to so they could formulate the rest of their plan. Tego and Rico had the first, Rome had the second, Gisele took three, Han had four, Tej had his eyes on five and six, Brian had seven, Dom had eight, and Eve followed the last one. Tej was their eyes in the sky, watching from the roof of a skyscraper and reported back to them, rather stunned, that they wouldn't believe where Reyes was consolidating his cash. Everyone met up with him on the roof of the parking garage across the street from the police station. The police station! Reyes had balls, Eve would give him that.

"Well, this job just got a lot harder," Brian sighed, eyes on the building.

"If he's moving it to a police station, he's got some serious brass in his pocket," Rome added with a scowl. Eve shook her head at Rico comment that it looked their trip was going to be shorter than he thought, Tego adding that they couldn't do this.

""Can't?" Han echoed and rolled his eyes. "You mean "shouldn't"."

"I've found the best parts of life are the things we shouldn't do," Eve retorted, smirking at him and nudged him with her hips. Han smirked back at her and wrapped an arm around her waist.

"I think this doesn't change a thing." Dom crossed his arms and stated, "I say we stick to the plan."

"You say what?" Rome gaped at him. "This just went from Mission Impossible to Mission In-Freaking-Sanity!" Brian looked back at his friend and smiled, but no one said anything to Rome. Dom didn't even look at him. "Whatever, man." As he walked back to his car, he called over his shoulder, "I ain't scared! I'm just letting y'all know, goin' in that building is crazy!"

"I got this," Brian assured Dom, running after Rome.

"The beauty of public offices? Public records," Mia informed them with a smile, rolling the blueprints of the station out on the table. Once Brian had calmed Rome down, everyone journeyed back to their hideout where Mia had been hard at work.

"This is where he's keeping the money," Brian stated, pointing to a tiny spec on the map. "The vault in the evidence room."

"Sure to be secure," Eve added and crossed her arms. "Only a handful of people would even have access to the room and, anyone that doesn't, would have to go through a whole system of back-checking, get a permission from a higher-up. And, even then, Reyes owns the police. No one but who wants in that room is gonna get there." Shrugging, she let out a breath and muttered, "Smart man."

"Uh, yeah, can I get everyone's attention right here for a second? We're taking about breaking into a police station," Tej stated, very slowly, so they were all sure to understand. "Is anyone listening to those words? Anybody? Po-po, five-o, one-time, pigs – people we don't like."

"And people who don't like us," Eve pointed out with a careless shrug.

"You know, police stations are designed to keep people in, not out," Han stated beside her.

"That's why it's a stealth mission. We'll be in and out before they ever knew we were there," Brian retorted with a confident nod.

"Stealth, right," Eve scoffed. "'Cause this group real good at the cloak and dagger routine." Mia ducked her head and smile while Brian and Dom stared her down, unamused. "What? Just stating the obvious. Our track record with keeping things on the hush-hush isn't great and you know it." Everyone knew that. Their life leaned more towards things getting smashed, blown up, destroyed, and all manner of other things but quiet? No, that was not one of them.

"Well, we'll need to get eyes in there. At least to find out the make and model of that vault," Dom stated.

"That's crazy," Rome muttered. "So whose supposed to do all this?" Everyone shared a look with one another before letting their eyes fall on him. As if sensing the weight of their stares, he looked up and stuttered, "Wha-what do you mean? Why me?"

"'Cause you got the biggest mouth," Brian told him with a smirk.

"That's for damn sure," Tej muttered.

Slowly smirking, Eve asked, "Hey, Bri, you still got your FBI gear?" Confused, he nodded and asked why. "Go get 'em. I got an idea." Brian nodded and took off to his and Mia's room to get his things as demanded. "Rome, go put on some nice clothes. Clean jeans, belt, button down. Look professional. You got any pictures of yourself on hand?"

"Just my license," he answered and pulled out his wallet. Eve snatched it from him and started rooting through it. "Hey! Damn gurl! Stop that!" he shouted, trying to get his wallet back from her as she started throwing stuff out on the table. "Stop! Brian, dawg! Your gurl done gone crazy!" Rome looked at Han, who was smirking and snacking on another bag of chips. "Help me out, man!" Han responded by offering the bag out chips.

"Here we go! Perfect!" Eve exclaimed, holding up a picture of Rome grinning like an idiot, his arm around a smiling Asian girl, both of them on a pier. "This'll work." Brian had come out with a bag and Eve walked over to him. As she walked by, Tej caught sight of the picture and turned to Rome, glaring at him.

"What you doing with Suki, dawg?"

"Uh..." Rome smiled and stuttered, trying to explain what had happened. Tej stepped up to Rome, looking ready to knock his teeth into his skull when Eve called out to him.

"Don't touch him!" she warned. "We need him looking pretty!" Tej back down, telling Rome he was lucky before sitting back at the table.

"I'ma just...go, and change," Rome stated and slowly backed out of the room. When Rome came back out of his room, looking professional as requested, in a blue and white stripped button down. He walked over to the table where Eve was putting the final touch on his new ID.

"Where'd you learn to do this?" Brian asked her curiously.

"A friend back at the Bureau, when I was still a good girl." She grinned and added, "How else do you think I've been traveling since I became a criminal?" Rome approached and she passed him Brian's old badge. Rome grinned and laughed as he placed the brass around his neck. He made an obscene gesture at Brian, who just shook his head and grinned. "And here is your ID, Officer O'Connor," she told Rome, passing it to him.

"That's what's up!" Rome crowed, laughing as he opened up the ID and saw his face smiling up at him where Brian's head should be. His smile quickly faded to a frown when he read the info on the ID. "It says I'm Caucasian!" he complained, holding up the badge.

"They won't be looking that close," Eve assured him.

"And what if they do?!" he sneered, waving the badge in her face again.

Pushing his arm down, Eve snapped, "Say you got a tan!" Rome scowled at her a moment, looking at the others as they chuckled at his misfortune.

"That's racist," he told her, pointing at her.

"No, its not," she retorted. The two stared one another down, neither backing down or blinking. Eventually, Eve rolled her eyes and told him, "Look, just go in there and tell them you have some evidence that needs to be held. But make sure you tell them that you have to check out the storage facility first."

"What if he says no?"

"Improvise," Tej told him. "You don't have to get in there. This does." The circuit man walked over, holding up an evidence box he'd made and a remote control car that had a camera mounted on it. Tej told him to make sure that the box made it into the evidence room because, once the box was in, he'd get the car to be their eyes for them.

Upon Brian, Tej and Rome's return, Tej told them that the plan went off without a hitch. The vault was a monster: seven by twelve, fitted with eighteen inch thick steel reinforced walls, insulated with a copper core to protect against thermo-lance, a class three electronic lock with a sure fire griffon tumbler and a biometric palm scanner. It was ten tons of top of the line security, and it was, in his words, one of the toughest vaults to crack. How Tej knew all that, no one needed to know. All of them had a life before they met each other, that was all they needed to know. But one thing he did know for sure, they needed a duplicate to practice on.

"Assuming you'll break the safe," Mia wondered, "how the hell do we get in?"

"Yeah, I've been thinking about the way in. The wall to evidence room?" Brian told them, pointing on the map. "That's alarmed, so that's not happening. Then we got this one here," he said, moving his hand across the blueprint, "but there's a guard shack outside, so that's no good. But this one?" he stated with a smile, pointing once again. "This one shares a wall with the basement bathroom."

"So what about the money?" Rome questioned curiously. "That's gonna be some heavy shit to move."

Han added, "You're talking about a five ton cash raid."

"Yeah, but that's the thing about the bathroom," Brian told them with a smile. "It's got a vent that leads to the parking garage. All we gotta do is pop that vent and then pass the money through to some waiting cars." Brian grinned proudly.

"Leo, Santo," Dom called out, disrupting Tego and Rico's game. "You're up."

It was just about three hours later, after they'd blown up the pipes underneath the men's room and posed as cleaning crew to get into the bathroom, that they were hardwired into the police mainframe. Four cameras, which Han told them were high end micro-optics, hundred degree field of view with a ten second isolation. It was a narrow window, far too narrow for their needs. Gisele wondered if they could just tap in and replace the image but Tej shot her idea down quickly. These cameras were a digital sync; they'd know they were in the system, which meant Reyes would know, which meant nothing good for them.

"The best we can do is peek," Tej informed them sullenly.

"We gonna need some real fast cars to get through this," Rome added.

"Not just fast," Han told him and pointed at the images. "You got a hard right and a hairpin. We're gonna need something agile."

"If this bitch didn't weigh five tons, I'd suggest bikes but..." Eve sighed and cross her arms.

"You guys mock up a track," Dom ordered before looking at Brian. "O'Connor, let's go get some cars."

Grinning, Brian said, "Nice." Eve rolled her eyes, deciding to keep her mouth shut. Her words of warning would just fall on deaf ears anyway. She'd learned that much after so many years.

"She staring at you. Again," Eve stated under her breath in Japanese. She at a table with Han, Rome and Tego, drinking and playing cards. The track Dom wanted made up was done so all they and to do was sit and wait.

Without looking up from his hand, Han responded in the same language, "I can't help where she looks."

"You don't stop her either," she returned, her eyes flickering across the room to the topic of conversation: Gisele. Eve had noticed the scrawny bitch making eyes at Han since the day they'd arrive and Han hadn't helped matters either. He neither discouraged nor encouraged Gisele's staring; if he knew what was good for him though, he'd do the former.

Chuckling, he asked her, "What do you want me to do? Blind her with a laser pointer?"

"That'd be nice," she returned. Looking at him, she added, "Or you could tell her to back off before your girlfriend kills her." Han sighed and popped a chip in his mouth. Rome and Tego looked at them in confusion before glancing at each other.

"Uh, you two better not be cheating in whatever the hell language that is," Rome told them, waving a hand between the two of them, "'Cause that just ain't cool."

"Japanese and why? Scared you're gonna lose?" Han questioned with a smirk. Rome scowled at him and pointed a finger at him, a silent threat. But Han's smirk never let his face so the threat obviously didn't work.

"This conversation isn't over," Eve muttered seriously. Han just reached a free hand over and gently squeezed her thigh.

Dom and Brian drove in a moment later, Brian driving a sky blue '01 Porsche 911. Papa Smurf, as Rome mocked, was the first car to test the track the rest of them had made up. Every time he tried it, though, no matter how hard he punched the engine or milked it, the camera always caught him. Faster cars were needed. Back to the races, every time. Rico, Tego, Tej, and Rome all tried but the camera caught all of them every time. Rico even smashed the tail of his car into the wall once, which was exactly why his ass wasn't driving. Gisele tried but the camera's caught her as well. She went to try once more and, not far from her, Eve heard Han mutter something under his breath. "I think I'm in love." Joke or not, Eve didn't like it. Scowling, she fixed her eyes on the track as Gisele sped to a stop for a fourth time. She asked how she did but Rome shook his head at her; she'd been about to climb back in for another go around when Eve stopped her.

"Why don't you let an actual racer have a go?" Eve stated, striding down the catwalk and towards the gorgeous silver '09 Nissan 37OZ. Gisele held out the keys to her, which Eve snatched without even sparing her a glance. Over her shoulder, she could hear some of the men – she guessed Tego and Rico – making sounds that were distinctly cat like. Whatever.

The moment she was in the car, she started up the engine and drove to her starting point. She revved the engine a couple times before Tej gave her the thumbs up to go. For the first time since they'd left Tokyo, she was behind the wheel of a car in the capacity that she wanted to be. Eve imagined she was back in Tokyo, back home at the parking garage where all the races took place. Her opponent wasn't the cameras, it was some young hotshot punk who thought he was better than her because he was a local and she was a gaijin. And she'd be damned if she was going to let it kick her ass. Eve punched the engine as hard as she could. When she changed gears, it was smooth and practiced. Perhaps not precise, like Brian or Dom but, then again, she wasn't a precision driver. But it was good enough for her. She didn't just turn the corners, she drifted like Han taught her and hugged them. Pulling back the front in a matter of seconds, she turned off the car and stepped out, looking at the others.

"How was that?" she asked anxiously.

"That was real solid work," Rome complimented and Eve grinned at her success. "But I think camera three still caught you," he teased with a grin. Smile slightly dim, Eve cocked her head to the side. She did love a challenge.

With a nod, she smiled and stated, "Then let's go again."