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Chapter 20

Eve sat on one of the many work benches near the police cars. She decided to take a break from her and focus on something more important instead: home. She'd been busy emailing and texting Earl, Reiko and Twinkie for the better part of the day, checking after the garage. It seemed that Han had forgotten that they weren't on vacation and had a business to run as he hadn't checked in with the kids at all. Typical, leaving all the paperwork to her. Today was meant to be a relaxing day for the team, a break from all the hard work they'd done. Well, sort of a break. To a normal person, modifying the cop cars to suit their needs would seem like work but, for them, it was a siesta after all the crap that had gone down. Mia was actually out getting food for lunch, a nice family lunch. Although not everyone gathered was family, not to Eve at least. She didn't voice this opinion, not wanting to ruin the peaceful day, but that didn't stop her from glaring daggers into Gisele's back. At least until Han stopped talking to her and started heading Eve's way, in which case she became laser focused on her phone.

"We gonna talk about this or what?" Han asked, his tone giving nothing away.

"There's nothing to talk about," she replied, tone just as blank and dead. Her eyes never left the message she was typing to Reiko, the only one of the the three teens she trusted to actually follow through, with explicit instructions of what to order for the garage.

"Eve, please..."

""Eve, please"," she mocked.

He sighed, "Eve, come on—"

""Eve, come on"."

"Quit acting like a child," he told her. Eve sent the email and closed her phone, looking up at Han seriously.

""A child"?" she echoed and nodded slowly. "I'd rather be a child, than a whore." Whether she was referring to him or Gisele, Han didn't know although, if he were a betting man, he'd bet it was both of them. Rising to her feet, she gently pushed him away from her. "How about we make a deal? We don't talk to each other unless absolutely necessary for the rest of this job."

"And when its done?" he wondered.

Eve shrugged and replied, "Sort shit out then." The sound of shuffling snapped both of them out of their tiff. Eve looked at the entrance of their hideout and spotted Mia walking it, Vince behind her. What the hell? "Shit," she muttered and spotted Brian rising to his feet, looking to kill. Pushing away from Han, she ran over to grab Brian and pull him away as Mia pushed him back.

"No, it's okay. Hey, wait!" Mia exclaimed, keeping Brian at bay. "Reyes' guys were waiting for me at the market. Vince saved my life," she explained. Apparently, it wasn't safe for any of them, not even Mia, to be seen in public, especially not unarmed. They'd been tracking her.

"You hungry?" Dom called from underneath the hood of an engine.

Eve scoffed and stated, "He's always hungry." Dom and Vince stared at her, eyes glazed over, and then she remembered why. Letty, she'd always said the same thing about Vince. She cleared her throat and crossed her arms, looking at the ground.

Vince stared at her and responded, "Yeah, sure."

"Good, 'cause you're saying grace."

Reluctantly, Brian held out his hand and said, "Thanks, Vince." Surprisingly, Vince shook the offered hand and the couple walked away from him. Eve watched them go, watched Mia pass off the food – BBQ, what else? – to Tego and Rico before turning back to Vince. His stony gaze bore into her and she just stared back.

"Well," she said with a shrug, "this is awkward." She chuckled quietly but he just stared at her, unblinking. Back when she'd first met Vince, he didn't scare her, he didn't intimidate her. But now, before her, after she put him behind bars and she didn't have the law behind her anymore? He was definitely more intimidating, especially since he'd gotten bigger.

"Fed," he greeted with a low rumble. "How's it feel?" She asked him what he meant and he smirked. "To be on the other side of a Wanted poster?"

Eve sneered and smiled at him, "Cute, Vince. Real cute." He chuckled as she walked away, joining the rest of the crew around their "living room".

As she sat at the couch beside Rome, she didn't spare a glance at Han on the other side with Tej. The smell of the ribs Tego was cooking was terrible, mixing with the motor oil; Eve shouted to him to not burn the damn things but she knew she was wasting her breath. Rome asked Tej what he was going to do with his split of the cash, to which he responded he was going to open his own garage, a place where people could go and trust that they weren't going to get ripped off. Rome thought he was crazy, a millionaire giving himself a day job, but Eve nodded respectfully at the circuit man and clinked her drink with his own. Rico proclaimed he was going to get Tego cooking lessons. He set down a plate of done ribs and Eve picked them up in disgust. She knew she'd been wasting her breath; they were burnt to hell, completely inedible. Rome joked he could go be a chef at an animal shelter and Eve laughed at the sight of the burnt ribs. Eventually, Han got up and grabbed another beer, walking away from the group. Eve glanced over her shoulder and saw him head over to Gisele.

"What about'chu, Eve?" Tej asked, noticing her distracted gaze. Unlike the others, Brian and Mia aside, he had noticed the tension between the once happy couple. He didn't think the way Han was stepping out on his girl was right, but it really wasn't his place to say anything. After all, it wasn't like he hadn't done it before. "What you gonna do?"

She took a deep breath and answered, "I don't know. Han and I...well, he has a garage back in Tokyo. I run it with him but I'm not a partner or anything." Taking a long pull of her drink, Eve pondered for a moment just what she was going to do. She looked over at Han and Gisele and frowned, a lump forming in her throat. Noticing the pitiful looks she was being given, Eve downed the rest of her drink and told Rome to get her another. "Don't worry about me, boys. I always land on my feet."

"We're less than twenty-four hours from the biggest celebration of our lives," Rome proclaimed, handing Eve her next drink and walking over to Brian and Mia with two more beers. "Y'all need a refill, this is serious stuff." Mia denied the beer with an easy smile from Brian's lap, his arms around her. "Cheers, baby."

"No, she can't," Brian told him, clinking his glass with his friend.

"What do you mean?" Brian reiterated that she couldn't drink. "What d'ya mean she can't? What does-what does...?" Smiling, Brian rubbed Mia's stomach affectionately. "Are you serious right now?! Is that the reason you let him beat you in the quarter mile?" Rome called to Dom and laughed loudly, drawing everyone's attention to him. "That was a baby gift!"

"No, that's messed up!" Brian protested seriously, pulling away from kissing Mia while she laughed, agreeing that it was. Whether she was agreeing with Brian or Rome though, Eve couldn't tell.

"That was a baby gift!"

"No, you're not taking that from me!"

"Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Now, hold on a second," Tej interjected seriously, ambling over to the couple. Looking at Mia very seriously, he asked, "So, did he just smack the ass or did he grab the whole thing? Which one was it?" Eve walked over to the laughing foursome, Brian covering his face in embarrassment.

"You're pregnant?" Eve asked, stunned. Mia grinned and nodded, laughing as Eve pulled her out of Brian's arms and into her own. "Congratulations!" Pulling away from Mia, she grabbed Brian, who was grinning like a fool and hugged him tight.

"Crazy, huh?" he told her, pulling away to slap hands with Han.

"So that's why you guys didn't split up," Eve remarked. She'd always been wondering why the couple and Dom stayed together; it was dangerous. It made more sense for them to split up and hightail it out of Rio.

"I made them promise we'd stick together," Mia explained with a smile.

"You got them so whipped." The two women shared a laugh, Eve congratulating her once again.

Brian wrapped his arm around Mia's waist and asked her, "How you feel about being an aunt?"

""Aunt"?" Eve looked at Mia, who nodded at her. Grinning tearfully, Eve nodded and laughed happily as she exclaimed, "Hell yeah!" The couple laughed, pulling her into a hug with them. "Family just got bigger." Brian kissed her cheek affectionately, walking over to a grinning Dom.

"It's your boy! Why would you keep something like that away from me?" Rome asked jokingly, singing to Mia. Eve slapped him upside his head, however, when he joked with Tej, wondering what happened to the pull-out method.

"Toast!" Dom called out and everyone gathered around in a circle, drinks in hand. "Money'll come and go, we know that. The most important thing in life will always be the people in this room. Right here. Right now." Eve looked to her left, where Han stood beside her, looking down at her. "Salud, mi familia." Everyone echoed his words and clinked glasses together. Eve took a long pull of her own, eyes fixed on Han. The two stared at one another sadly, their own future uncertain. Later that night, after everyone else had gone to sleep, Brian and Eve sat up together. They worked on her cop car's engine together; it surreal, like they were back in the garage at FBI headquarters last year.

"Hey, Eve, what are your parents like?" he asked curiously. She paused in her worked and looked at him curiously.

"My parents are dead," she answered, wondering why he wanted to know.

"Shit, I'm sorry, Eve, I didn't—"

"It's okay. You didn't know," she assured him, waving off his concern. "They died about nine years back; my dad on the job and my mom a couple months later. Car crash," she explained. Brian asked her if her father was a cop and she laughed. "Oh, hell no! My dad didn't even go to college. No, no, my dad did construction. He built everything from bridges and skyscrapers to houses and hospitals, schools; even did small around-the-house kind of jobs. Everything." Walking away from the engine, she hopped up onto the work bench and picked up her drink with a smile. "They were high school sweethearts, my parents. My mother was a Senior when he was a Sophomore actually; the lead soprano in the school choir and the star soccer player," she revealed with a slightly mocking tone and roll of her eyes. "So, a couple years out of high school, they got married and had me. Didn't last long though," she told him with a shrug and frown, "they got divorced when I was two and I had to live with my mom. My dad was into drugs or something, I'm not sure; I never asked for the details and no one ever told me, but I'm guessing, whatever it was, was the reason she left him. I didn't really want to know. Even now, I don't." And it was true. Even when she had all the tools at her disposal to look up what he had been put away for, she never did. "I still have this image of him in my head, he was my hero and I was a Daddy's Girl, and that's something I don't ever want to change. You know what I mean?" Brian didn't say anything though, he just sat beside her.

"Anyway, the court ordered that I could see my dad twice a week, and spend the night with him at my grandparent's house, under their supervision, every other weekend. I remember how those two days a week, he'd sit me down at the kitchen table and help me with my homework. I didn't get desert a lot of nights because I wouldn't eat my vegetables and I hated math," she told him with an amused smile and the pair of them shared a chuckle. "I remember him coaching my softball team the three years that I played. I was terrible." Brian snorted with laughter at that admission and she pushed him playfully. "I remember him video-taping every dance recital I had. Every one, for nine years. And I remember the weekends I was with him, on Sunday, we'd get up real early and watch the Three Stooges with the burnt bagels he'd make us and then we'd go to the movies. We'd always sneak in candy from the Dollar Store. And he always let me pick movie and he never complained." Somber, she admitted, "I was never really close with my mom. I mean, I lived with her and I came from her but…I didn't feel anything for her. I honestly don't really remember her." Brian looked over at her and noticed that she was genuinely struggling to recall something about her mother with the same tender lover and affection she had her father. But she couldn't so she sighed and took a drink. "But I loved my dad. I remember everything about my dad. Everything."

"I don't remember shit about my dad. I don't remember him yelling, I don't remember him smiling. To be honest with 'ya, I don't even remember what the hell he looked like. I don't remember 'cause…he was just never there."

Seriously, Eve told him, "That's not gonna be you, Brian. You love Mia, you're a great guy and you're gonna be a phenomenal father." Brian smiled at her and clinked his glass with her own. Eve shrugged and added, nonchalantly, "Besides, if you leave 'em, I'll help Dom kill 'ya."

Laughing, he asked, "Promise?"

"Oh, yeah!" Brian wrapped his arm around her shoulders, hugging to her side as she put her free arm around his waist.

"I'm all set."

"Hey, Santo, we good?"

"We're always good, bro."

"Hobbs is on the other side of the city!" Mia called out from the computer. "We're not gonna get a better window."

"Okay, guys, it's show time! First team, in position, let's go!" Dom ordered and, immediately, everyone but himself, Brian, Mia, Vince and Eve rolled out of the warehouse. As Dom walked towards his Charger, Eve not far from him, she heard Vince call out.

"I got eyes on Mia," Vince assured him. Dom nodded gratefully and went on his way but Eve walked back over to him and held out her hand. Vince stared at her and, this time, she didn't waver, she didn't shift.

"Familia, Vince," she stated simply, respectfully. Slowly, the other man shook his head and slapped her hand. Looking over at Mia, she quietly told him, "Thank you." He nodded his head and went back to the engine he was working on as she walked over to the happy couple. "One hour away from the rest of our lives," she told the pair with a smile. That quickly faded as she heard Vince shout out that the cops had invaded their base and once of Hobbs' trucks crashed through the walls.

Eve cursed as Hobbs announced that he'd found the tracking chip and flipped the receiver. Running over to Brian, she pushed him to Mia and ordered him to get her out. Not that it did any good as Hobb's men came at all of them with guns. Eve told them to run while she and Vince held them off; two of the men ran after Brian and Mia but the other two? The other two belonged to them. Vince stood beside her, holding a torque wrench while she held up her fists and got into position. The two nodded at one another, prepared to fight. Vince charged at the one closest to him, whacking the gun out of his hands with the wrench while Eve slightly bounced, like a boxer to the one near her. She faked left before sending a roundhouse kick to the man's head. His gun clattered to the ground and he raised his fits, punching at her but she blocked each one until he slammed a kidney shot to her side. The blow sent Eve to her knees and the man punched her face, splitting her lip. He grabbed her by her hair with one hand and his gun with the other, shoving the muzzle into her side before he shoved her into Vince. Much to her surprise, the man helped to steady her. Familia, she realized, familia.

Hobbs' men had them surrounded, guns raised, as the window before them crashed open, Hobbs flying through atop Dom and both of them crashing to the floor. Mia cried out for her bother as Hobbs ordered his man to stand down, that he had everything under control. But he obviously didn't as Dom managed to get on top and continued to pound on Hobbs. Back and forth it went with both of them getting the upper hand on one another, Mia and Vince shouting for Dom. Hobbs picked up a wrench to bash in Dom's head but the other man rolled out of the way in time. The two went back and forth, pounding at one another under everyone's gaze. Dom managed to get on top again and grabbed the wrench the fed had dropped and raised it high.

"DOM!" Mia roared tearfully and the wrench hit the ground beside Hobbs' head.

Guns coked around them and Dom rose to his feet, hands behind his head. Hobbs and his men handcuffed the five criminals and loaded them into his truck, taking off down the road. Hobbs' stat-phone rang and told his superiors that they were coming in, ordering for the Marshal's to meet them at the airport when they landed. So this is it, Eve though despondently as she looked over at her friends, her family, this is how it ends. She wondered where she would end up, which prison. She'd taken down more men than women in her life as a fed but that didn't mean there weren't women. And it sure as hell didn't mean that the men she'd put away didn't have friends or connections in whatever dark hole she'd find herself in.

"AMBUSH!" Hobbs warned and a loud explosion followed a moment later. The car slammed to a stop as it trampled over a car and gunfire rained on them. "Wilkes, oppression fire, shut 'em down!" he called over the walkie and turned to his partner in the driver seat. "Chato, cover me!" Hobbs turned to the female cop and told he to watch them as he jumped out his vehicle and started firing at Reyes' men.

"Cut us loose!" Brian told her.

"Come on, cut us loose!" Vince demanded. The woman cursed before doing just that. As she was cutting them, they heard two more explosions from outside. One, Eve recognized, as a missile from a damn rocket launcher. The other one, she spied out the window, was definitely from a grenade. The moment all of them were free, the guys grabbed the nearest guns and headed out the back.

"What are they doing?" the cop demanded.

"What's your name?" Eve asked calmly, cocking a sniper rifle and checking the scope. As the woman answered, Eve looked at her. "Okay, Elena, I'm gonna need you to park your ass in the driver's seat and get this beast ready to move. Got that?" The woman didn't answer so Eve responded in the only way she knew how; time was of the essence. "Got it!" she shouted, aiming a handgun she pulled between her eyes. Elena nodded slowly and, reluctantly, climbed into the driver's seat. "Mia, I need you to stay here."

"You can't ask me to do that! They're out there—!"

"Mia!" Eve shouted and put her hand on her shoulder. "We need you to stay here." She moved her hand down to her friend's stomach as a silent reminder. "Stay. I'll cover our boys. Don't worry."

Mia sighed and nodded her consent, quickly hugging the other woman. Eve jumped out the back of the tank Hobb's rolled in and raised the rifle, taking aim and firing at the various men she spotted on the roof. Running up to stand next to Brian, she nodded at him and took aim in front of her. She didn't aim to injury, like she used to. No, she aimed to kill the men trying to charge her and her family. Out of the corner of her eye, she spotted Dom walk over to Hobbs and, instead of shooting him like he probably should have, he helped the man up and carried him back to their escape ride. Eve and Vince backed up slowly, covering the boys as they hobbled inside. Dom was their father, Brian their brother; the two of them mattered more than anything else, than any other bullshit going on in their lives. Vince shouted for her to get in and she hesitated a moment before quickly ducking inside. Vince climbed up a moment later and she pulled him inside, slamming the door shut behind them.

"We good?" Elena asked as Mia climbed into he passenger seat, telling her to go. There was only one shooter left as they sped down the road, trying to catch their breath. Eve collapsed next to Brian, his arm around her. He pressed his face into her head, panting and squeezing her should, holding her close. The pair of them caught Mia's gaze and nodded at her; they were okay.

"Hey, Dom," Vince muttered. "You gotta meet my son, Nico." Dom swore he would and Eve looked over at Vince, spotting him clutching his side. He was bleeding, badly. His blood was practically black; that wasn't good at all. None of them made a move to help, knowing as well as Vince that it was too late to do anything. "He's a good kid. You know, we named him after you. Dominic."

"You got my word, Vince."

"We need to move," Dom ordered as he walked past everyone, "we don't have that much time." Han told him that there was a flight out and they could leave Rio in their rear view in the next five hours. "Not to run away! To finish the job."

"Are you crazy, Dom?" Gisele exclaimed incredulously. "We can't!"

"It's a suicide mission. That's your man over there on the table!" Rome added, gesturing toward Vince's body covered with a tarp. "The plan is busted! This is bullshit, man! Reyes knows we're coming!"

"He's right," Tej added. "They tripled the detail at the police station. It's gonna be a wall of gunfire." While Hobbs had been attempting to arrest them, Tej and the others had gone on as planned. They were surprised to find that detail had increased. Apparently, Reyes had every cop on his payroll at the station guarding his cash; God Himself wouldn't be able to to it. It had only been when Dom, Brian and Eve hadn't shown up, they'd known something was wrong and called off the job themselves. When they'd returned to home base and saw the mess, they knew something was really wrong.

"Reyes doesn't get away with this," Dom stated but no one else was hearing it. Han told him that it was a trap, that even Dom knew that. Elena told him to listen to his team and run before it was too late so he could be free. "Running ain't freedom. You should know that." Turning away from his crew, Dom head up the catwalk and told them, "You know you're all free to make your own choices."

"I'm in!" Everyone paused and turned their surprised gaze to Hobbs. "I'll ride with 'ya, Toretto. At least until we kill that son of a bitch." Reyes hadn't just killed Vince, he'd killed Hobbs' entire team. It was personal. The two men nodded at each other, both knowing that as soon as Reyes was done, Hobbs would be back to chasing all of them.

"So what's the plan, Dom?" Brian asked. "Can't just go sneaking around anymore."

"We don't sneak," Dom answered easily. "The only thing he cares about is his money. We pull that, we pull him."