Chapter 2 – Wassa=Revive

"Hey,Travis",Ellia started, "Why do you think, Wart wants ME to sing this song?"

Travis smiled, "Because he obviously sees potential in you!".

Ellia blushed, "This is my first time singing a hymn….",she sigh, "I don't know if I'm ready…"

Travis stopped her, "Sorry, but you'd better be ready!", he pointed, "There's the hymn crystal!"

Travis took the crystal from the altar, "Ready to install it?"Travis smiled, " taught me how!".

Ellia nodded, and Travis began:

Fou paks ra exec hymmnos Amazure

Was yea ra chs hymmnos yor,

en chsee fwal fwal yor.

Exec drone hymmnos Amazure


"Ahh…t-this feeling…",Ellia sighed.

Travis smirked, "You okay?"

Ellia put her finger up as if trying to explain herself, "I feel song…..excited..I"

Travis rolled his eyes, "That means it worked!",he threw his fist in the air, "Sing it!".

Ellia took a deep breath, "Ahh…."

Was paks ra sonwe hymmnos mea!

In my excitement I will sing my song!

Was paks ra sonwe tes ar ciel!

In my excitement I will sing to the world!

A.Shelanoir sonwe hymmnos tes ar ciel!

Shelanoir sang to the world!

B. Was paks ra sonwe hymmnos mea!

I will excitedly sing my song!

A.Shelanoir sonwe walaen tes ar ciel!

Shelanoir sang life to the world!

B. Was paks ra sonwe hymmnos mea!

I will excitedly sing my song!

A.Was yea ra sonwe hymmnos Shelanoir!

I will excitedly sing Shelanoir's song!

B. Was paks ra sonwe hymmnos mea!Ahh-

I will excitedly sing my song!Ahh-

Hyma! Hyma sarla mea!

Listen! Listen to my song!

Was yea ra chs sefanl

I will happily become the forest

Was yea ra chs ar ciel!

I will happily become the planet!



"What the hell!",Travis asked excitedly.

"What is that thing!",Ellia asked stopping her song.

"It must have been woken by the song!"Travis reasoned, "Keep singing! I'll hold it off.

Travis charged toward the monster, a large mechanical wolf creature,swinging his sword.

Was ki ra hyear!
Hey! Listen to me!

Sarla mea!

My song!

Wassa mea,sarla mea!

My festival, my song!



A.Sarla mea!

My song!



C. Was paks ra sonwe hymmnos mea!

I will excitedly sing my song!

A.Was yea ra chs hymmnos mea!

I will happily sing my song!



C.Was paks ra sonwe hymmnos mea!

I will excitedly sing my song!

A.Was yea ra chs ar ciel!

I will happily become ar ciel!



C.Shelanoir sarla!

Sing Shelanoir!

"Ahh dammit!",Travis fell to the ground and the creature lunged at him,striking him.

"Travis!",Ellia called worry.

"K-Keep singing…",Travis breathed.

"You are crazy! You get yourself killed", A voice called.

"Y-You….",Travis said through gritted teeth.

Was yea ra chs ar ciel!

I am ar ciel!

The song ended.

Ellia opened her eyes to see Gallion holding the creature off,protecting Travis.



Travis opened his eyes to the blurred images of the nurse, Gallion, and Ellia.

"You bastard,",he seethed with anger, "You think you're better than me!"

Gallion walked out of the room,throwing his hand up, "You are welcome!".

Ellia's blood boiled, Travis…..You son of a bitch!".

Travis prepared himself for the pain that was to come.

"Ohh boy…."


Ellia and Travis entered Wart's office,before he or could say anything, Travis went off like a bomb.

"You son of a bitch! What the hell were you thinking sending Ellia to do that!".

stepped forward,placing his large hands on his shoulders, "Calm down…We….were testing you…".

Travis shoved him, "Shut the hell up!",Travis narrowed his eyes, "You bastard!"

"You fucking call that a test!",Travis questioned, "Fuck you!"

He stormed out,Ellia right behind him.

"T-Thank you Travis….",Ellia smiled.

Travis turned around blushing, "Well I…uh…."

A.I wanted to do what was right!

B.I really care about you…

Choice A. Route

"I wanted to do what was right…"

Ellia hugged him, "Looks like you're growing up Travis!".

Travis shook her off, "Whatever", he smirked.

They headed on smiling and joking as best friends…


"I really care about you…."

Ellia dived into his arms, "Thank you Travis….Thank you!",she cried.

Travis stroked her hair, "It's alright, don't cry…..I'm serious!"

"C'mon lets go see Elisa! She's probably worried!",he reasoned.

Ellia nodded,not realizing she was hugging the same guy who watched her take a bath every night, the same one who lifted her skirt every chance he , all she knew was that she was hugging he best friend….


Gallion sighed as he pushed away a yet another stack of papers, when he heard the door open.

"Yes?",he asked without looking up.

Travis stepped in, "First of all,I'm only here because Ellia requested it…",he explained, "I'm sorry for being so rude and unculture…and thanks for saving me..."

Gallion stood up and walked over to extended a hand, expecting a handshake, when he was pulled into a hug.

"It's alright! I know how much you care about Ellia",he smirked, "If you ever need my help I'll join you on you on your mission!".

"Sure you're not too busy",Travis smirked, eyeing the stack of papers.

Gallion shrugged, "I was never one for work anyway!".


Elisa smiled at her sister, "So,you like this Gallion guy?"

Ellia blushed, "I….I…."

Elisa stopped her, "You do know that he's THE Prince Gallionest Veldium!",she sighed, "What makes you think he'll fall for a petty little schoolgirl like YOU",she made sure to put extra emphasis on the 'you' part.

Ellia stretched, "I'm gonna take a walk…."


Ellia walked alone through the Terra Forest,she knew it was dangerous, but she wanted to clear her skipped along, humming a small stopped when she heard a sound.

"Hello?",she asked.

urt ratinaa siary faur sieerr fantu naa

urt ratisyaan tee fee….

The ideal world that you have told me, it is a beautiful dream

Should it not be a delusion….

Ellia followed the song's tune, "Hello?"

fiitaal siei titaa seefaltann syii tie

faur siary faur tututuui…

Let it reach us, let it echo within our souls

So please, tell me more….

Ellia stood staring,entranced by the song,at the girl with the red hair,the singing girl….

The "cowlick girl"….