Yay! Prussia can walk on crutches! XD

Chapter 6:Alfred's big day

"Wheee~ Guess what Prussia, Yao, aand Hungaaarryyyyyy!" America came spinning into the building as England had dropped him off and left for some 'special' place.

"What is it you turd?" Gilbert crutched over and poked Alfred in the stomach with his right crutch.

"It's my birthday~" Alfred sung and spun away from the Prussian.

Canada walked in and smiled, "I-It's also my birthda-"

"Happy Birthday Alfred! Arthur called me ahead of time. So you're now eleven?" asked Hungary ruffling America's hair.


"eleven is a cursed age..." Prussia murmured.

"Why?" America asked horrified.


~~Gilbert's Story in his POV~~

It was my eleventh birthday, no one cared.

a 7 year old Ludwig walked over, "Happy birthday bruder!"

"get away from me you shit-brain." I spat. He was OBVIOUSLY being sarcastic. I stormed away until Vati choked me by grabbing my shirt collar.

Then my Vati started to scream at me and smack me abusivly and I didn't do ANYTHING wrong. And then I was locked in a dark dungeon(called his bedroom) until supper time.

But I decided to escape out the dungeon window and hid in the forest till everyone thought I died. And I looked like a ghost when I came back a year later. I survived off rasberries so I looked like I had blood on me. And so the spirits of the earth all came and decided I was a new spirit. So I found out how to fly.

And then I-


"THAT DIDN'T HAPPEN YOU MORON!" Hungary slapped Prussia upside the head, "Your grandpa invited me and Austria over and we played hide and seek in your yard! And you fell in a pit, and we looked for you all night till 3 A.M."

Prussia rubbed his neck, "It happened, I just got my ages mixed up."

"Don't lie to children." Hungary gave him the death glare.

They argued for awhile. Alfred got bored and wondered where Yao was.

"Where's China?" His thought said aloud.

"She's out picking up your shit-filled birthday cake." Prussia scoffed.

"It is chocolate." A voice said from the doorway.

China and his three children walked in.

"Happy birthday Alfie!" Taiwan kissed Alfred and wrapped her arms around him.

Alfred being in the age where you understand girls, blushed until he looked like a tomato. (As Spain woud say.)

"Happy birthday." Japan sighed. China had him by the collar so he wouldn't go run off and hide in a corner or closet.

"Thank you Kiku!" Alfred laughed and hugged him. Japan didn't return the hug.

"That cake was good." Yong Soo said.

"Cake...? OH NO YOU DIDN'T ARU!" China opened the box Korea was carrying-it was crumbs.

"Oh no! Alfie doesn't have a cake? You're so mean Soo!" Taiwan cried and hugged America, as if it was her cake.

Japan left unfazed and hid in a closet.

Korea burped.

Prussia fell.

Alfred cried.

Canada tried saying something but was interrupted.

China rubbed his forehead stressfully.

Hungary decided she'd make a cake by scratch.

lightning struck.

And then the door flew open.


England was drunk.

England is drunk? Oh noes! Happy birthday poor Alfred! D: