Author Notes: This was my first fanfiction ever, so it's really old. :) Enjoy Dark Desires!

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"Yugi! We need a little more lighting up here!" Called Mrs. Yakima. The spiky head of hair that could be seen through the studio window bobbed in agreement. Yugi Mouto sighed and raised the lighting on the lead actress of his school's play. Yugi was in drama, but as the lights and sounds manager. That was all he was good at anyhow. But he didn't mind.

"Yugi?" He nearly toppled off his stool when Mrs. Yakima came up behind him out of the shadows.

"Ack! How'd you get up here!" He clung to his stool as it swayed back and forth, threatening to dump him onto the floor. She smiled at his clumsy attempts at righting himself and held out a piece of paper.

"Here are the positions of everyone during Act 3. Tea will need a lot of extra light, so that she can be all heavenly and what-not, so be sure to add in the blue lights." Yugi nodded and turned back to his computer screen.

"Hey, you okay? You've seemed a little down for a while."

"I'm fine." She frowned at the short response but retreated back down to the stage to finish helping with the first act.

There was also another reason he liked Drama. It was a good way to take his mind off his home life and the unexpected death of his grandfather two months ago. Thinking about him made Yugi's eyes swell with tears as he adjusted the lights. These late night practices were good for him, he thought. At least he wouldn't have to go home so early every day and spend hours alone…

"Is this the drama practice?" came a deep, new voice. A few people gasped and everyone turned towards the owner. Yugi gasped too as he saw the person. He looked like him! Only he was a lot cuter, Yugi thought, with a mixture of admiration and self-pity. People had often times told him he was cute or adorable, but Yugi did not believe them. Too many people made fun of him everyday for him to believe something like that. The teacher stepped forward and addressed the boy.

"Yes. Why? Did you want to join?" Mrs. Yakima asked.

"No. I'm just here to watch. I'm a friend of a person who attends this school. He told me about drama and it sounded interesting." The boy said. The teacher stared at him.

"You don't attend school here?" Mrs. Yakima asked.

"No. I'm here with that person. I had something to take care of first and that is why we didn't come together." The man said, pointing at someone Yugi hardly knew, who nodded his consent. "May I watch?" The boy asked. Mrs. Yakima smiled.

"If you want." She said. Yugi couldn't believe that his teacher just believed some strange man right off the bat. The boy looked up into the lights and sounds studio and connected eyes with Yugi. Yugi gulped. The boy smiled rather strangely and broke the contact, sitting down in the front row. Yugi shivered. His eyes were dark and he stared as if he knew something Yugi didn't. And he could not shake the feeling he had seen them somewhere before. Yugi shrugged. Maybe he was thinking too much again. The practice went on, with Yugi sneaking glances at the stranger. A few times he had looked only to find the boy already looking at him, and he quickly averted his gaze. There was something very creepy about that boy, and Yugi was very glad when drama practice ended.

Afterwards, when everyone had left, Yugi walked the halls of the school alone. His depression was slowly taking him over once more. It got bigger and bigger the more he thought about going home and never hearing his grandpa welcome him back… Yugi wiped away the tears that were blurring the edges of his vision and began the walk home. To stall for time again, Yugi decided to take a walk through the park. The cherry blossom trees were blooming and he had heard they were very beautiful at night. So Yugi went that way. Seeing the cherry blossoms fall was lifting his mood even just a little. Oh how he loved the cherry blossom trees… A petal fell into his hand. Yugi smiled as he gazed at it. So pretty and pink. Yugi giggled.

"You shouldn't be out here alone." Yugi yelped and turned to the source of the voice, the petal clenched in his hand. Yugi was surprised. It was the same young man that had showed up at his drama practice earlier this evening. Yugi tried to still his breathing.

"You scared me." Yugi said. The young man smiled.

"Sorry. Why are you here? Shouldn't you be at home?" the man asked again. Yugi sighed. A concerned citizen. Wonderful.

"I'm fine. I heard the cherry blossom trees were pretty at night and wanted to see if it was true." Yugi said.

"They are beautiful, aren't they?" The boy said. Yugi smiled.

"Yes. By the way, who are you? I noticed you at the practice today." Yugi asked, observing him. He looked like him, only taller and hotter. His eyes were blood red and his hair was like Yugi's, tri-colored but with a few more streaks of yellow going into the black of his hair.

"My name is Yami. What's yours?" Yami asked.

"Yugi." Yugi said.

"A pretty name. Means game I believe." Yami said. "So you noticed me at practice huh? Where were you?" Yami asked.

"I work up in the sound studio." Yugi said.

"In that big box in the back of the room?" Yami asked.

"Yeah, that's me." Yugi said. Yami smiled rather creepily.

"I noticed you too." Yami said. Yugi blushed.

"Well I really ought to go now. It's late." Yugi said. That last sentence Yami had said had made him a little uneasy. And he hadn't like the way he smiled at him. He began to walk away.

"It's not safe to walk alone." Yugi turned to find Yami staring at him. Yugi was even more creeped out as it seemed that Yami's eyes were glowing when they shouldn't be.

"I'll be fine." Yugi insisted. He began to walk again. Suddenly he felt something slam into him and the next thing he knew, he was being held captive against a cherry blossom tree. Yugi gazed up into the boy's blood red eyes as his heart sped up. He was sure the other boy could hear it; it pounded in his ears.

"I somehow doubt that." Yami said and smiled. Yugi fought to suppress a scream. Yami's smile… He had fangs!

"Let go! Let go of me!" Yugi screamed. He squirmed, but it wasn't any use. Yami had pinned his body to the tree with his own. Yugi was beyond scared now; he was absolutely petrified.

"I'm afraid I can't do that Little One." Yami laughed. Tears leaked out of Yugi's eyes. He was so scared. He let out a cry of dismay as Yami's lips came down on his own. Yugi's mind shut down. He's going to rape me! Yugi thought as Yami trailed his hands down his sides. But suddenly Yami pulled away.

"Please… Let me go home…" Yugi whimpered. He was crying now. Yami leaned down and licked a few tears away. Then he let go of one of Yugi's hands, placing it in his other hand to hold his arms above his head with one hand, and used his free hand to stroke the boy's cheek. Yugi whimpered again; he was so afraid… He didn't want to be here anymore. He wanted to be safe at home in his own bed, under his blankets, hidden from this mad man. Yugi tried to look away, but Yami forced his head back.

"Hush now, sweet one. I'm going to make you mine." Yami said in a whisper. Yugi felt slightly odd, strangely at peace. It was like Yami's words were making him calm. Yugi squirmed again.

"Make me yours? I don't understand." Yugi said.

"You will, Little One. Soon." Yami said. He leaned down and kissed the boy again. Yugi couldn't help himself; he moaned into the kiss. Yami smiled to himself, glad he had the power of persuasion. Soon this child would give him the sweetest gift.

Yami pulled away and gazed into his prey's eyes. He could tell Yugi was scared. But he had also made the boy want him. He could see it. So many fears; fears of him, fears of his feelings, fears of what they were doing, of what was going to happen… Yami drank it all in. He had been stalking this boy for a while now and had decided two days ago that he would make this boy his own. Such beauty belonged in his hands only. Making his presence known today was all apart of the plan. And now for his reward…

Yami tilted Yugi's head back and sank his fangs into the soft flesh of his neck. Yugi let out a pained scream and tried to get away, but Yami's hold was too strong. Yami drank greedily, the taste of Yugi's blood driving him insane. The boy tasted just how Yami dreamt; like the sweetest wine and the finest honey with a small blend of sugar. Yami couldn't help but smile as he drank.

Yugi hated this feeling. The feeling of having your insides sucked out. He could feel his tears well up in his eyes again, but he barely felt them fall. There was an exploding pain in his neck and that was all he was aware of besides the arms that were holding him up. Yugi felt weaker and weaker the more blood he lost. He didn't understand why this was happening to him. Was he cursed to have such rotten luck? Yugi just wanted it to end, to die…

He drank until Yugi fell limp into his arms. Yami pulled away and wiped his mouth. He gazed at the unconscious boy in his arms. Yugi truly was beautiful. Yami smiled smugly as he stared at the boy cradled in his arms. His plan had worked all the way through. He had originally planned to take the boy from his home once he had arrived, but the detour through the park had been better. A pretty setting for a perfect evening. Then Yami noticed Yugi's hand fall open and a cherry blossom petal fall into a small puddle of blood on the ground, staining its beauty. Yami paid it no heed. He lifted the boy bridal style into his arms and carried him away, disappearing into the shadows that followed him.