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"Ah! Beautiful!" Malik exclaimed happily, stretching his arms above his head. Ryou nodded, placing his arms on the railing of the balcony. Behind them, Yugi was running a hand over the fluffy comforter on the bed, smiling at the softness. Malik turned around and leaned on the railing, his lavender eyes dancing with amusement as Yugi finished his inspection and walked through the sliding glass doors to join them. "Yugi, are you sure I can't have this room?" Malik teased.

"Nope!" Yugi chirped, grinning. "Yami already assigned rooms, and he and I get this one." Yugi placed himself in the same pose as Ryou, closing his eyes and sighing happily as the wind ruffled his hair, the fresh scent of ocean water assaulting his senses. It had been three months since Neko had killed Joey. Three long months in which Joey and Neko's broken bodies haunted Yugi's dreams. Even though he knew Neko had deserved his end, it didn't stop him from seeing those sightless eye sockets and fingerless hands every night. Yugi sighed again and opened his eyes, staring out at the ocean as the sunlight sparkled on the surface. At least Yami was there to soothe him, driving away the nightmares.

"I'm so happy that our boys decided to take us away for a whole week! Isn't this vacation amazing?" Ryou said, flashing Yugi a smile. Yugi nodded.

"We definitley deserve it, that's for sure." Yugi replied.

"At least we came during a school break." Malik grinned. "That way you won't miss any precious school time, Yugi." Yugi stuck his tongue out at the white-haired hikari playfully.

"At least I actually care about whether or not I graduate, Malik." Yugi teased back. Malik laughed.

"So, Malik, I hear you and Marik are going to take the next step in your relationship again." Ryou said, a mischievous smile on his lips. Malik blushed.

"Who told you?" Malik groaned, hiding his face in his hands.

"Oh, Marik's been happy as a clam since you agreed to sleep with him, and so naturally he had to share his excitement with his only two friends," Yugi replied. Another groan from the Egyptian next to them made Ryou and Yugi crack up laughing. Yugi wiped away a tear, smiling happily at his friend. Malik and Marik had certainly come a long way in those last three months. Marik may have been a nutcase, but he was a sweet nutcase and it didn't take long for Marik to sweep Malik off his feet again. Malik may never forgive Marik for killing Ishizu, Yugi thought, but that doesn't mean he doesn't love him. It just took him a while for him to realize it. And the two couldn't have been happier.

"I'll kill him!" Malik continued to whine playfully. "The big oaf can't keep his mouth shut, can he?"

"When it comes to you, Marik's eager to please and very excitable. I swear once you agreed to sleep with him, he was practically dancing and singing all day." Ryou said. "It's kind of weird to see Marik being so love struck, but it's nice."

"He's a sweetie sometimes, isn't he?" Malik sighed dreamily. "I almost forgot how good it feels to be in love."

"It's a good feeling, isn't it?" Ryou asked. Malik nodded.

"Hello, my lovelies!" Marik sang as the door burst open and the three vampires walked in. Bakura rolled his eyes and thwapped Marik in the back of the head.

"I cannot wait for your lovey-phase to be over with! You're making me sick!" Bakura growled. Marik grinned crazily.

"But I'm happy! I love my kitten so much!" Marik said, wrapping his arms around Malik and hugging him to his chest. Malik raised a brow.

"Kitten? What did I tell you about that?" Malik snapped. Marik merely kept grinning and nuzzled Malik's neck.

"Give it up; he won't ever quit calling you that." Yugi teased. Malik glared at him, but Yugi only stuck his tongue out. Yami walked past them to join Yugi, sliding his own arms around his lover.

"Do you three want to go swimming? It's a beautiful day to be at the beach." Yami said casually. Yugi looked up at him, a bright smile lighting his face.

"A swim sounds wonderful!" The amethyst-eyed hikari replied eagerly.

"Let's go! Bakura, let's go!" Ryou cheered. Bakura smiled at Ryou.

"Alright, if you want to go, we'll go." Bakura said.

"Give us some time to change." Malik said, stepping forward and reaching back, taking Marik's hand and leading him out of the room. Ryou took off too, Bakura following close behind him. Ryou politely shut the door behind him as he went. Yugi moved forward and went into his own room, heading for the dresser where he had placed his swim trunks. He tossed a black pair to Yami with a smile.

"How are you enjoying your vacation, Aibou?" Yami asked with a smile. Yugi smiled tenderly back at him, the nickname Yami had just spoken filling him up with a warmth that Yugi loved.

"I'm enjoying it very much, Yami. I am glad you decided to bring us out here. It's good to relax sometimes." Yugi replied, beginning to take off his clothes. He slipped the trunks on when he was done undressing. He turned, finding Yami changed as well.

"I'm glad that you are enjoying yourself." The crimson-eyed vampire stated. Yugi wrapped his arms around Yami's waist and held him tight. Yami hugged him back, burying his face in Yugi's hair and breathing his scent in deep. After a moment, Yugi pulled away and skipped into the bathroom to retrieve some towels. Yami watched him go, pleased to see a smile on his face. Yugi seemed to be a lot happier since they got here, and Yami was sorry for not suggesting this vacation sooner. Yami began to remember the nightmares Yugi would have nearly every night after the night they killed Neko. The former Pharaoh had done his best to comfort him, and Yugi began to get better, but the nightmares remained. Yami hoped that a relaxing vacation would help Yugi forget, at least for a little while.

Yugi came back out of the bathroom a few minutes later, two towels and a bottle of sunscreen in his hands. He grinned at Yami, waving the bottle. "Are you going to put this on my back for me?" Yugi asked teasingly. Yami smiled seductively, moving towards his little one. He grabbed the sunscreen and bent down until their lips were only inches apart.

"I could think of other uses for this." Yami whispered. Yugi blushed and Yami closed the distance, capturing Yugi's lips in a sweet kiss, making the smaller moan.

"Keep that up and we won't get down to the beach." Yugi murmured when Yami broke the kiss.

"Maybe I'd rather keep you here. I'd love nothing more than to throw you on that bed and give you plenty of reasons to scream my name." Yami said. Yugi's blush darkened and he pushed teasingly at Yami's chest.

"You're so bad." Yugi giggled.

"I love you." Yami replied, leaning down and giving him another kiss. Yugi pecked his lips a couple more times after he pulled away, smiling.

"I love you, too." Yugi said. "Come on, let's go." Yugi held out his hand and Yami took it, allowing Yugi to lead him out of the room.

"Ah! This wind feels so good!" Ryou exclaimed as the wind blew his snowy white hair around his face. Malik flopped down onto the sand on his stomach, gazing out at the water with his head resting on his arms. Bakura was sitting on the beach towel Ryou had laid out a moment ago and was now trying to coax Ryou down onto it so his could put some sunscreen on the white-haired hikari to keep him from burning. Marik was walking through the water as it rushed up onto the beach, kicking some of it into the air and laughing madly.

"Rub this on my back?" Yugi asked, holding the sunscreen out to his lover. Yami took it and sat behind Yugi, squeezing some into his hands and beginning to rub it on Yugi's back as the smaller rubbed some onto his arms and down his legs. Yami took the time to massage Yugi's shoulders too, liking the sigh and moan Yugi emitted before closing his eyes and leaning back a little bit.

"Good thing about being Egyptian is you don't really need sunscreen since you're already so dark." Malik teased them. Ryou stuck his tongue out at Malik's back.

"Lucky you, huh? Don't have to worry about coming out looking like a fresh cooked lobster." Ryou chuckled. Malik giggled.

"I wish my skin would darken. I always look so pale." Yugi said, looking at his arms. Yami rubbed some of the sunscreen down Yugi's chest, making sure to get that area and his stomach. Yugi giggled as Yami brushed a ticklish spot.

"Aibou, don't ever wish you looked different. You're perfect the way you are." Yami whispered into his ear. Yugi smiled and turned, leaning up and pressing a soft kiss to Yami's throat. The ex-Pharaoh gave a shudder and dropped the sunscreen onto their towel.

"Thank you." Yugi murmured.

"Yugi, come on! Let's go swim now!" Ryou squealed, jumping to his feet and running over to Yugi, pulling him to his feet and running for the water. Malik got to his feet too; brushing the sand off his body and running after his friends. Yami grinned when Malik kicked some water at his friends, laughing at their squeals of surprise and delight as they ran away from him, trying to kick some back at him as they went deeper into the water.

"Malik, it's cold!"


"This vacation seems to be worth it." Bakura mused from his spot near the former Pharaoh. Yami nodded.

"They're having fun, laughing, and smiling. I'd say their smiles made this vacation worth every penny." Yami replied.

"How's Yugi been doing?" Bakura asked.

"Better. He didn't have a nightmare last night, which is a good thing. Maybe they're finally stopping." Yami answered, watching as Malik let out a squeak when Marik picked him up and threw him into the water.

"Marik! Fucking cold!" Malik sputtered as he came up for air. Marik and the two hikaris only laughed at him as the Egyptian hikari splashed water at them in retaliation. Marik surprised them by grabbing Ryou and throwing him in next. Yugi squealed and ran away as Marik reached for him next. Ryou and Malik exited the water and ran after the smaller hikari, catching up with him and tackling him to the ground, laughing when he cried out about the cold and the sand sticking to his body.

"He'll be fine." Bakura said. "Just look at him. He's having the time of his life." Marik had now picked up the smallest hikari and hoisted him over his shoulder, ignoring the good natured hits and kicks as Yugi cried out for him to let him down. Marik threw him into the water and Yugi was soon tackled again by Malik and Ryou. The three of them came up for air, laughing, their eyes twinkling with mirth.

"Let's join them, Kura." Yami said, a teasing note in his voice. Bakura raised a brow at him and shook his head.

"No way." Bakura said. "You go have fun, but leave me out of it."

"Have it your way." Yami said, getting to his feet and heading for the water. He dove into the water after he'd waded deep enough, swimming over to Yugi. Marik was bobbing gently by Malik, who was having a splash fight with Ryou.

"Bakura won't join us, Marik." Yami said in a fake pouty voice. Marik grinned and glanced towards shore.

"Oh, he won't, will he? Well, that's not very nice of him." Marik said, beginning to swim back towards shore. About five minutes later he had hauled Bakura to his feet and tossed him over his shoulder, bringing Bakura with him into the water. Once he was deep enough, he threw the former thief into the water. Bakura hit the surface, splashing Marik in the face. This brought on a giant splash fight which had everyone laughing and screaming and worn out by the time it was over.

When everyone decided to leave the water, the sun was beginning to set and the three hikaris were freezing cold. Yami grabbed the towel off the sand and wrapped it around Yugi's shoulders. Yugi thanked him and the two of them continued on back to the inn, the other following not far behind. Goodnights were said as they reached their rooms, waving to each other before going inside. Yugi walked into the bathroom, and a few minutes later, Yami heard the water begin to run. While Yugi was showering, Yami slipped his trunks off and put a robe on. A knock at the door startled him, and he went to answer it.

"Marik?" Yami asked in surprise, seeing the tall sandy-blond vampire standing there.

"I owed you." Marik said with a laugh, shoving something into Yami's hands. Then he was gone, hurrying down the hall to his own room. Yami shut the door, looking down at the thing Marik had given him and laughed out loud when he saw it was a bottle of chocolate syrup. Yugi exited the bathroom then, drying his hair with a towel, another towel wrapped around his waist.

"What are you laughing at?" Yugi asked, throwing the towel in a basket by the bed.

"Oh, Marik just gave me some chocolate sauce." Yami said. Yugi froze, a blush coating his cheeks.

"For what?" Yugi asked, taking a step backwards. Yami grinned.

"So I can have a chocolate covered Yugi as a midnight snack." Yami replied and pounced, knocking Yugi back onto the bed and climbing over him, kissing him roughly. Yugi moaned and wrapped his arms around Yami's neck. Yami pulled away a moment later to let Yugi breathe, nipping at his neck. Yugi gasped and tilted his head back, giving him more access.

"Is this vacation making you feel better, Yugi?" Yami asked, ceasing his actions to peer down curiously at Yugi.

"It's been wonderful, Yami. I've felt like I haven't a care in the world." Came the reply.

"I'm glad." Yami said. "That's what I was hoping for. You didn't have a nightmare last night." Yugi sat up and curled next to him, snuggling close.

"They're becoming less frequent. They don't even scare me anymore." Yugi said.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry about everything. You shouldn't have had to go through all of that." Yami murmured softly.

"Yami, what's happened, happened. It can't be taken back and there's no point in thinking so much about it, letting it make us sad. And you don't have to be sorry anymore. I just want to look forward to our future together." Yugi whispered.

"I do have to be sorry." Yami said.

"About Grandpa? Yami, we've gone over this. I won't forgive you for killing him-"

"And I don't expect you to." Yami said, looking away. Yugi sighed and got up, moving to stand in front of Yami. He cupped the vampire's face in his hands, making Yami look him in the eyes.

"I can't forgive you for Grandpa. But that doesn't mean I can't love you. I love you, Yami. You're my everything. It's you I want to spend the rest of my life with. Yes, you made a mistake, and nothing can fix it, but we can move beyond it. You protected me, almost gave your life for me, saved me, and loved me. That's all I could ever ask for and want. So don't be sorry. If not for everything that's happened, we wouldn't be together. Isn't being together worth it?" Yugi said.

"Worth hurting you?" Yami said.

"Yami..." Yugi leaned down, pressing his forehead to Yami's. "I know we won't ever forget, but that doesn't mean it won't be okay. I love you. Your love is worth everything to me, good and bad."

"I love you, too. I love you more than anything. I'd give up eternity for you." Yami murmured, knowing Yugi was right. It would eventually be okay. It would take time, but it would be okay.

"Yami... Make love to me." Yugi whispered, leaning down and pressing his lips to Yami's. Yami moaned and pulled Yugi against him, gently flipping them over to place the smaller male below him. Yami trailed his hands down Yugi's sides as he deepened the kiss, drawing a delighted shiver from the boy under him. Yugi's hands moved to slide down Yami's robe, undoing the belt holding it together so the robe would fall open. Yami discarded the robe, tossing it to the floor. Yugi's hands then moved to trail over Yami's chest, the action gaining a husky moan from his lover.

"Hikari..." Yami murmured, trailing kisses down Yugi's throat, continuing to move down. Yugi squeaked when Yami ripped the towel away from his waist, revealing his hard on to the vampire. Yami suddenly grinned and climbed off Yugi, a surprised look crossing Yugi's face. Yami grabbed something and got back on the bed. Yugi squealed when Yami opened the bottle of chocolate sauce and squeezed it onto his chest in zig-zag lines. Yami tossed the bottle onto the bed beside his lover and pounced again, swirling his tongue around a chocolate covered nipple, a moan escaping Yugi's lips.

"Mm... Chocolate." Yami murmured, switching to the other. Yugi arched, another moan sounding through the room. Yami continued downward, lapping up all the chocolate he'd covered his lover in. Another thought occurred to Yami, and he reached for the chocolate again, squeezing in on Yugi's member. Yugi had no time to react to that as Yami then dipped his head and took him into his mouth. Yugi arched with a scream, fisting the sheets in his hands. Yami sucked him eagerly, trying to get every last drop of the chocolate off Yugi's member. Yugi tossed his head from side to side as that pleasurable coil began to tighten in his stomach.

"Y-Yami!" Yugi choked out as the vampire suddenly deep throated him. Oh, gods, it felt so good! Yugi closed his eyes in pure bliss, the coil tightening further. It wouldn't be long before it snapped. Yami slid him out of his mouth and ran his tongue along the underside, getting the last of the chocolate before taking him back inside his mouth. Yugi screamed when Yami deep throated him again, and he released into his lover's mouth. Yami drank every drop greedily, smiling at his lover and licking his lips. Yugi reopened his eyes and gazed down at the ex-Pharaoh, his chest heaving as he panted.

"Did you like that?" Yami asked, rising back over him and leaning down, pressing a quick kiss to his lips. Yugi moaned in reply, making Yami chuckle. Yami reached into the drawer on the nightstand and found some lotion, which he pulled out and opened, quickly slicking his fingers with the substance. He leaned down and gave Yugi another kiss, slipping his tongue in between Yugi's parted lips to engage his lover's tongue in a friendly duel as he slipped one finger into Yugi's entrance. Yugi gasped into his mouth, relaxing with another moan. Yami slipped another finger in and began scissoring his fingers, stretching his lover. Yugi groaned, breaking the kiss and panting, his eyes falling closed.

"Yami..." Yugi breathed, opening his eyes to stare up into beautiful crimson darkened with passion. Yugi's hand hit the bottle of chocolate syrup as he fisted the sheets again, and he had an idea then. He grabbed the bottle and reached up, squeezing a small amount on Yami's neck, making the vampire gasp as he slipped the third finger in. It dripped down his chest and Yugi brought Yami down a little, leaning up and attaching his lips to Yami's neck, licking the chocolate off. Yami gave a low moan and shuddered, pulling his fingers out. Yami lathered his member with the lotion, his hands shaking as Yugi licked a sensitive spot on his neck. He pulled Yugi up, setting them into a sitting position. While Yugi continued to lap at his neck, Yami pulled him down onto his length, earning a moan of pleasure from his lover against his neck.

"Yugi... Oh, gods..." Yami groaned. Yugi moaned as Yami began to thrust, taking him hard and fast. Yugi abandoned Yami's neck to tilt his own back as he cried out in pleasure, his eyes closing in bliss. Yami reached up and cupped the back of Yugi's head, bringing him down for a kiss. Yugi tasted like chocolate, and Yami loved it. He suddenly switched their positions, placing Yugi on his back on the bed. Yugi screamed as Yami increased his pace, striking his prostate with each thrust. Yugi clung to him, his nails digging into Yami's shoulders. The chocolate that remained on Yami's chest was also smeared on Yugi's chest from how close Yami had been holding him earlier, making both of them sticky with the substance.

"Yami! Yami, oh, gods!" Yugi moaned. Yami smiled and kissed him again. Gods, Yugi was so tight! It felt so good... The pleasure building in Yami's system was almost too much to bear. The bed protested their movements with loud creaks and groans, the headboard smashing against the wall as Yami increased his pace again. Yugi screamed almost continually now with the constant pounding against his prostate.

"Gods... Yugi..." Yami moaned.

"Yami! Yami, please!" Yugi was sobbing now, tears of pleasure coursing down his cheeks. Yami hissed in both pain and pleasure as Yugi's nails raked down his back, making red lines appear on his skin. Yami reached between their bodies and grasped Yugi's erection, stroking it in time with his thrusts. Yugi thrashed under him, tossing his head from side to side as he screamed again. He was so close! Just a little more! Yami hit his sweet spot dead on again, and Yugi cried out Yami's name as he came, his essence splashing his and Yami's stomach. Yami came inside him a moment later with a cry of Yugi's name. Yami stared down at him, his lips parted as he panted. Yugi was panting as well, tears still shimmering in his eyes. He reached up, kissing Yami sweetly. Yami cupped the back of his head, returning the kiss. It wasn't hard or eager, but soft and loving.

"I love you." Yugi murmured when Yami pulled away. Yami smiled and pulled out of him, laying beside him and pulling him into his arms.

"I love you as well, my little one." Yami told him, brushing his bangs away from his face. Yugi snuggled against him, smiling happily.

"We're sticky," Yugi giggled, wrinkling his nose cutely. Yami chuckled.

"I'll have to thank Marik for that chocolate syrup." Yami laughed. Yugi giggled again. All was quiet for a long time, the two just lying in each other's arms. When Yami looked down at his lover, he saw Yugi was sleeping, his breathing even and deep. Yami smiled and pressed a kiss to his forehead. Then he reached down and pulled the blanket over their bodies, so Yugi wouldn't get cold. Yami watched Yugi sleep, happy that he seemed fine, with no nightmares to plague him. There came a moment during the night that Yugi let out a little moan. Yami glanced down at him, alarmed, but he was fine. A small smile graced his lips and he snuggled closer to Yami, his sleep undisturbed. Yami sighed in relief, drifting off to sleep sometime after.

The next morning, Yami woke up to himself being the only one in the bed. He sat up with a gasp of shock. Where was Yugi! Just as he was about to leap from the bed and go looking for his hikari, the bathroom door opened and Yugi stepped out. Steam billowed like a cloud from behind him. He stopped at the bed, looking surprised to see Yami was awake.

"I thought you'd sleep more." Yugi commented.

"I thought you'd sleep more." Yami retorted. "You scared me when I woke and you weren't there." Yugi's expression became apologetic.

"Sorry. I didn't mean to." Yugi said, climbing onto the bed. Once again all the boy was wearing was a white towel. Yami reached out, brushing his bangs away from his face as he searched his little one's face.

"Are you alright? No dreams last night?" Yami asked. Yugi smiled.

"Oh, I had a dream last night." Yugi said. Before Yami could become alarmed, Yugi got up on his knees so he was momentarily taller than his lover. He cupped Yami's face, leaning down and giving him a kiss.

"I dreamt about you," Yugi said when he pulled away, nuzzling their noses together as he let out a giggle. Yami smiled as he relaxed, visibly relieved.

"About me huh,? And what occurred in this dream of yours?" Yami asked.

"You protected me, like you always do. Chased away my bad dreams and showed me how much you love me." Yugi said softly. Yami grabbed Yugi around the waist, rolling them so he was now on top of his little one.

"And how did I do that?" Yami asked, his crimson irises darkening.

"You loved me, in every way I could be loved." Yugi murmured, reaching up to lightly touch Yami's face. Yami leaned down, brushing his lips over Yugi's and heading down further to nuzzle his neck. Yugi arched with a gasp of pleasure as Yami bit into his neck, beginning to drink his blood as his hands trailed down his sides, enticing a shiver from Yugi. It always felt so wonderful when Yami would feed from him, and Yugi realized this was the first time he had done so since he'd been put into the hospital. Yami took his fill and pulled away, licking his lips.

"I'd almost forgotten how good you taste." Yami murmured. Yugi smiled.

"I love you." Yugi stated softly.

"I love you more, my Yugi, my Aibou, my Hikari, my everything." Yami replied.

"We're going to be alright." Yugi said. Yami smiled tenderly at him.

"Yes, we are." Yami leaned in for another kiss.

"YAMI! YUGI! GET YOUR LAZY ASSES OUT OF BED!" Yami stopped, his lips only an inch from Yugi's. He glared angrily at the door where Malik's voice had just sounded.

"Malik! It's rude to yell like that!" Ryou's voice sounded next. There was a sudden banging on the door, and Yugi feared the door would fly off the hinges from the force of the pounding.


"AND HOW IS THAT MY FUCKING PROBLEM!" Yami retorted, jumping off the bed and stalking towards the door. Yugi gasped; Yami was going to open the door in the buff! Yugi leapt from the bed, hanging onto his own towel. He grabbed a robe lying on the floor and rushed to his lover, forcing him to put it on before he opened the door. Yami opened the door roughly and was instantly met with Bakura and now Marik, who had come out to see what the commotion was about. As the three vampires began to argue, Yugi stood behind them and smiled, shaking his head as he began to laugh.

They were going to be alright.

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