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A rolling cloud of desert dust kicked up as two riders approached the palace at a high rate of speed. The guards glanced at each other, shifting beneath the heat of the sun as they watched the visitors entrance onto the grounds. Mere feet before them one of the horses was brought to a halt, throwing its head back with a loud whinny.

The person on it's back pulled on the reins gently, giving an appreciative pat to the animal's neck as he slid gracefully to the ground. Immediately he turned, heading back to a second horse behind him, one that appeared to be carrying a far smaller, daintier passenger. He held out his hand, allowing her to take it, helping her down from the beast's back.

Tiny, golden slippered feet hit the dirt, and she glanced up at the immense palace before her, azure eyes widening in delight as a smile crossed the classical beauty of her features. If one were to judge on looks alone her hand would be well sought after.

"Oh Duke, it's beautiful!" She gushed to the raven-haired man that still clasped her hand. He released her a moment later, as twoof the high guards descended the palace steps to greet them.

"Welcome to Khemet." One of them spoke out as they both bowed low before the visitors.

"Thank you." Duke replied with a grin. "This is Princess Anzu of Nubia, and my name is Duke, head of the Nubian guard. We've come to seek audience with Pharaoh Atemu."

Both guards noddedin understanding. Royalty. No more needed to be said.

"Yes, we've been expecting you." The other guard mentioned. "We'll call someone to see to your horses. Please, follow us."

Anzu,with Duke trailing dutifully after her, followed the guards into the palace, where they were taken to a massive chamber, with a huge golden throne set at the head of the room on a wide, raised dais. Anzu continued to starelustfully, her admiring gaze flitting from the giganticmarble pillars that stood guard around the room to the intricately patterned gold and red satin curtains draped lavishly around the windows. The room was more beautiful than she could have ever imagined.

The guards came to a halt just inside of the chamberand bowed once again. "Someone will be here shortly to see to you." The second guard told them. Duke nodded and the two guardsleft the room, leaving them to their own devices. Anzu squealed and clasped her hands together excitedly.

"What a beautiful place! It's even prettier on the inside!" Anzu exclaimed.

Duke gave a long suffering sigh."Don't get carried away, Princess."

Anzu turned to him, a pout on her cherry red lips. "Am I not allowed to look?" She queried,batting her eyelashes coyly.

"Of course you are Princess." Duke replied, giving her an exhausted smile.

Anzu giggled and continued her examinationof the chamber, finding even more to her liking in the ornate pottery that was showcased on various tables scattered about the walls. A few minutes later, the giant doors behind them opened, startling the princess out of herinvestigation, and a small, older man walked into the room at a sedate pace. A plain colored veil covered his face, showing nothing of his face but a pair of plum colored eyes. With his hands clasped behind his back, hemade his waytowards them.

"Good evening Princess, my name is Siamun, Head Advisor to the Pharaoh. I trust your journey went well?" The older man questioned as he stopped in front of them.

Anzu stepped forward and smiled sweetly. "Yes, our journey was pleasant, but now we are tired and are in need of food and rest. I trust you will provide this?"

The old man nodded. "We shallprovide you with such things. Your rooms have been selected, and tonight you are todine with his Highness. I am sorry he can not join you now, for he is in the middle of a meeting with the nobles at the moment, but come dinner time, his attention is all yours Princess."

Anzu nodded, keeping the smile plastered on her face. "Yes, of course. I completely understand." She replied.

"Excellent. If you would follow me, Princess, I shall show you to your rooms." With that, Siamun turned and began walking back to the door, Anzu and Duke following obediently behind him. Siamun led them down a long hallway, with tons of rooms on each side, each decorated with beautiful carvings and pictures. Anzu eyed the pieces with interest. Siamun turned down another hallway and took them down into an area where the doors and walls were decorated with lavishly scrolled designs, designating the honor of the guests. The artwork and detailing were even more beautiful down in this section.

"These shall be your quarters, Princess. Please, relax, and we'll call you to dinner shortly. Duke, if you would follow me, I'll take your to your room." Siamun motioned for Duke to follow him as Anzu flopped down on the giant bed in the center of her room, falling onto her back into its downy softness.

Duke kept his eyes on her until he'd exited the room and was unable to see her anymore. He was led only a couple rooms down from Anzu's. Siamun said goodbye to him as well and left the room. Duke sat down on his bed, looking around. Even he had to marvel at the beauty of the room he was given. The bed could easily hold four to five people, and the room itself was decorated with dozens of gold idols of the Egyptian gods. Each one was, Duke assumed, worth a small fortune.

Duke rose from the bed then and left the room, heading back down to Anzu's room. He knocked on the door, hearing her call to come in, and he opened the door. Anzu was brushing her hair, and she set the brush down on the vanity in front of her, looking his way. A smile lit her face when she saw him, and his stomach clenched. She was beautiful, but there was no way he could have her. She was a princess, and he was a sorcerer whose job it was to guard and protect her. Duke shoved his feelings down and bowed to her as she stood up.

"I just wanted to check on you." Duke said softly. Anzu's smile widened and she tilted her head to the side.

"Well, I'm doing fine, considering you only left me five minutes ago." Anzu retorted, giggling at the blush that stole across Duke's face. He coughed and looked away, turning to go back to the door.

"Well then, I'll just let you rest Princess." Duke replied.

"Thank you for your concern, my dear bodyguard." Anzu told him as he left the room. Duke stole back to his own room, shutting the door behind him. He leaned against it, hoping that dinner would come soon.

Pharaoh Atemu leaned against the railing of the balcony outside his room, watching Ra disappear from the sky. Siamun had told him earlier of Princess Anzu's arrival, and now Atemu was awaiting dinner so he could meet the sighed and leaned away from the balcony, closing his eyes as a gust of wind ruffled his hair before it died down. It was a cool night tonight. Siamun had said something about walking the princess around the gardens as they discussed the peace treaty that they would sign to bring a calm to both their countries.

Turning his back on the magnificent sunset Atemu walked back into his room, crossing the floor swiftly to sit on his bed amidst the soft red and gold blankets adorning said bed, his purple colored cape lightly brushing his legs as it curled around him. He closed his eyes, letting his thoughts take him away for the moment as he tried to think of ways he could convince the princess to sign this treaty. He hoped it wouldn't come down to having to marry her, as Siamun had hinted at more then once even before her arrival.

Marriage was something Atemu had no interest in, at least not with someone he had not known very long and hadn't even met. He wouldn't even consider the possibility of joining their countries that way unless he'd met her, talked with her, and seen for himself that she was a decent person. Atemu had standards, and he wouldn't wed just anyone.

"A lot on your mind?" A soft feminine voice broke through his thoughts, startling him. His eyes snapped open to connect with a pair of forest green eyes.

"Mana!" Atemu leaned backwards a bit, since the girl was directly in his face. Mana blinked and leaned back as well, settling on her knees.

"You looked deep in thought. What's on your mind?" Mana asked. Atemu sighed and looked away, glancing down at the bed.

"I'm thinking about the coming meeting with the princess. This is very important for both our countries, but I'm hoping that signing a peace treaty will be all that is required. Siamun however, keeps hinting at something more." Atemu responded. Mana's eyes widened and her mouth formed an o shape.

"Ah, he wants you to marry her?" Mana tapped her chin with the tip of one bronzed finger. Atemu nodded.

"Ah, don't worry about that. Siamun probably would think that was the only way to keep the peace, but perhaps the princess wouldn't want a union anymore then you would? Then you wouldn't have to worry about a marriage you didn't want." Mana chirped. Atemu smiled at her.

"Thank you Mana. One can only hope." Atemu told her. Mana grinned.

"Anytime! After all, what are childhood best friends for?" Atemu chuckled as Mana hugged him, breaking away quickly as a knock sounded on the door. Atemu frowned, and called for whomever it was to enter.

"My Pharaoh, dinner is ready. Princess Anzu and her guard await you in the dining hall." One of Atemu's priests, Mahado, bowed as he announced this news to his Pharaoh. Atemu nodded.

"I will be there shortly." Atemu then glanced down to Mana. "You better run along now Mana."

"Promise to tell me how dinner goes?" The brunette asked. Atemu nodded.

"Yes. Go on." Mana clambered off the bed and soon disappeared along with her master Mahado. Atemu sighed before rising from the bed and leaving the room, heading down the halls until he reached the dining hall. A guard standing beside the door bowed to him and opened the door for him. Atemu gave him a nod and walked into the dining hall, his ruby eyes searching out the princess. He found her on the right side of his chair, in the seat of a guest of honor, her guard seated beside her. Atemu strode towards his own chair as the princess raised her head and their eyes connected.

Anzu was taken aback as those fiery red eyes connected with her own azure eyes. The Pharaoh was very handsome, and very elegant as he walked towards her, his cape swirling around him. He was not much taller then she was, and there was a slight build to his frame. Anzu could not stop the blush that stained her cheeks as he looked her over. When he reached them, he took a seat and then extended his hand to her.

"Princess Anzu, I presume? I am Pharaoh Atemu. I trust your stay here has been pleasant so far?" Anzu's blush deepened when she took his hand and it closed over hers so warmly. His voice was deep and sensual, sending shivers down her spine. She nodded eagerly.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Great Pharaoh. My stay here has been very pleasant, and I have received such kind treatment. I and my guard thank you kindly for your generous hospitality." Anzu replied. Atemu released her hand, much to her disappointment, and nodded.

"It's good to hear that. I hope you continue to enjoy your stay." Atemu told her. Anzu smiled sweetly and fluttered her lashes.

"I'm sure I will." She replied, trying to sound seductive. Atemu inwardly shuddered. He had caught that look in her eyes the moment their eyes had connected, and he hadn't missed the rosy flush on her cheeks either. The princess wanted him, and he doubted she would hide the fact.

Servants came out from other doors in the dining hall then, and served them dinner. He kept up polite conversation with the princess the entire time, missing the occasional glances Duke sent his way. Fury was slowing burning in Duke's emerald green eyes as he watched Anzu shamelessly flirt with the Pharaoh. It was clear she was taken with him now, and the thought hurt Duke more then anything else. He wanted to be the one to make Anzu's eyes light up with desire like that. He ate in silence, not willing to contribute to the talk at all.

Servants came at the end of the meal to clear their places and take the dirty dishes away. Atemu was grateful the meal had ended, for the talk had just turned to personal questions. Atemu rose from his chair, ready to bid the princess a goodnight, but then he remembered Siamun's request to take the princess for a walk. Atemu inwardly cringed, but he knew he had to, for the good of the kingdom.

"Princess Anzu, might you want to join me for a walk in the gardens, to further discuss the treaty between our countries?" Atemu asked her, making his intentions perfectly clear. Anzu nodded, simply happy to have this alone time with him. She turned to Duke and smiled sweetly at her guard.

"You may retire to your chambers Duke. I will not be in need of your services while with the Pharaoh." Anzu told him. Duke's eyes widened.

"But Princess! I, as your guard, am to remain by your side always!" Duke protested. Anzu gave him a sour look and turned her nose up.

"Are you suggesting our kind host's guards are insufficient to protect me?" She turned to Atemu and flashed him a smile. "I'm very sorry for my guard's harsh words. He will retire to his chambers now." With her last words, Anzu shot Duke a glare. Duke threw his napkin on the table and shot to his feet, giving her a hasty bow.

"As you wish Princess." Duke snapped before stalking from the dining hall. Anzu turned back to Atemu and rose from her chair, giving him the sweetest smile that she could muster.

"Shall we, Great Pharaoh?" Atemu nodded, and the two of them walked from the dining hall. Atemu led her to the gardens, and Anzu let out a squeal of joy. It was very beautiful, with plants and flowers blooming in the moonlight, and a water fountain in the center. The moonlight made the water sparkle, resembling the stars to her. She looked up at the night sky, admiring the way the stars looked. Atemu sat on a bench, watching her awe over the garden. She leaned down and gently touched the petals of a flower, then rose and gushed to him about how beautiful the flowers were.

"Thank you Princess. I'm pleased you like the garden." Atemu replied.

"It's simply gorgeous, as is everything else about your palace." Anzu told him, whirling around and meeting his gaze. Atemu looked away, making her frown.

"Thank you." He said simply. His gaze then flickered back to hers as she approached his bench and sat down beside him. "I also thank you for accepting my invitation to come here. I hope we may be able to come to an agreement between our countries and have peace." Anzu smiled and looked down at the ground, softly kicking one foot in the dirt.

"I hope so as well. It'd be a shame to have to go to war with such a kind man such as yourself." Anzu murmured.

"I feel the same way Princess." Atemu looked towards the night sky, watching the stars twinkle. Anzu suddenly yawned, lifting her arms above her head.

"I'm so tired. The journey must have worn me out more then I thought. Perhaps we could continue this talk tomorrow?" Anzu suggested. Atemu inwardly frowned, hoping to have had this resolved already, but he should have known better then to think peace relations would go so easy. Atemu nodded.

"Of course. We'll resume this talk tomorrow when Ra resumes his place in the sky." Atemu agreed. He rose to his feet and offered Anzu his hand. "I shall walk you to your room Princess." Anzu smiled, her eyes twinkling, and nodded. She reached out her hand to take his and allowed him to help her to her feet. They walked in silence back to her room, and all the while she kept sneaking glances at him. When they arrived at her room, Atemu gave her a small wave.

"Goodnight, Great Pharaoh." Anzu bowed a little. Atemu gave her a nod.

"Goodnight to you as well Princess. Sleep well." With that, Atemu turned, his cape flutteringbehind him, and he began to head back to his own room. Anzu shut her door and leaned back against it, smiling. Atemu was such a handsome and kind man, one she wouldn't mind ruling beside. Shepractically skipped to her bed, flushing red as she flopped backwards across it, thinking of Atemu laying over her, desire and passion in his bright crimson eyes.

Oh what a wonderful lover he had to be! Surely a woman would be well pleased in his bed! Anzu giggled, kicking her feet in elation. She simply had to have him! Anzu grinned, already thinking of ways to turn this peace treaty idea into something that would work for her. She knew full well that sometimes princesses were married off to kings and such to keep the peace. Perhaps this was how she could secure him. After all, they had to agree to the terms of peace together, and if she wanted a marriage to seal the deal, there was naught the Pharaoh could do but accept, or she could bring the wrath of her country down on him if he dared refuse.

"Hee hee, Pharaoh Atemu will be mine before the week is over!" Anzu chirped.