Akira - Japanese for Intelligent

Manu - Egyptian for Born Second

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(Four years later)

Yugi and Atemu hurried down the halls of the palace. Oh it was today! Yugi's purple robes billowed out behind him as his fast walk turned into a jog, Atemu quickening his own pace to keep up with his husband, the servants announcement still ringing in their ears, over and over again. Tea was in labor! They both had wished to be there for this, just like they had been there when Tea and Duke's first child, Akira, had been born. Rethinking back to when Akira had been born caused Yugi to think back towards the beginning of their time in Khemet.

A lot had happened in the four years since Yugi, Solomon, and Tea had been taken back into Ancient Khemet. The major things being Tea and Duke's wedding. Yugi and Atemu had known it was only a matter of time before the two of them married, and what a wedding it was. It was something similar to his and Atemu's own wedding, except a lot more lavish, per Tea's wishes. If there was one thing she had always wanted, it was a big wedding. She had also invited a lot of the palace folk that she had befriended to the ceremony, and they were all too happy to come. She won them over easily with her charming smile and outgoing personality. She may have looked like the treacherous princess Anzu, but their personalities could not have been more different, and the people who resided in the palace were quick to learn this.

Yugi honestly could not have been happier for his friend. Tea had also gotten her own happily ever after, and she had the wedding ring and an adoring husband to prove it. And adoring was the right word, for Duke truly did adore his wife, and he lavished her with affection, praise, and love. Tea had become a dancer for the palace for a while, both before and after her wedding, but she wound up having to stop for a while when she found out she was pregnant. She and Duke were simply overjoyed with the news that soon there would be a little one running around the palace. Yugi and Atemu were happy for them, and they made sure the happy couple didn't want for anything.

Nine months later, baby Akira was born, a beautiful baby girl with black hair and bright blue eyes. Her skin tone was pale, like her mother's, but during her two years of life, it had darkened a tad from the hot sun. Tea's own skin had darkened from time in the sun, and she now had a lovely brown tone to her skin. Yugi was slightly jealous of that, for no matter how long he stayed in the sun, he never darkened. He could turn the color of a lobster, but he could never achieve that beautiful tan look. Atemu soothed him by saying he was glad of the fact, because he loved Yugi's white skin and preferred the tone to be that of the moonlight.

Yugi's thoughts were interrupted as he and Atemu arrived at Tea's room. Duke was waiting outside the closed door. Yugi figured that inside Tea and Duke's bedroom were a couple servants and midwifes. Duke was cuddling little Akira in his arms, but she only kept screaming and crying for her mother, not understanding why she was not permitted in the room. Duke looked their way as the two royals approached, and a relieved look crossed his face. Yugi could see the weariness on Duke's face, and he held his arms out for the little girl. Duke gratefully gave Akira to Yugi, who cradled her in his arms and tried to soothe her cries as she buried her head in his chest and continued to cry.

"How is she?" Atemu asked, giving a quick glance to his lover, watching Yugi attempt to calm her.

"Last they told me, she was doing fine." Duke slumped down to the floor, too tired to keep standing.

"They didn't tell us until Atemu and I were done with breakfast. How long has she been in labor?" Yugi rocked Akira gently as her screams renewed.

"Mommy!" The little girl shrieked. "Wan' my mommy!"

"Since early this morning, before Ra even touched the sky. She woke up in pain, and we sent for the midwife once we realized what was happening." Duke replied.

"How soon do you think she will give birth?" Atemu questioned, wincing as a muffled scream sounded through the door.

"Seems it could be any minute really. It's why we sent for you when we did." Duke informed them.

"What do you wish the baby to be?" Yugi asked Duke with a smile.

"I mostly wish for a healthy baby, but since we already have a daughter, I'd like a boy. If it winds up being another girl however, I won't mind." Duke answered.

"You're very lucky Duke." Yugi told him.

"Thank you." Duke told him sincerely, humbled by Yugi's words. Duke had been given more then he ever hoped to get during his time here in Khemet, and he couldn't be happier. He had become one of Atemu's most trusted mages, and he was allowed a permanent place to stay in the palace. He had then been blessed with a loving wife and now soon two beautiful children to dote over. Yes, Duke considered himself a very lucky man.

Their conversation was soon interrupted by a louder muffled scream, and their attention turned towards the door. Silence reigned then, and Yugi cast a glance at Duke, who nervously bit his bottom lip. A moment later, a loud wail erupted from Tea and Duke's room. They all shared a smile as they heard the baby start to cry for the first time. Yugi handed Akira back to her father, the little girl's eyes stuck on the door before she looked up at Duke, her tiny fists clenching in his shirt. The door opened a moment later, and a midwife peeked her head out. A brief look of surprise flitted across her face as she spied Atemu standing there before her eyes lowered to the floor.

"Uh, greetings Pharaoh, Your Majesty, Sir Duke..." The woman greeted. "The baby is a fine and healthy boy. Mistress Tea is also doing just fine." She informed them. She then stepped aside, allowing them entry to the room. Duke went in first, Atemu and Yugi following soon after. Tea was sitting on the bed under a blanket, her hair matted to her face with sweat, her blue eyes dim and tired. A smile lit her face nonetheless, as she gazed down at the precious bundle nestled in her arms. She looked up as they entered, and her smile got wider.

"Mommy!" Akira held her arms out for her mother, her own blue eyes lit with happiness.

"Hi baby!" Tea greeted her. "Hi guys! Come look! He's just the cutest little thing!" Tea cooed and nuzzled the baby in her arms. Duke knelt down beside the bed, setting Akira down beside her mother. The little girl was told not to jump on her mom and to be careful of the baby, so Akira nestled beside her mother, her eyes on the baby. Yugi and Atemu looked down at her from the other side of the bed, smiles on their faces.

"Oh Tea," Yugi gushed. "He's beautiful."

And indeed he was a beautiful baby. He had brown fuzz on top of his head, and his eyes were a deep emerald green, mirroring the color of his father's eyes. They were open and gazing around the room, taking in his surroundings. Akira rose up onto her knees, leaning over to get a better look at her little brother. "Baby!" She chirped, smiling up at her mother. "Baby!"

"Yes Akira, baby." Tea reached up and stroked her daughter's hair.

"What are you going to name him?" Yugi asked.

"Hm... I named Akira, so Duke, how about you name your son?" Tea looked to her husband with a bright smile. Duke gazed back at her, his emerald eyes shining.

"Sure. How about..." Duke thought for a moment, tapping his chin with the tip of an index finger. "Manu?"

"Manu..." Tea echoed, looking down at her baby boy. "How about it?" She asked him, giggling softly. "You like Manu?" The baby let out a soft coo before waving his little fist, and Tea laughed a little louder. "I take that to mean he likes it. Manu it is."

"Manu is a good name." Atemu told her, giving an approving smile. Duke stood and leaned over slightly, and Tea handed him baby Manu. Duke was careful to mind his head, and he stared down at his son with fatherly pride.

"He really is beautiful Tea." Duke whispered. Yugi leaned down and gave his friend a hug, smoothing some of her hair out of her face.

"You did good, Mama." Yugi kissed her forehead, and she sighed happily.

"Thank you Yugi." Her eyes shone as he pulled away, the woman glowing with pride. Atemu reached down, lacing his and Yugi's fingers together when the boy had returned to his side. Attention was turned to the baby suddenly when he scrunched his face up and let out a loud wail. Atemu chuckled and looked down at Tea.

"We'll leave you all to yourselves now, as the baby seems to want to eat." His ruby orbs were alight with happiness. "We'll come back and visit later."

"Okay." Tea took the baby back from Duke, and Yugi and his husband left the room, giving a farewell wave. They headed towards their rooms, their fingers still laced together. Their walk was a silent one, each one thinking about the events of today. As they entered their room, Yugi let go of Atemu's hand to head towards the bed while Atemu shut the door. The monarch soon joined him on the bed, and they curled up together on the sheets.

"Manu is a gorgeous baby." Yugi commented, snuggling close to Atemu's side.

"Yes he is. Tea and Duke are both very lucky." Atemu replied, softly stroking Yugi's side.

"Makes me wonder...what it would be like to have our own." Yugi murmured, so softly that Atemu almost missed the sentence. He looked down at Yugi, finding Yugi's indigo eyes trained on something in the distance, his face turning a little red. Atemu's eyes softened as he looked at him, and for a brief moment he too wondered what having their own child would be like. It wasn't something either of them could attain however, unless Atemu married again, which he absolutely refused to do, or he slept with one of his harem girls. Atemu wasn't too keen on that idea either.

"I sometimes think of it too, Little One." Atemu took Yugi's hand again, squeezing it gently as the smaller male looked up at him. "But I fear such a thing is beyond us. The only ways for me to have an heir I believe neither of us would enjoy."

"I know." Yugi whispered. "Being Akira's uncle has been a lot of fun, and now we have Manu too, but sometimes I just can't help wishing..."

"I understand Yugi. There are times I feel the same way." Atemu leaned down and pressed a tender kiss to Yugi's lips. "But I am content with our life as it is. It is enough for me to have you by my side, even if there is never a baby."

"I know the priests have been getting antsy. And I know enough history to know it's because they think you need an heir." Yugi mumbled.

"They do. It's expected for me to carry on my lineage, but none of the ways offered to me appeal."

"It's okay. I'm perfectly content how we are too." Yugi snuggled close to Atemu again.

"Is that how you truly feel? You can tell me the truth Yugi." Atemu murmured, lifting his other hand higher to rake through Yugi's hair.

"I do want a baby, but I don't want it to be the result of you having to sleep with or marry anyone else. That wouldn't make either of us happy, so it's fine. I don't mind staying how we are." Yugi answered.

"But if there was a way-"

"If there was a way, yes. But there really isn't." Yugi moved then, straddling Atemu's lap and staring into his husband's ruby orbs. "Forgive me for wanting you all to myself, but I don't like your other options."

"I don't blame you Little One. It would feel like a betrayal to you to even consider them. But I wish there was a way to give you what you and I both desire without sacrificing anything." Atemu told him honestly.

"It's okay." Yugi whispered. He wished there was a way too, but there wasn't any other choice, and he had to accept that. Both of them had to accept that. He leaned down and kissed Atemu then, cutting the conversation off. There wasn't anything more to really discuss. They had no other options, and Yugi honestly didn't want to share Atemu with anyone else, nor did Atemu wish to share Yugi. They would simply have to be content with what they had. Being in Akira and Manu's lives would have to be enough.

As Atemu flipped Yugi over, one tan hand slipping up underneath his little one's tunic, a pair of eyes blinked, their owner watching from their floating perch above their bedroom. They smiled tenderly before fading away, a thought in mind.


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