If Spartan six lived

By shaddi ghumri

Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to halo or any other games in the series. I also do not represent Bungie or Halo.

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Reach: 20:00 August, 30, 2552

Reach has begun to fall.

So here I was, alone, surrounded by elites, backed against a rock as they surrounded me. The pillar of autumn had just taken off. "Too late to change my mind" I thought to myself," looks like my only hope is to try to fend them off as long as I can.". Just as I finished that thought, an elite with an energy sword charged at me. I front flipped over him and shot him in the head with my DMR.

I picked up his energy sword and stabbed another elite as it snuck up on me. Then I flung his body into a line of five elites, knocking them off a cliff. It was then I spotted a sabre up at the docking station where the pillar of autumn had been. But it was blocked by a large group of elites. "looks like I'll have to fight my way to that sabre." I thought to myself. I picked up another energy sword off the ground and stabbed two oncoming elites. Then I pulled out my assault rifle and began to mow down the elites.