Boys Will Be Boys

By: Atomic Kokoro


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Before You Read

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Number 87: Spirit

"Hello!" Zed yelled to the back of his left hand. "Anyone in there?" He tapped the back of his hand with one finger. "I know you're in there. Why don't you reply?"

Mickey approached Zed from behind and tapped him on the shoulder. "What are you doing?" he asked.

"Duh," Zed muttered. "I'm trying to talk to Amil Gaoul. He never says anything and I wanna know his response."

"Well, he's sleeping, you moron," Mickey sighed. "All spirits sleep when they're not being called on."

Zed's eyes went wide. "Whoa. Sleeping for a week? That's nuts!"

"Hm," Mickey hummed. "Maybe a week to us is a second to them. Or something."

Zed looked back at the back of his hand and shouted louder, "Hey! Wake up! This isn't a time to be sleeping! I wanna talk to you. Hello? Hey. I'm lonely. Let's chat."

Mickey rolled his eyes.

"That's it. Out he comes." He pulled out from back of his hand Amil Gaoul and threw the ball into the sky. "Amil Gaoul!"

Suddenly, Amil Gaoul came out in a flash of white light. He glared at Zed, who stepped back, looking pale. Mickey nudged Zed and chuckled, "Well, say something. You wanted to talk to him, right?"

Zed gulped and took a step forward, taking a deep breath. Putting on his brave, unshaken voice, he called, "Amil Gaoul! ...uh, hi."

Amil Gaoul stared back for a moment when he muttered, "I'm sleeping."

Zed ignored this comment (Mickey released Slugna from his Shard Caster's Mark) and continued on. "So. What do you like to do?"

"I'm sleeping."

"C'mon. You gotta to like something better than that!" Amil Gaoul was quiet for a minute. "What do you say we go fishing?"

Amil Gaoul frowned. "I'm sleeping."

Slugna, whom Mickey was trying to get to speak, looked over at Amil Gaoul. "Young Shard Casters never learn, do they?"

Amil Gaoul shook his head in agreement. "And here I was thinking I made a good choice."

Zed stomped his foot. "What does that mean?" he demanded.

"I'm sleeping," the spirits said in unison before returning back into the ball form and disappearing back into the Shard Caster's Mark of each boy.

"I was gonna give you my bread!" Mickey pleaded as Slugna disappeared.

Zed sighed. "I guess they don't make for good conversation."

Mickey shrugged. "Spirits will be spirits. How about we go fishing?"


However, deep inside the Shard Caster's Mark where the spirits could communicate, Slugna whined, "But I wanted his bread!"

Amil Gaoul growled. "No."

After Notes

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