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I have, yet again, started another WIP. BUT THIS ONE I WILL FINISH. I've kept it secret for awhile but secrets aren't fun without friends to share them with now are they?
This is an Angeal/Zack one. AGAIN. But it has Sephiroth/Genesis, Reno/Everyone basically... anything else I see fit AND OOCs~ YAY. 3
This is different because it's setting is AU. Medieval age. Kings and queens and whatnot.

And a game! Whoever can guess the song lyrics the titles of the chapter are gets something special~ (I'll probably won't give you anything but a HUG AND SMUT)
Hint. It's from an anime.

So without any further rumbling, I give you Starless Night~

I Reached Into The Sky

"As you know, my good friend, Sephiroth will be visiting." The prince softly softly spoke, closing his book. "However, I am worried, so I'll leave it to you to guide him through the countryside. Hojo and the damn ShinRa are terrible at giving him guards…"
"Permission to speak freely my Lord?" The Captain of the Guard asked, uncrossing his arms and moving from his resting place against the wall.
"Angeal. We are the only two here, we've been best friends since birth, we grew up together and you're my fondest Knight. Of course, you fool! What have I told you about this silly authority business! I don't care if it goes against some kind of code or whatever! When alone, drop the servant act, okay?"

Angeal chuckled and smiled at the fuming prince, ranting on and on about nothing really. "Forgive me, Genesis. It is a habit."
"A bad one, if you ask me."
"I didn't ask you."
"Oh! So you'll drop the lord stuff to insult me! I see how it is." He smiled and took a seat.

The two had grown up together as friends. Angeal's father was a loyal knight who served under Genesis' father, the late King, in the war against Wutai. He become a hero in the eyes of the people.
The King adored the Knight, keepi ng him close as protection from those who wished him dead. When the Knight got word from his wife that she was with a child, the King was overjoyed. His son would have a honorable Knight's son to play with.
When Angeal was born, shortly after his four birthday, his father died in battle. The King wanted to show kindness and let the two live in farm, paid off by the King himself.
At first, Angeal and Genesis did not get along. Genesis was older than Angeal by two years but acted much younger than his age. The two fought as children but when they reached their teen years, they grew close.

When Genesis' father died, shortly after naming him prince, Angeal was the first Genesis chose to be in his little circle.
The tragedy did not end. His mother died the following winter with graving news. Genesis would not tell his friend what his mother had said, only told him that he had two years to become King.

Genesis crossed his legs and tilted his head at the stoic knight.
"I just think you're worried about him because you fancy him too much." Angeal smirked. "Sephiroth can take care of himself, you know. He's not a child anymore."
"Angeal, there is never "too much". There is "not much" or "almost enough". Never too much."
"I see. Forgive me for my rudeness. You know I love Seph as much as you do."
"So sweet, Angie."
The Knight smiled at the endearing nickname. "When did you last hear from him?" He crossed his arms over his muscular chest, going into clear-headed mode.
Angeal didn't mind that his Lord, and best friend, fancied men more than women. He didn't mind because Sephiroth treated him kindly and made him happy. That's all that mattered.

The silver haired demon, as most called him, came from the empire of Midgar. He had been to Banora to get away from the stresses of nobility. His father was a powerful noble at the King's side. The King's son was too young to take the throne just yet, so Sephiroth was trained to be King if the king died before his son is of age.

How Sephiroth and Genesis met was unknown to Angeal but they were happy, so why question it.

"Oh," Genesis simply replied. "a little ways outside of Midgar. So they should be near Banora in at least two days."
"I live in the afternoon then."
"What about your transferee? Or have you forgotten?"
"Transfer… oh… right." Angeal sighed and covered his face with a hand. "The kid knight that they sent from Gongaga…"
"I'm told he's the best. I only pick the best for my court. I want him to train under you." He smirked at the last part and Angeal pretended not to notice the sexual innuendo.
"Genesis, that's insane. I can't…"
"Yes, you can, dearest. I've personally seen what this kid can do. He'll love you and you'll love that determination in his eyes and your pride will swell almost as big as my ego." The prince laughed as he stood.
"Funny." Angeal made his way over to his highness and let the Prince hug him good bye. He hugged back, not usually up for hugs but Genesis looked like he needed this more than he did.
"Please be careful." Genesis warned, squeezing tighter. "I don't know what I'd do without you two."
"You'd be King."
"Not without you two." His grip tighten again. "Promise to be careful."
"I will. Until then."
"Until then."

It was early evening by the time the tired figure of a knight approached the castle gates. After an hour of arguing and showing documents, the figure was allowed in but once in, the knight almost fell to the ground, suddenly exhausted.
Luckily, he was caught by another person.
"Whoa there! You okay?" The teenager looked to the person who stood him up. A knight, he noticed.
"Yeah, yeah. I'm okay." He spoke quickly, cursing himself for being tired.
"Yeah, I'm from Gongaga."
"Oh! So you're the knight transfer! Hey there. I'm Kunsel, and you?"
"Zack." He shook his hand and felt another wave of dizziness.
"You didn't… WALK all the way here, did you?" Zack grunted. Of course he had.
"I'm fine, really." He closed his eyes for a moment and started to panic when couldn't see anything but… black… heard his name being called…

When he woke up, he noticed he was in a bed. At first he thought it was a dream. That he had just had a nightmare and he was still at home back on the farm in Gongaga.
He looked around.
Definitely not his room. It was too clean.
Zack looked beside him to see the knight, Kunsel. He was with someone, who was sitting in the chair closest to the bed. He had red hair, blue eyes… he looked important. Who was he?
"I see you're awake. That's good. I'm glad. Allow me to introduce myself, I am Genesis, prince of Banora. Kunsel told me you passed out from exhaustion."
"Yeah… I'm sorry, sir. I mean, lord… ah."
"It's quite alright." Genesis gave a soft smile. He turned towards the boy beside him. "Kunsel. I want you to stay with the boy until Angeal gets back. He'll be upset if he is not well by the time he returns."
"Yes, your Highness." Kunsel bowed slightly and stepped aside as Genesis took his leave.
He sat in the chair the prince had been in and leaned a little close. "Hey, how are you?"
"I'm okay. Was that really the prince?"
"He knows who I am?" Zack was shocked. To have someone important know what his name was… it was… just mind blowing.
"Well, DUH. I mean, you're the transfer the Captain offered to mentor! You're pretty much famous."
"Captain… Angeal Hewley, right?"
"The one and only."
"Where is he?" Zack sat up with a bit of effort. He blushed then, worrying that his new mentor would be disappointed that he fainted.
"He's gone." Kunsel sat back in the chair. "Traveled out at like… mid-afternoon to help escort Lord Sephiroth."
"The Sephiroth? Of Midgar?"
"The very one."
"Wow… what an honor." Zack was pleased to have such a noble teacher. "Hey, what's he like?"
"No, Angeal. Sephiroth's cool but he's not the one who's gonna be teaching me."
"Well, he's… He's really serious about training but you can tell he cares about us as human beings. He's stoic to a fault, talks about honor, pride, and dreams a lot. And by talk, I mean, he lectures about it. A lot."
Zack laughed as listened to Kunsel do an impression of the Captain giving an speech. Angeal sounded amazing! "Do you know when he'll be back?"
"Afraid not." Zack hung his head in disappointment. "But! But! I know he'll won't be gone for long! It's only a three day trip because they're meeting half way."
Zack gave a weak smile. "Right."
"Now, get some rest! We have training and patrol tomorrow." Kunsel grinned. "I'll be outside if you need me." He left the ravenette in the small room, blowing out the candle.

The youth laid down in the dark and tried to get some rest.
He kept wondering what his mentor looked like, sound like…
He fell asleep dreaming of possibilities.