This is set in 2011ish so its more modern compared to the tv show. Also I know Jenifer Lawrence is Katniss but this is fiction so deal…

Anna Mackenzie just moved into her new house in Neptune California, in the zip code 90909. She already felt like she belonged here it was beautiful in Neptune and she was excited to start school at Neptune High on Monday.

When Anna woke up Sunday morning she put her hair up in a messy bun and walked down stairs. "Anna!" Her father called from his office "Can you go get the paper please?"

"Yeah!" She called back.

Logan walked out of his house and down the driveway to get his paper, prepared to fight off the nosey paparazzi or the annoying tourists. When he reached the gate he saw quite a few people outside. "Back up people." He said opening his gate.

"We aren't here for you this morning." One guy said.

"Here she comes!" Another guy yelled. Anna opened her gate and she was swarmed with people.

"Anna! How do you respond to the rumors that you are hiding out in Neptune because of a scandal with your costar?"

"What?" Anna said overwhelmed by all the people. Logan pushed his way through the crowd.

"Get away from her!" He said pushing the gate closed behind him as people still yelled out questions.

"Thanks." Anna told him when they reached her front steps.

"No problem. I'm used to them. They're crazy huh?"

"Definitely. Do you want to come in? We're about to eat breakfast. I'm sure my parents won't mind."

"Sure." Logan and Anna walked inside and into the kitchen.

"Mom, can…" She turned to Logan "I didn't get your name…"

"Logan, Logan Echolls."

"Can Logan stay for breakfast? He lives across the street and helped me with the paparazzi."

"Get out another place setting." Anna's mom, Diana, told her.

"Can't we just eat in the living room?" Anna asked.

"Fine." Diana said scowling.

Anna got out the plates and Diana gave them some scrambled eggs and bacon. Logan and Anna walked into the living room and sat on the couch.

"I don't know what her problem is. She used to be cool but ever since my dad said he was taking a job here she started to act like a bitch..." Anna said. Logan laughed.

"Well I don't really know anyone who would be thrilled if some guy showed up at their house in his pajamas for breakfast." Logan said. He paused for a second. "You know, I told you my name but I don't know yours."

"Anna Mackenzie."

"Is your dad Steve Mackenzie?"


"I heard Mr. Kane talking about him coming to work at Kane Enterprises."

"You know the Kanes?"

"Yeah I go to school with Duncan and Lilly at Neptune High." Logan said.

"I guess we'll be going to school together then. Hey, do you think you could give me a ride? My car didn't make it here safely so I won't be able to drive for a while."

"Yeah, sure" He took a bite of his eggs. "These are really good. My mom is on this health kick and our eggs have no salt and are just the egg whites."

Anna made a face ,"Ew."

"Yeah. I'm surprised you got the paparazzi's full attack I didn't think the business people got hounded by them, Duncan's never complained about it. My dad is Aaron Echolls and we're always dealing with paparazzi and real Hollywood tours." Logan said.

"Yeah, but they aren't after my dad for his brains. It's me, I'm the actress. You know that big summer blockbuster, Hunger Games…."

"Oh I never saw it. I heard it was good though…"

Anna laughed. "It was good! But thank you for admitting you haven't seen it. I know a lot of people that would lie to get on my good side."

"Well I'm one of those guys that are never on anyone's good side." Logan said.

Anna and Logan talked about people they knew and Logan told her all about Neptune High.

"I should probably get going but I'll see you tomorrow morning. What time do you want me to pick you up?"

"What time do you normally leave?" Anna asked.

"Around 7"

"Ok sounds good." Anna walked him out towards the door.

Monday morning Anna and Logan saw each other at the gate when they went to get their papers; fortunately the paparazzi didn't seem to come out during the week so they didn't have them to deal with.

At 6:55 Logan hit the buzzer on the gate and Anna met him at the end of the driveway. They drove to school and Anna watched outside as we drove.

"Welcome to Neptune High, the happiest place on Earth." Logan said sarcastically as they pulled into the lot.

"I thought that was Disney World." Anna said laughing.

"Ok second happiest." Logan jumped out of the xterra when they pulled into a parking space. Several guys were waiting and they started talking to him. Logan looked over his shoulder at Anna. "Find me at lunch."

"Ok." She grabbed her bag out of the back and walked towards the school hoping there would be clearly marked signs pointing to the office.

Once Anna finally got to the office and got her schedule the bell had rung and she was trying to find her homeroom which was also where her first period class was.

"Are you lost?" A blonde girl asked coming up to her.

"Yeah kinda of. I'm looking for Mr. Wells, English." Anna told her

"Oh that's my first class too, come with me. I'm Veronica Mars by the way. My dad is the Sheriff."

"Anna Mackenzie."

"Oh were you in that movie that came out over the summer?" Veronica asked

"Yeah that was me…"

"Here we are." Anna and Veronica sat their bag down at desks next to each other. Anna went and gave Mr. Wells the sheet she was supposed to get signed by all her teachers.

"We have a new student today. This is Anna Mackenzie." Mr. Wells said. A few people mumbled 'hello' "That's about the best you're going to get around here." He said. Anna smiled and sat back down. The announcements were starting.

"Hello everyone welcome to another year at Neptune High. I'm Meg Manning the junior anchor for Neptune High News. Cheerleading try outs are at 4:00 in the gym for juniors and seniors. Basketball practice is at 3:00 also in the gym. Key Club has a meeting in Mrs. Hayes's room during lunch. That's all for announcements today. Have a great year and go pirates!"

"When do you have PE?" Veronica asked.

"Um third period." Anna said checking her schedule.

"Same here. You should join Pep Squad with me and Lilly. You get the PE credit without ever having to play dodge ball."

"Sounds awesome."

After English Anna had Biology with Mrs. Dizer. When she got there she saw Logan sitting with one of the guys he had been talking to that morning. Anna gave Mrs. Dizer the sheet and then sat down at her lab table. Logan moved his stuff over to her table.

"I think I'll sit with you. You're probably smarter than Duncan." Logan said.

"That's Duncan Kane?" Anna said looking over her shoulder at him.

"Yeah. He's dating Veronica the-"

"Sheriff's daughter." Anna said finishing for him "We have English together." She clarified

"I can tell you're a big fan of hers." Logan said with a laugh.

"Eh…She's ok." Anna said with a shrug.

I walked to the gym which was pretty close to my biology class room so it wasn't hard to find. I saw Veronica and she motioned for me to join the group she was standing with.

"Lilly, this is that girl I was telling you about that's in my English class."

"Hi!" Lilly said happily. "I'm Lilly!"

"You're Duncan's sister right?" Anna asked her.

"Yep." She said. "So you're going to join pep squad right?"

"That's that plan."

"Awesome! You'll love it, especially being new and all. You get to meet lots of people, and lots of boys!" She said with a smile. Veronica rolled her eyes. "Why'd you join pep squad, Veronica?"

"Um, the PE credit. You?" Veronica said.

"Veronica, I suffer from too much pep. I needed a pep outlet. Plus, Sassy says girls who join the clubs really get the fellas."

"Cause you really need a lot of help on that front." Veronica said.

"Well, you know what my mom says. You have to kiss a few toads…That's it. That's her entire philosophy."

"All your mom says to me is 'Shouldn't you be going home?' Why does she hate me?"

"She'd hate anyone she thought Duncan might love as much as her. Friendly advice, watch her. She'll break the two of you up if she can."

"Yeah I will but I'm not here for the boys, ok?"

"Come on Ronnie! Just because you're dating Duncan doesn't mean you can't have a backup all lined up. You know I do."

"You have, like three backups Lilly." Veronica said.

"You're right, I do!" All three girls started laughing.

After pep squad Anna had Spanish as her fourth period class. All her new friends took French and so Anna didn't know anyone in this class. After Spanish it was time for lunch she walked to the commons where the tables were and she looked around. She spotted Logan, Duncan and Veronica and she walked up the stairs to them.

"Hey!" Logan said.

"Pizza?" Veronica offered pushing the box toward her.

"Or you could wait 10 minutes and share Chinese with me." Lilly said coming up behind her.

"Um Chinese sounds good. No one told me you could have food delivered." Anna said sitting down.

"You have to have Pirate Points. It's some weird thing we do but being in clubs or sports earn you points so you'll get some soon." Lilly said.


"I don't think we've officially met." Duncan said. "You did steal my bio partner though."

Anna laughed. "Hey, that wasn't my fault!"

"Logan how do you know Anna already?" Lilly asked.

"She lives across the street. I saved her from the paparazzi yesterday."

"That is so sweet!" Lilly said. Logan put his arm around her waist.

Of course, Anna thought a bit sourly, Lilly is dating Logan.

"Hey guys!" a girl that Anna remembered seeing in Pep Squad said. The girl was dressed in way too much pink for Anna's taste and it hurt her eyes.

"Hey!" Lilly said patting the seat on the other side of her.

"I don't think I know you." The girl said to Anna.

"Anna Mackenzie."

"Oh my gosh! The Anna Mackenzie? Like of the Hunger Games?"


"That's so cool! Madison Sinclair." She said giving her hair a flip with a pink manicured hand. This girl obviously thought very highly of herself...

"Ooh the Chinese is here!" Lilly said grabbing the bag of food from the delivery guy. She dumped the food on to three different plates and handed one to Madison and one to Anna. There seemed to be a new tension in there air.

After lunch Anna had History and Geometry both of which she had with Lilly and Duncan. She said bye to Lilly after Geometry and went to meet Logan at the car.

"I was wondering when you would turn up." Logan said. He was leaning against the car.

"Sorry I was talking to Lilly. We didn't even realize the bell had rung in math, when everyone left we kinda figured it out…"

Logan laughed. "Sounds like Lilly." Anna and Logan got into the car.

"So you and Lilly are dating?" Anna asked nonchalantly.

"Yeah, on and off."

"Cool." There was a pause.

"You want to study for that bio quiz we have tomorrow." He asked.

"Yeah. I can't believe we have a quiz already and we've only been back for a day." Anna said.

"I know." When they pulled up to the gate Logan let Anna out "I'm going to go park my car and tell my mom where I'm going. I'll be over in a second." Anna walked inside and went up to the dance studio. Her parents surprised her with having the second guest room converted into a dance studio for her whe they moved in. Anna had turned one section of the room that was set back from the rest into a study corner, complete with bean bags and fluffy rugs.

Logan rang the door bell and Anna ran downstairs to get him. She led him up to the studio and opened the door. "You have a dance studio in your house?"

"Yup. Come on I've got a study corner over here." They had only been studying for 10 minutes when there was a knock on the studio door.

"Anna, you have another guest." Diana called to her daughter.

"I do?" Anna said. Diana opened the door and Duncan walked in.

"Hey. Um I was going over to Logan's to study for the bio quiz but Len told me he was here. Is it ok if I study with you guys?"

"Yeah come on." Anna said motioning him over. "Thanks mom!" She said and Diana left.

"You have a dance studio in you house?" Duncan asked.

"That's what I said!" Logan laughed.

"Ok guys we have to study this stuff. Because somebody was talking to me during the lecture and I didn't hear anything." Anna said looking pointedly at Logan.

Anna, Logan and Duncan spent the rest of the afternoon studying and talking about their friends. Anna was pretty confident that this year was going to go just great.