"Do you mind if we cut first block?" Logan asked.

"Um kinda, I mean Carrie will wonder and Duncan…" Anna said.

"I'll get you back before bio. We need to talk."

Anna sighed. "Ok fine."

Logan drove down to the beach and pulled off. Anna got out of the car and wondered down to the water kicking her shoes off on the way. This was where her dream took place. Logan stood next to her and they let the water wash over their feet.

"I'm tired of this. I don't want us to act like strangers for the rest of our lives."

Anna looked Logan in the eyes. "I don't want that either. But Logan, I'm-"

"Don't say it. You know your eyes give you away every time. There's not much you can hide from me."

"Alright, what do you want me to say? That I'm not ok? I'm not. Happy?"

He but his hand on her arm and she didn't try to move this time. "I know that I lost you but we have to talk before you cut me out of your life completely."

"Logan, I don't want to talk about this again."

"No, hear me out. I just want you to know that you're not alone." He hugged her and she wrapped her arms around him she couldn't help but to cry. She hadn't cried in such a long time and the tears fell freely now.


After that Anna and Logan went back to how they were back when they had first met. Anna was still with Duncan and Logan was more like her best friend and so far it was working out fine, she had even been able to become more Anna and lose some of that fake Lily exterior.

"Do you two want to come swimming after school?" Anna asked Duncan and Logan in bio.

"I would but I've got a paper due tomorrow, don't you have Mr. Wells too? We can work on it together if you want," Duncan said.

"I am so tired of doing homework! If you change your mind you should come. What about you Logan?"

"Yeah sure," he said.



That afternoon she was lying out on her beach recliner getting a nice tan. It was insanely warm for spring, even late spring, but that was California. She rolled over on her stomach to tan her back when Logan came in through the gate. "Hey, um your mom's home."

Anna groaned. "She still hates you by the way. Still haven't figured that one out." She stood up stretched and wondered inside. Logan followed her and tried not to stare at her too much; she hadn't gotten any less beautiful. "Mom!"

"Anna Mackenzie! What have I told you about yelling in the house? Use the intercom!" Her mom yelled, over the intercom. Anna grumbled something about not being able to find her mom over the intercom.

"Where are you?" Anna asked pressing the button on the kitchen intercom.

"In the theater," her mom said seemingly pleased her daughter had finally listened to her. Anna headed down stairs, still in just a bikini, followed by Logan. Anna rounded the corner and leaned against the door frame. "Oh there you are honey," her mom said looking up. When Mrs. Mackenzie noticed Logan next to Anna her expression soured. "Oh, he's here."

"Yes, mother. He is my friend, and our neighbor. Sometimes it's polite to at least pretend like you like the neighbors," Anna said. When her mother's expression didn't waver Anna sighed. "Fine, we'll go swim at his place since you obviously have a problem with him." Anna practically jogged upstairs, grabbed her towel and headed across the street.

"You should probably know my dad is home," Logan said cautiously.

Anna shrugged. "Well I've met your mom, might as well meet your dad too."

"He can be a little much."

Anna remembered the lashes Logan had gotten after he had missed curfew the first week they'd known each other, maybe 'a little much' was putting it lightly. But Anna was full speed ahead and across the street before Logan could convince her of anything different. They walked around the back and she tossed her towel over one of the lounge chairs before swan diving into the pool. She surfaced in the middle and bobbed as she waited for Logan to follow her in. "Oh come on!"

"Watch out!" He yelled before cannon balling into the pool. Anna squealed.


"What?" He asked innocently. "You were already wet."

"Now I have chlorine in my eyes. And my towel is wet," she said motioning to the lounge chair which sure enough had been too close to the pool and gotten a heavy splashing. Logan laughed.

"We have some extras in the pool house. Now float, relax, be free." He said waving his hands and her. She did a back flip and then rolled around so she was floating on her back.

"What's the summer plan?" She asked.

"Surfing with Duncan probably," Logan said with a shrug.

"More surfing?" She groaned.

"That's pretty much all we do."

"God, you guys are boring."

"What about you miss movie star? What are your exciting summer plans?" Logan asked teasingly. Anna flipped back to her feet quickly.

"Actually I'm leaving for the summer; we were supposed to be shooting the sequel to the movie we shot last summer during the school year, but it got rescheduled due to budget issues. Once they worked out the problems I was already a few weeks into second semester. That's the whole reason I was able to go to Neptune for the year."

"So you're leaving all summer?" He asked all playfulness from earlier gone.

"Yeah, I'm behind as far as the Hollywood world is concerned. I'm on a fast track to becoming irrelevant. My manager already has several interviews lined up on all the biggest shows so that I can discuss my short lived high school career and my future plans. I've already got a Broadway gig lined up after the movie and a TV pilot filming as soon as the show opens."

"Short lived…" he processed what she was saying. "You aren't coming back to Neptune are you?"

Anna hesitated. "Dad's job will still be here and I'll visit when I can; but no, not permanently."

"God Anna, when were you going to tell everyone? School ends in a week."

"I wasn't," she whispered she lowered her head and tried not to cry. Logan stepped towards her and raised her chin up so she was looking him in the eye. "I'm sorry."

"I think I deserve to know the truth before you go. Why did you really break up with me?"

"Duncan needed someone after everything with Ronnie, and I wanted to be there for him cause he reminds me of Lily. But no matter how hard I try with you, you'll always be hers and I'll never be able to change that."

"From the moment you came into my life I wasn't hers anymore," Logan said. He closed the space in between them and kissed her. Anna wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him back. He turned so she was pushed against the pool wall. Then Anna stopped and pushed him away.

"I can't Logan. Not with Duncan still in the picture, I don't love him but I'm not doing this to him. I'm breaking up with him tomorrow that was already the plan anyways."

"Then what?" Logan asked stepping out of the pool. Anna walked up the stairs and sat on the still soaked beach chair. "Then you bounce back from your relationship magically fast to date me for a few days?"

"I don't know, Logan," Anna groaned putting her head in her hands. "I'm going to be on the other side of the country for months. Maybe when things settle down again…"

"But they won't. I know how that business works."

"Logan, I do love you. But right now there isn't any way we can make this work." She stood up and grabbed her towel to dry off but remembered it was soaked. "Um can I get-"

"Pool house," Logan said gesturing towards the little building without really looking at Anna. She went up to the building and opened the door. There was a bed in the middle and it seemed like the pool house could also double as a guest house. Anna grabbed a towel off one of the shelves and dried herself off before sitting on the edge of the bed. She looked out the window but Logan was nowhere to be found. Anna lay back on the bed and let herself cry for a few minutes before pulling herself together. She opened her eyes and saw something funny in the fan, it sort of looked like a camera, but that seemed like a weird place to hide a camera. Anna sniffed again before standing up and filing the odd camera away, along with her and Logan's relationship, for things she didn't want to think about.

Anna left the pool house and walked to the front of the house where she bumped into Aaron Echols who has just stepped out the front door. "I'm sorry," she mumbled.

"That's alright. Hey you're Logan's friend, the movie star, right?" He said and Anna nodded. Anna couldn't help but notice that he was checking her out and whished she'd kept Logan's towel instead of tossing it on the pool house floor.

"Well it was nice meeting you," she said casually side stepping around him.

"You too, come back anytime. You're always welcome here."

Anna hurried away but she could feel his eyes on her all the way out the gate. There was something weird about his voice something…what? Sinister? Evil? God, Anna you're losing it. She chastised herself. It was just her ex boyfriend's dad, nothing too scary about that right? When Anna pushed her front door closed and collapsed on the couch with a blanket she felt much better.


The next day she drove herself to school and went to her English exam. She was a few minutes early and Carrie wasn't there yet but Veronica was. Veronica glanced at Ana across the room but didn't say anything. "Hey," Anna said awkwardly.


"How's everything? I haven't talked to you in a while."

"Oh you know, terrible."

Anna glanced down. "I'm leaving Neptune; I've got a movie to film and some other stuff. I'm not coming back."

Veronica looked at her. "Oh wow, well good luck with that."

"Yeah," Anna said. Carrie came in then and sat next to her.

"Oh my gosh, you won't believe what I heard from Shelly!" Carrie said. Anna glanced across the room to Veronica but she has already turned back to her books.


After school Anna caught up with Duncan. "Hey, we need to talk."

"What's up?"

"Duncan, I'm moving back east. I've got a movie to start filming and a play I'm supposed to be starring in and a TV pilot. I don't think that I can handle a long distance relationship," Anna lied. Luckily Duncan had never been able to tell when she was lying, unlike Logan.

"So you're breaking up with me?" He asked.

Anna nodded. "Yeah, I'm sorry."

"It's ok, I get it."

"Well, have a great summer," Anna said. Duncan turned around and walked away. Anna sighed, that hadn't been too hard. There was only one more conversation she wanted to have. She drove back home and parked her car. She ran upstairs to fix her hair before going across the street to see Logan but when she opened the door she squealed because sitting in front of her was Logan.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you," Logan said. "Your mom let me in."

"It's fine. I was about to go over to see you."

"Did you break up with Duncan?"

"Yeah, I did. It wasn't that hard."

"Have you thought about what you're going to do, about us?"

"I know that I might not get to be here very often, but I love you and I don't think that I can handle knowing you might be here falling for someone else."

"I don't think I could fall for anyone else," Logan said smiling at her. "So you're saying you want to try the long distance thing?"

Anna bit her lip. "Yeah, I do."

"Not going to lie, I'll miss you trying to force me to drink sweet tea and eat those odd little lopsided biscuits-"

"You liked them don't lie!" Anna said laughing.

He smiled. "But I guess I'll live without that stuff if it means I get you in the long run." He wrapped his arms around her waist and she put her arms around his neck, their foreheads touching.

"I'm going to miss you," she said.

"You better." He kissed her and she tripped over her shoe and fell back into the bed. They both started laughing and she kissed him again quickly.

"I love you," she said.

"I love you too."

Hey everyone! This is probably the end of this story, unless I wake up one day with a new place to go with this. Thanks to everyone who's read this story, you guys are amazing!