Under the Lonely Moon

A Poem

What is this world that we wander in?

What is this great wasteland around us?

Why are we forced to endure it?

Why must we suffer the pain and agonies?

Under the Lonely Moon

We walk down this road

Illuminated by the light

Of the Lonely Moon

That shines on us from the day we're born

Until the day we die

Surrounded by crystalline trees

Yearning to reach the Lonely Moon

Only to fall back in despair

Like a dog reaching for the stars

Only to fall back to earth with nothing

This great gap that lies

Between Heaven and Earth

That we yearn to bridge

We are all born

With a desire to protect what we hold dear

Even if it means Sacrificing ourselves

And allowing our blood to flow

To satisfy the sands' thirst

For rains that come with blood

We are all born alone

We all die alone

Our lives are spent trying to escape the Loneliness

Only to find a never-ending Loneliness

That extends to the very center of our being

And drowns us in a pit of grief

What are you willing to do?

Out of desperation to escape

Would you be willing to Sacrifice everything?

Would you be like the Shark?

And swim unceasingly

Giving up rest

Would you be like the Wolf?

And hunt for a pack

Giving up identity

To escape this Loneliness

I am willing to become

Someone divided

And yet the question remains

When you Sacrifice your wholeness

For the sake of gaining companionship

Do you truly have companions?

Is the figure next to you a companion?

Or is it just your shadow?

Walking with you

On this Lonely Road

That is paved with Sacrifice

Under the Lonely Moon

You look up into the sky

You look at the Lonely Moon

The Lonely Moon looks back at you

Both understanding Loneliness

We walk alone down the Road

Under the Lonely Moon

If we force others to make Sacrifices

Then one day we will be forced to Sacrifice

There's no such thing as a world without Sacrifice

In our Loneliness and Sacrifice

We experience grief

We experience pain

We experience hope

What is at the end of the road?

Is it a different tomorrow?

Or is it a similar yesterday?

There's only one way to know

We must press forward

And bear the weight of the chains

Of Loneliness

Of Sacrifice

That is trying to weigh us down

Under the Lonely Moon

At the end of the road

I see another road begin

Hand-in-hand, we walk down this road together

Shrugging off the chains

Of Loneliness

Of Sacrifice

We no longer have to suffer Loneliness

We no longer have to Sacrifice

We can just be our true selves

Free to Laugh

Free to Cry

Free to Love

In the knowledge that

We are together

Laughing and crying

Healing in the balm of friendship

Healing in the balm of Love



No longer in pain

No longer in turmoil

Forever in peace

On this new road together

We stand together and howl

Under the Lonely Moon

A.N.: When I wrote the story "Under the Lonely Moon" it was a rather difficult time for me. However, the solace I found in my friends and writing about Starrk and Harribel helped me get through it. I only recently decided to expand the poem that heads each section in the story. I'm quite proud of "Under the Lonely Moon" and is a personal favorite of mine.

Official Song: "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" by Green Day

Remember: if you feel alone, then think about what Starrk realized as he fell to Earth: "I AM NOT ALONE, I AM NOT ALONE, I AM NOT ALONE ANYMORE". None of us are truly alone.