Junjou Cinderella

Chapter One: The Introduction

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I have been trying to think of things that would work well with Junjou Romantica and there are so many fanfictions already out there with really good ideas. I was sitting around earlier today (not really doing anything) and thought of this. I'm sorry if someone has already written something similar to this…

Once upon a time in the kingdom of Takahashi, there was a man named Usami Akihiko. He lived with his father, half-brother and their servant, Kusama Nowaki. They were a very wealthy family but they were not the friendliest people. His father, Usami Fuyuhiko, was very strict but he was outgoing at times. His half-brother, Haruhiko, hated him very deeply and treated him poorly. Lastly, the family servant, Nowaki, was very friendly and had been found on their property when he was little and was taken in to work as a servant.

Akihiko didn't like his father or his half-brother and usually shut himself up in the confinements of his large bedroom to write. Nowaki kept Akihiko company sometimes but was then ordered back to work by Fuyuhiko or Haruhiko.

Meanwhile in the Takahashi's castle, the eldest prince, Takahiro was trying to convince his younger brother, Prince Misaki, to get married and go find a kingdom to rule.

"Please Misaki, you are already of age! And you need to be married to a nice man soon or you won't get to rule a kingdom." Takahiro pleaded with the boy.

"Nii-chan! Why do I have to marry a man in the first place?" Prince Misaki asked, blushing like crazy.

"You have to! It was our parent's last wish before they…" Takahiro stopped. Their parents had died ten years ago when their horse drawn carriage was going too fast and got into a fatal accident. He sighed, "Please Misaki? He doesn't even have to be royalty! We can have a ball and you can dance with all the nice men there."

Misaki gave in, "F-Fine, but I get to choose who I like the best, not you Nii-chan."

Takahiro's face lit up, "I'll get right on the plans!" he exclaimed as he ran out of the room.

"What have I gotten myself into?" Misaki sighed as he sat down on his large bed.

A few minutes later the Prince's royal etiquette teacher came in and saw Misaki slouching on the bed.

"PRINCE TAKAHASHI! SIT UP STRAIGHT!" he shouted and threw an empty goblet at him.

Misaki obeyed and sat up straight immediately. The royal etiquette teacher was none other than the short tempered Hiroki Kamijo. He was hired by Takahiro to teach his younger brother the way a prince should act and proper manners.


"So, you're brother has told me that you are getting married." He interrupted as he got out a scroll and quill to write down the things he would need to teach the clueless prince.

"W-Well, not yet. I-I mean, there will be a ball and I have to dance with all of the guys that will be there," said Misaki nervously.

Hiroki scowled, "Well I'll have to teach you everything about a royal ball."

Misaki nodded and got to work with Hiroki.

Meanwhile at the Usami Mansion, Haruhiko and Akihiko were sitting at the dining room table waiting for their father who said he needed to speak to them both. The two half-brothers glared at each other while they waited while Nowaki simply handed them their drinks.

"I wonder what he needs to speak to us about?" Akihiko asked coldly.

"He is probably going to talk to you about taking over the family business and for you to do your part," Haruhiko replied equally as cold.

Akihiko growled and jumped up as did his brother but their father walked in with Nowaki trailing behind him with a tray.

"AKIHIKO! HARUHIKO!" he yelled as the two quickly sat down. He straighten his tie and began to talk, "Look, you two are old enough to be living on your own with a spouse. And I hear that Prince Takahashi is looking for a spouse…"

"Well I'm not interested," Akihiko said as he stood up, beginning to walk out.

"AKIHIKO! You must get married!" Fuyuhiko yelled.

Yes I'm ending this chapter here. But do not despair my pretty kitties, there will be another chapter posted soon. I've added the other two couples for your enjoyment! And trust me fellow yaoi fans: THERE WILL BE LEMONS! ;)