Junjou Cinderella

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Chapter 9: Fairy God-Aikawa

Okay, so I hope you guys have forgiven me...though I am not very worthy of your forgiveness (or comments). Oh and I hope you enjoy Chapter 9 :)

Am I dead? Akihiko thought to himself, seeing nothing but blackness. He sighed and groaned, even though he felt completely numb. I've failed you Misaki...I'm so sorry...

"Yoohoo!" A sweet sounding woman's voice called out to Akihiko.

What the hell was that? Akihiko thought to himself as the blackness started to fade to gray. He heard the voice again and things faded to white.

"YOOHOO! NOW GET THE HELL UP DAMN IT!" The now shrill woman's voice screamed.

Akihiko gasped and sat up immediately, groaning loudly in pain since every part of his body was sore. "Ugh... what happened?" He said to himself as he stood and then brushed himself off.

"I'll tell you what happened-" The woman's voice began from behind Akihiko. The man spun around and saw a woman with large wings dressed in a blue cloak. "-the trellis detached from the house and you let go like an idiot!" She finished but then saw Akihiko gawking at her.

"Butterfly...?" Akihiko gasped, not being able to take his eyes off of her giant, almost transparent wings.

"No you idiot! I'm your fairy godmother, Aikawa." She retorted, a bit annoyed with the man.

"Fairy godmother..? Wait, so why are you here?" He asked, frowning, feeling a bit skeptical about all of this.

"I came to help you of course!" Aikawa exclaimed, grinning. "Now let's get you all healed up." She smiled before mumbling something and waving her hand.

Akihiko then started to feel better. The pain subsided and he watched as the hand he had punched the door with, "Wow..." He mumbled as he stared at his healed hand.

The fairy godmother giggled and looked at the house, "You weren't that badly injured so it was easy to heal you- HEY!" She snapped as she looked back to see that Akihiko was no longer there.

Instead of waiting around for Aikawa to finish her story, Akihiko took off running towards the large castle. He ran until he got close to the castle's grounds, stopping to take time to catch his breath. Akihiko strutted up towards the castle and as soon as he got to the entrance, the two guards standing at the entrance blocked his path.

"Please allow me to go in, I am Usami Akihiko of the Usami family," he said sternly, folding his arms indignantly across his chest.

"We were commanded by King Takahiro not to let you in. Please move along." One of the guards replied, poking Akihiko in the shoulder with one of their lances.

"Damn it..." Akihiko mumbled, turning around, but then suddenly bolted towards the guards to try and get past them.

Sadly, they caught him and dragged him to the palace gate where he was escorted off of the premises by three more guards.

Akihiko swore to himself over and over again as he slumped against the wall surrounding the castle. He was stewing in his misery until something hit him on the top of the head.

"Ow!" he yelled, looking up, getting ready to strike but then saw it was Aikawa, flying above him. "You! What are you doing here?!"

"You're really going to let your nasty older brother win?!" She yelled angrily.

"I have no choice! They won't let me the hell in!" Akihiko yelled back, folding his arms like a sulky teenager.

Aikawa sighed and grabbed Akihiko by the arm, pulling him up off the ground. She flew him over the wall and started to fly towards the castle gardens.

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