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Chapter 2- Slytherin

The Sorting Hat looked into Albus Severus Potter's mind, there was no doubt about it, he had potential for Slytherin. He could be manipulative with his mother and older brother when he wasn't scared. He was scared right now though, he didn't want to be in Slytherin, he wanted Gryffindor. Harry James Potter had been right, the sorting hat would take your personal opinion into the choice, but Al just didn't have the right stuff for Gryffindor. He wouldn't succeed in there, he would always feel second best. Well, it was the Sorting Hat's job to sort, and after the second war it had sorted based on personality instead of family as well. It just hoped that Al wouldn't be too upset and fail alone. "SLYTHERIN" it shouted.

Al looked up from the stool, he hadn't been expecting that. His dad had said that the hat would let you have your own opinion. Why had he been sorted into Slytherin, he was going to be made fun of, the first Potter not in Gryffindor! James was going to tease him for a long time, and who knew what his cousins, uncles, and aunts would think. His dad had said that he didn't care which house he was in, and Al knew that he hadn't lied about that, but still...

Al had been teased for the first week of school by James, teased, pranked and annoyed. After a while he couldn't take it and cursed James' while he was being particularly annoying. After that things had gotten better, his cousins hadn't been as bad. They had been a little uncertain, but they had realized that it was still the same Al, they had even made some jokes about how they should have expected it with his name and with his own sneakiness back at home. So, life had gotten better for Al even if he missed Rose who had been sorted into Ravenclaw. When he had asked her about that later on, she had just smiled and answered "I don't need to do all the stupid brave things that Gryffindors do, I have always thought that they just made fools of themselves." Somehow, Al knew she was talking about James who made a fool of himself repeatedly but was still loved by everybody.

He had made friends, which had been one of his primary concerns. Yes, he had Rose, but she was in Ravenclaw and was a girl and his cousin. So he had been very surprised when he had talked to Scorpius who had been feeling the same way he had. Apparently Scorpius hadn't really wanted to be in Slytherin either, he had wanted to rebel a little, show that the Malfoys had changed. That they weren't Voldemort crazy anymore and all that. People were a little more wary around Scorpius and Al, so they were both glad to have found a friend.

When they had told their parents, they had reacted pretty well considering their history. It probably had to do with his mum, Scorpius had said, and Al thought that his father didn't blame Scorpius for anything. So life had been good, even if their were some Gryffindors who were jerks and rude to Scorpius and Al. James had squashed most it, but some people were still being horrible because they were Slytherins. Finally after a Gryffindor had tried to hex him because apparently, "That's all you dirty Slytherins deserve." Al had snapped. There had been a quidditch match before, and this was one of the team members whom the Slytherins team had crushed.

Al hadn't gone psycho, not by any means. He was furious though, he was tired of being bothered by these people who seemed to have nothing else to do. So he told them exactly what he felt, now that he wasn't ashamed of being in Gryffindor. "Slytherin and proud of it. Don't you dare forget that!"

The taunting had stopped, nobody was willing to go against him now that he had finally reacted. They knew his family was behind them, and all the people who had ever tried to taunt him were punished. James and Fred had gotten out all of there supplies that Fred's dad George had sent them and pranked them all. It had been amusing to see the results of their pranks, the people always ended up walking over to the Slytherin table to apologize. So, in the end Albus Severus Potter was in Slytherin and he was proud of it.