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This world can never be without conflict. No matter what may happen, the conflict inside people shall always exist. Perhaps, someday, the species of this land will uncover the secret techniques that we so carefully hid. When that happens, I can only hope that the ancient guardians will once again bury them away. That is, unless there are those even stronger than those large monsters that will save the world. This is all I can do now, hope. No more will I write, as it is my duty as priestess of the moon to go along with all the others that know of the techniques and guard them until the end. Farewell, my good friend Sora M. –Karen S.H.
P.S. –Farewell my dear son, my only regret is that I never really got to know you and never will. Farewell…

Drops of liquid made new stains on the paper, joining the older water stains. A hand released the letter to wipe away tears and push a stray piece of light pink hair out of her face. The girl had found this tattered letter in the last pages of a novel she had been reading.

A gloved hand rested on her shoulder in silent questioning and comfort. Estelle turned around to see the dark swordsman that had come in through the window of her room once again.

"I must look horrible..." the words flowed out with a slight teary giggle. Yuri shook his head and removed his hand from the princess' shoulder.

"Not at all," Yuri said, his usual teasing smile had faded. It was quite a shock to see the pink-haired princess crying as he climbed soundlessly through the window. "I hope they don't start blaming me for you crying." He added, the smile twinkling in his eyes once again. Then he looked at what Estelle was holding, a tear-stained, crumpled letter. "What's that?"

"Oh, this?" Estelle asked, forgetting that she was holding the letter. The pink-haired girl folded it up as she spoke before putting it back in its envelope. "It's a letter I found in a book I was reading. It was really sad. A mother leaving her son to protect some technique until she died."

"Sounds interesting but I'll pass." Yuri said with a dismissive wave of his hand. "Anyways, would it be too much to ask for a bit of your time, princess?" He added with a mock bow, a grin pulling at the corners of his mouth.

"Of course not!" Estelle giggled. "What do you need?"

"Just a walk." Yuri said, grinning. "However, we probably should go out the window."

"Huh? Why?"


"No, I was curious" Estelle pouted.

"The knights would be confused if I just came out of your room suddenly," Yuri explained with a sigh.

"Couldn't you just explain it to Flynn?"

"He isn't in Zaphias," Yuri said, taking Estelle's hand. "Not to mention, it's faster and more fun this way."

"O-okay," Estelle said before following Yuri out the window. Part way down she slipped, partially because of her dress, partially because she had never done this before. Anyways, she fell, only to be caught by the dark-clad man.

"I thought I told you we were climbing down, not jumping." Yuri said, smirking as he set her down on the ground.

"Not like I wanted to fall!" Estelle said though she couldn't help but giggle.

"Well, then. Let's get to that walk" Yuri said, extending his gloved hand to Estelle, who quickly took it.

The two walked through the middle quarter towards the long path down to the lower quarter. Ever since the Adephagos had been destroyed, a lot of work had gone into helping people in the lower quarter (thanks to Estelle and Flynn) but some people still looked down upon the people that inhabited the lowest reaches of the capital.

Even as she was, Estelle could see the truth in the beginning words of the letter she found. There was always conflict within people, but she would do all she could to lessen that conflict.

She glanced over at Yuri, who had been silent since they left the nobles' quarter. When they had talked before the final battle, they had understood each other's feelings. Did he want to walk just because, or was there a reason behind it? After traveling around she had returned to Zaphias to take care of some things but it hadn't been that long since she talked with him alone... had it?

"Things are really getting better her," Estelle stated, attempting to start a conversation. She had her hands pressed together slightly to calm her nerves.

"Yeah," Yuri nodded. "Even though its slow, things have started being fixed up."

"That's good," Estelle smiled. "Why did you come to the castle?"

"Just wanted to say 'Hi' since I was in the area."

"Oh. How is everyone?" Estelle asked, looking slightly depressed.

"They're good. Actually they sould be somewhere around Zaphias. Karol had something he had to attend to. Probably another job for Brave Vesperia."

"I'm glad you guys came through. At the castle they're still trying to decide how to declare an Emperor or Empress without Dein Nomos."

"So you don't need to stay here until they figure it out."

"Guess so. It is hard to get used to staying in one place after travelling all around the world. I'd like to continue our journey but it'll have to wait until after the succession is decided."

As they conversed, the middle quarter passed by then the long path to the lower quarter followed it. Now, they were by the almost dry fountain. Water systems had been made to fix the problem of the need of the precious liquid. However, the lower quarter still only had one water source that got only a small portion of the water from the systems. Whenever the water dried up, mages were sent to summon water with their new mana-using spells wherever it was needed most.

Back in her room, the princess sighed. All she had talked about with Yuri was usual gossip and catching up, nothing interesting. She had thought that they would be together at the end of their journey... no, she still believed that. Their journey wasn't over yet, she had to believe that.

For some reason, the letter had passed through her mind quite often through the rest of the day after she came back into the castle. Something about it made her feel like she was missing something important. Just what were the sealed techniques it had talked about and what made them so important that people had to die while protecting them? She pressed the thoughts to the back of her mind as she gazed out of her window at the starry sky, easily picking out the brightest star in the night sky. Hoping that the guild named after that very star would be safe, she fell asleep.

"...Okay, once again our job is to retrieve some materials from Baction." Karol finished the briefing, finally used to being the leader of a guild. "Brave Vesperia, Fall out!"

The group boarded the Fiertia while Judith informed Ba'ul on where they were going. Yuri sat in the cabin of the ship, leaning against the wall with Repede lying at his feet, Karol made sure everything was done correctly, and Raven, well, was being Raven and sitting down doing nothing.

Once by the shrine of Baction, they started to set up camp, since the trip had taken most of the day and it would be better to set out in the morning. The set up didn't take long for the experienced travelers and they were soon sleeping in their tents. Only Yuri remained awake, gazing up at the clear night sky. Why was he so on edge while usually being described as laid back? He shook his head. All calming down required usually was taking a walk, so he set out, alone, into the night to scout out the course they would take tomorrow.

The next morning, Karol woke up in his tent, yawning. He got up and walked outside, looking around for the usual face of the man who was like his older brother. No matter where he looked, he couldn't find him. Even Repede was curled up by a tree on the edge of the clearing alone. Quietly, the guild leader looked through the tents (other than Judith's, of course, having made that mistake one too many times before) yet, the dark haired swordsman was nowhere to be found.

"Yuri!" Karol called out, not keeping his voice down, since the others should be getting up soon or already awake. "YURI!" No response. A cold object was nudged against his leg and he looked down to see Repede, who pointed with his nose towards the shrine. "Thanks, Repede." Karol said, heading out towards Baction until he tripped over some object on the path.

"Ow..." he said, rubbing his ankle. The spiky haired kid looked back to see what he had tripped on and what he say made his eyes widen. There, behind him, lay the blue sheath of "The Last Fencer", Yuri's strongest sword. Yuri himself was nowhere to be found, and seeing how he always, always picked up his sheath after a battle he wasn't anywhere close.

Karol came the conclusion he had wanted to avoid; Yuri Lowell was missing.

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