Mamoru pumped in and out of her as she moaned perfectly. His muscles worked at each moment, while his butt clenched as he tried to go deeper. His finishing thrusts sent them over the age and he emptied himself into his covering, pulsing causing her to screamed out and shake with pleasure. Mamoru pulled out and rolled off of her. The girl sat up next to him and pushed her long, blonde hair over shoulder, exposing her plump breast. Mamoru rolled off his condom and tossed it in the trash-can that was nearby. She ran her hand against Mamoru's perfectly shaped chest and abs.

"Oh Mamoru, please let me stay the night. You never let me." She pouted, poking her glossy lips out, "We could have morning sex. Ever had it? It makes you feel bliss through out the day." She winked and grabbed his manhood, rubbing it softly.

"...Get out, Minako."

She let go and smacked him across the face, "You asshole! I just gave you two hours of full satisfaction. You have no right to kick me out."

He glared at her, "Satisfaction? You may be good at this game of sex, but you are no where near 'satisfaction' Now leave."

Minako gave up and ran throughout his room grabbing her clothes that were spread out. She left his penthouse in a rush, cursing his name with hatred as she called out behind her, "Go to hell, Mamoru! Don't expect me to answer you're calls!" She slammed the door close and ran away.

Mamoru sighed and shook his head. He turned his body and grabbed the application papers that were stacked on his night stand. He flipped through them. "Damn, I hate looking for new employees. And now I need to find a new secretary? Why did Natsuki have to quit? She may have been old but she is probably the only one I never slept with and she was very exquisite at doing her job. Hmm, lets see; Kyouna, a red head? She just got back from overseas. Says here she just got married. I can't have a gitty girl who's love sick." He put her application in the trash and flipped through more. "Megami? She seems crystal, but she looks plain and edgy." He flipped through some more woman but stopped when he reach a picture of a girl with very long blonde hair pulled back in a pony-tail that went down her back. She had a gorgeous face and of her body, that he could see in the thumbnail picture, was worthwhile. "Usagi Tsukino. Alright. Congratulations you've just got a new job." He said to himself.

Mamoru woke up later that day at exactly six a.m. He threw the covers off his naked body and jumped into the shower. He stood in there letting the cool droplets of water run across his athletic body. Once he was done showering he opened his shower curtain and brushed his teeth and got dressed in his business suit. He called Ito, his butler that did all his housework and drove him around. The limousine containing Ito pulled up and honked for Mamoru to get in. Once in, they sped off to Chiba Inc. where Mamoru Chiba worked.

Usagi stepped out of her small, but cozy apartment wearing a work skirt that went above her knees and to her stomach, short, high heels, and a white blouse that was tucked in. Even though her outfit was a business 'suit' it was still provocative. Usagi walked out to the busy road and held her hand out for a taxi to stop. Once one pulled over, she got in and thanked the driver and giving him her sweet innocent smile. She told him the location of Chiba Inc. and he took of driving. Two days ago, Usagi got a call from a girl named Naru Osaka. She seemed pleasant and told Usagi that she worked as a receptionist that Mr. Chiba employed and she said that he wanted to have a meeting with Ms. Tsukino as soon as possible. Usagi told her that in two days would be a good time for her to come in, since she was out of town at the time. Naru had asked Mr. Chiba if that was okay and he said it was doable. Usagi fidgeted with the ends of her skirt while she rode to the the building. The taxi pulled over and turned around to grab her money. Usagi got out of the car and made her way into the very tall building that was mostly covered in glass. Usagi walked to the front desk and the lady sitting there looked up at her.

"Hello. May I help you?" She said. The woman had a quiet and calm voice and looked around the same age as Usagi, twenty-six.

Usagi nodded. "Yes. My name is Usagi Tsukino. I am here to talk to Mr. Chiba."

"Ah, yes. My name is Ami Mizuno. I normally work upstairs as one of the secretaries, but Naru is sick today, so I am filling in. Hold on a few minutes please." Ami left for a brief moment, then returned with a woman that looked to be in her late sixties. Ami told the woman to sit at the desk and answer the phones. "Okay, sorry about that. Chizo may be old, but at least she can answer the phones correctly while I show you around." Ami gave an awkward laugh, than ushered Usagi into the elevator. "So Usagi-can I call you that?"

Usagi smiled her friendly smile, "Of course, unless I can't call you Ami."

Ami returned the smile. "You can. So tell me about yourself. What did you do before you came here?"

Jeez, this is probably the longest elevator ride I have ever been on. Usagi thought and scratched her head uncomfortably, "Uh, is this the interview? I just thought it would be more fancy, considering the building and company. I just thought it would be in an office. So I could pull out all my things."

"Oh! I am so sorry! I am not the one interviewing you. That's what Mr. Chiba does. I just wanted to get to know you better." The elevator dinged and the doors open to a big floor, consisting of many women typing on their computers. Usagi looked at all the beautiful women and felt out of place.

"Right this way, Usagi." Ami gestured to the wooden doors that were probably as big as long as Usagi's bathroom. She walked through the door, noticing a few glares and killing auras. Ami reached over and pushed a button that automatically opened the heavy doors. Usagi walked through them and entered Mr. Chiba's office.

Mamoru turned his seat around to face Usagi and his other desk. His mouth stretched into a lustful smile as he looked Usagi up and down. Usagi didn't notice his darken eyes because she was giving him the exact same look while she looked him up and down. His deep blue eyes made her melt in ecstasy, his tousled black hair with his bangs to his eyes made her want to run her fingers through his head, and his lips were perfectly drawn that called out for her own lips. Usagi shook her head, embarrassed by her sudden perverted mind, as she thought of his body and what she wanted to do with it.

Mamoru raised an eyebrow in question, "You must be Ms Tsukino, right? My name is Mamoru Chiba. It's very nice to finally meet you." He got up and walked around his desk and extended a hand toward her. When he stood up, Usagi realized that he was more than a foot taller than her. As he neared her, Usagi had to look more and more up.

"Um.. Yes. My name is Usagi Tsukino! And it is very nice to meet you too!" Usagi yelled out because of her nerves. Mamoru blanked at her suddenly loud response, but came too when he saw her blushing. She's cute. Mamoru smiled. She's acts all nervous like a little girl. But damn does her body look hot! Darien blinked away his thoughts and started asking Usagi questions about herself for the interview.

An hour and a half later, Mamoru finished up his interview with Usagi and told her that she was hired and could come to work for her first time tomorrow. He gave her a stack of papers of instructions on what to do for the job. He called Ami into his office to escort Usagi out.

Once they were back in the elevator, Ami asked, "So how was it? I see you got the job, but how was the actual interview?"

Usagi blushed and looked down, "He is very handsome, but seems sort of obsessed with himself and his work. The interview was intimidating, but I'll catch on to everything soon, I think. I probably won't be getting any sleep tonight, though. He gave me a lot of things to study and since I'm terrible at memorization and studying, it'll most likely take me all night!" Usagi signed and bowed her head down, depressed. Ami only laughed and patted her shoulder.

"Don't worry Usagi. It'll get easier once you get the hang of it." Ami giggled at how Usagi's mood changes so quickly, when Usagi's head perked up and she grinned widely.


"Well..." Ami looked away.

Usagi entered her apartment and plopped down on a chair with her bags and paper work next to her. After she relaxed and calmed down a bit, she got back up and got some coffee cafe. Yum, Coffee cake will wake me up and energies me! Usagi thought as she ate her cake and began to flip through the pages.