Work it Out

Usagi and Mamoru arrived in Kawasaki at the Shin-Kawasak Station. Mamoru called for a taxi to come pick them up and take them across town to the country side. While they sat in the back of the cab they exchanged loving whispers and quick kisses while his arms were wrapped around her shoulders and waist and hers were resting on her stomach cradling the tiniest lump that was swelling.

When the car pulled into the semi-circle driveway, and slowly came to a stop, Mamoru's face lit up and Usagi began to sweat from nerves. Usagi got out of the car while Mamoru paid the driver and she turned her body so she'd be able to see all of it.

The house was gigantic. It looked old but very welcoming. It was hot out, but a nice breeze brushed against them, cooling their exposed skin. The sky was shining blue above the mansion and on the balcony, a tiny old man with as little hair on his head imaginable, stood waving excitedly. Mamoru placed his hand on the small of Usagi's back and led them to the sweet looking old timer.

When they reached the porch the old man waddled over to Mamoru and wrapped his tiny arms around him while his raspy, sweet voice cried out, "Mamoru! My son! It's been to long. Next time if you wait to long I might be DEAD before you get here again. Now come inside. Ah, you must be the beautiful Usagi that Mamoru has told me some about. Come in, come in." He was friendly and very warm as he welcomed the couple and led them into his house.

The mansion-cabin was warm inside and smelled of cinnamon. It was well furnished and you could also smell something baking. The old man gestured to them to sit down in his grand living room.

When they all get comfortable the old man began to speak, "Hello Ms Usagi. My grandson here has told me he has proposed to you." she nodded silently. "I have also heard that you are pregnant with my great grandchild." She nodded again and smiled sweetly down at her stomach where Mamoru had place his hand to rest. "Well this is great news! I've always wanted a great-grandchild. I always assumed that I'd never get one from this mature little fellow," he gestured to Mamoru, "finally slipped up and now we have something to celebrate! I'm so glad I could die, but i won't yet until that baby in you holds my hand!" He laughed a jolly laugh and his little body shook with him.

Usagi exchanged a greenish look to Mamoru tell him she was still nauseous from the pregnancy. Mamoru stood them both up and excused themselves. And the walked over to the stairs heading to their shared room's bathroom.

As they walked up the stair, Grandpa called up after them, "Mamo, Rei will be back from the city later on today. She's very excited you've returned!"

Usagi gave Mamoru a questioning look, and he shook his head, "Later." They turned down the hall, at the top of the stairs, and entered the second door on the right. Their room was fit for a princess. Geez! What did that old geezer do for a living to afford all this? Usagi though as she gawked at her surrounding. A king size bed with silk sheets, a huge, puffy comforter and so many pillows that took up half of the room on the bed, stood on top of a long and expensive rug. A grand vanity desk and mirror was set up in a corner. And a walk-in closet door was shut next to the bathroom they were heading to.

Usagi remembered the unsetting feeling and her stomach and rushed to the bathroom. She squatted in front of the toilet, Mamoru not far behind her, rubbing her back. Once she finished discarding her snack from the trip, she stood up shakily and hugged him tightly. "Mamo, when will this be over? I hate throwing up. Never liked it as a kid, still don't like it now."

"Well, I'd be worried if you did like it." He replied with a charming smile. "Now, how bout a bath? I'd bet that'd feel great after a long trip." Usagi nodded and kissed him gently and sat down on the toilet as he started the bath water.

While Mamoru waited for the water to warm up, he began to talk. "My parents died when I was really young. So I was shipped off to an orphanage and spent my childhood there. When I turned 13, Grandpa came to my orphanage. He immediately noticed me and wanted to adopt me right away. Apparently a year before that, he lost his only daughter and son-in-law in a airplane crash. Their daughter, Rei, was brought over to live with him. And he was very lonely with just him and Rei and the house, so he adopted me. He raised Rei and I as his children, but we always called him Grandpa. Then when I was older, I found papers of my fathers business. So I moved to Tokyo to continue his falling business."

When he finished his story he looked over at Usagi who had already teared up with streaks down her face. "I never knew.." Usagi whispered. But Mamoru just shook his head and said, "I've never really told anyone else about my past.

Once it was full and Mamoru added some bubbles to the warm water, Usagi stripped down slowly, never taking her eyes off him. He stared back at her, struggling to not let his eyes wonder.

She slowly walked towards him and wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed her body against him. She stretched up onto her tippy-toes and whispered into his ear, "Will you join me?" His body instantly reacted and his arms were immediately around her waist, pulling her into him so she could fell how much he wanted to. He dipped his head down and started to kiss, lick, and nip up and down her neck.

As he worked magic on her neck, she began to unbutton his shirt. Once finished with the annoying amount of buttons, she slipped it easily off. His hands slid up to her breasts and a hand on each oh her breasts, he squeezed and played with her hardening nipples. He loved the feel of her growing boobs from the pregnancy. Usagi unbuckled his belt and whipped it out as her temperature started to raise from the heat both of them were giving off. She yanked his dark wash jeans off and finally they were both naked.

He paused his assault on her neck and breast and led them to the edge of the bathtub. He stepped in and laid down, relaxing. The bubbles covered his body that was underwater, but his chest that was above the water was exposed and glistening from the water. Usagi stepped in shortly after and laid back against his neck. The sat there relaxing for a little bit, eyes closed and smelling the refreshing bath soap. Mamoru placed his big hands against the tiny lump in Usagi's stomach. "I love you."

Usagi shifted her body until she was straddling him, her legs on either side of his and her arms around his neck. She closed her eyes and gently kissed him. And she slowly mouthed those three words back to him against his lips.

Mamoru's hands went to her butt and squeezed it gently, earning a squeak from her. He depend her light kisses and made her open her mouth. Their tongues instantly hugged each other. Usagi shook her hips against his and he grinded his erection back against her.

She moaned into his mouth as he slipped his member in her. Usagi pushed herself up off his chest and balanced straight up. She slowly moved her body up and down on his member and Mamoru began to breath heavy. She kept going until she was to tired to keep going, so Mamoru flipped them, sliding around in the slippery, wet tub, and began to drill her as hard as he could. He reached in between them and played with her most sensitive spot, while his mouth went to her ear, licking and bitting. She reached down to his working butt and grabbed each cheek. As he went all the way into her to finish them both off, hard and fast, she screamed out and dug her nails into him gently. They both collapsed into each others embrace.

After cleaning up and composing themselves, they left their bedroom and went downstairs and went to find Grandpa. Mamoru searched the kitchen and found a note. He read it out loud to Usagi.

Mamoru and Usagi,

Please excuse my sudden disappearance. Rei's car broke down and needed me to meet up with her and drive her home. You two seemed busy, so I didn't want to bother you. We'll be back in an hour!

Love Mamo-chan's hero,


Mamoru smirked at his stupid grandfather's note, while Usagi blushed behind him. "Well, they'll probably be home soon so lets just wait up for them." Usagi nodded and they went to the living room, switched on the TV, and cuddled together.

Ten minutes later, they heard the front door slam open and clacking of running high heels towards the living room. The sound of the high heels halted when it reached the doorway of the living room. Usagi gasped at the gorgeous girl that stood in the doorway. She was tall and had a pixie cut hair style. She wore a long, black halter top on top of a black pencil skirt, completed with black stiletto high heels. Her eyes surrounded by shadowy make-up searched the room and locked on Mamoru. When she caught him in her eye sight, her red, glossy lips opened wide and she let out a screech. "MAMO! MAMO! MAMO!" She jumped up and ran towards him and into his arms, pushing Usagi out of the way. She cuddled her face into his chest, "I've missed you so much!"

Mamoru laughed and brought them both off the couch so he could let her go. "Rei! I've missed you too! It's been ages." He hugged her quickly and turned to help Usagi off the couch.

The front door closed as Grandpa waddled in after them and stood in the doorway, watching them reunite.

Once Usagi was up and standing, they both turned to Rei. "This is my fiancee, Usagi. She's pregnant." Usagi smiled at the words and rose her hand to the crossed arms of Rei. "Nice to meet.. you?" Usagi squeaked out after seeing Rei's glare.

Rei's lips pressed together and her eyes narrowed more, "What's so great about her, Mamo?" She turned from Usagi to Mamoru. "She's so average! And she looks stupid too. I bet you're just marrying her cause she's-" Usagi was shocked and had a hurt impression on her face and Mamoru's face was red with anger.

"OKAY." Grandpa interrupted Rei's rant. "How about we start dinner now? Rei get the table mates and start setting up the table. Mamoru, Usagi help me make dinner." Rei strutted off to the cabinets and Mamoru marched to the kitchen, Usagi stumbling behind him. Once in the kitchen, Mamoru exploded, "What is wrong with her!? What makes her think she can say stuff like that! I can't believe her! I need to go back out there and tell her off! What the fuck!"

"Mamoru! I will not have that kind of language in this house and you know that. You also know how Rei is and you should of given her time to think this all out. You should of let me tell her when you told me."

Usagi turned to Mamoru, "What?" Her voice was tiny and quiet.