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Also, this mini-moment is a Trevor POV from Chapter Five: Into Flames

Forget Me Today:
Mini Moments with Treward

"Too Afraid to Love You"


"Leave." Her smooth chin turned sharp, quivering. "Please."

Wait … what? This girl was more complicated than calculus based astrophysics. I wasn't sure what was worse – her split-second mood swings or my inability to stay away from her despite them. Before my sluggish faculties could catch up with the moment, she was sprinting away, out of my grasp.

No, wait, I still have to ask –

The elastic band that seemed to tug me incessantly in her direction snapped tight as she paced away. Unconsciously, my hand wrapped firmly around her forearm, encasing it completely. Her skin was ice; I felt like fire, but the fingers encircling her arm ached in a pleasantly familiar way. She had to stay.

"Bella, plea –"

"Goodbye, Trevor."

The name was hostile, an unnatural insult, the way it left her lips. But her eyes were so familiar. A wave of fear washed through me.

Please, don't leave –

Before I could finish my silent plea, a barricade of wood and metal separated me from my ghost. The moment was gone. I stumbled backwards into the wooden rim of the island. The closed door sliced through the ties that bound me to her, leaving me reeling. The air around me cooled; a physical chill from the sparks that her body had thrown off while she existed in my atmosphere.

What. The. Fuck?

It had taken nine years. Nine years of rebuilt memories, of working to forget what I could never remember and move into a tentative acceptance. And with one word, she had torn everything I thought I knew down.


I slammed my hands down once on the ceramic, pursing my lips and walking harshly out of the apartment, into the downpour. So, I may have slammed the door a little.

Pellets of rain beat against my exposed skin as I raced back towards Rosalie's apartment. Even though Dinah, my '57 Harley Sportster, was my baby, and therefore my favorite mode of transportation, she didn't ride well in the rain. I glanced up at the grey, swirling clouds. Yeah, it wasn't letting up anytime soon.

Occasionally, my mind would drift back to the kitchen. I could see her, the unknown wrapped up in the conventional, bound together in one package. So why did everything about her seem so familiar?

Maybe it was the familiar – Alice's kitchen, a place I knew better than the one at my own apartment – screwing with my head. I had spent so many hours and days there, between she and Rosalie, laughing, cooking, carrying on. My mind had taken the familiarity of the setting and bled it into seeing her as something I knew.

Bella, I yelled furiously at myself. Damn it, Trevor, you can say her name.

I grabbed onto the thought, clinging desperately, as I pulled up to Rose's, well, our future home. She still wasn't there. Fuck. I had been hoping for some of her sanity to replace what I was steadily losing. Sighing through my nose, I ran my hand through my hair, tugging at the greasy strands. That was when I caught sight of Rose's country club card.


After pulling Dinah into the accompanying garage and giving her a good rub down to remove the layer of wet, I changed into an old pair of Speedos and slipped black gym shorts and a t-shirt over them. As an afterthought, I grabbed a pair of jeans for good measure and made my way to the gym by alternate vehicle.

I expected to venture into the pool and lose myself in a long, back breaking swim. I was surprised to be greeted with the unexpected sight of her familiarity washing over me again. Her long, lithe limbs arced, slipping in and out of the water, pulling her body through the slick waves in perfect position.

God, the description was even turning me on.

I decided to say hello. Try again; make amends, if you will. Irrational? Maybe, but I had the feeling rationality wasn't driving me forward anymore.

Now, because of that mindless, lower-brain decision, I had been through another injury, an awkward, annoying, and yet still intriguing conversation, and now here I sat, staring into the eyes of the most fascinatingly frustrating creature I had ever met. She was beautiful, she was angry, and she had just said please in a voice that shot straight past my pants and into my chest.

It was more than lust. She was asking me for the truth. I prepared to answer her, but her lips moved again, and she was pleading with me.

"I just what … Edward."

No. It was wrong. It was so wrong, and then it wasn't. Something unused and unknown snapped into place, and the wrong name, slipping off of her tongue as an afterthought, sounded perfect.

You're just right, Bella.

I still couldn't tell her the truth.

"You just fascinate me, Bella."

And I kissed her. Damn it all, I kissed her. I couldn't tell you why or how, but it just seemed like the right thing to do. They were cinnamon and warmth all over, those malleable lips. So very unlike my … Rosalie.

Instantly I pulled away, slipping out of the car and disappearing while praying I was fast enough to leave before she opened her eyes.

Rose. Shit.

Sliding onto Ellie's plush leather seat, I shoved my head against the head rest and jammed my palms against the steering wheel.

What the hell was I thinking?

I couldn't help but snicker. It was obvious enough – I wasn't thinking at all. Okay, so how did I get through this? I only had one choice – honesty. If Rose asked, I would tell the truth.

If she didn't? Well, then I would bless Bella for the remainder of my days, while staying as far away from her as possible. I slouched in my seat, unable to even stick the key in the ignition.

Staying away? I wasn't even sure that was possible.