"Clare," Eli Goldsworthy gently shook his girlfriend's shoulder. "Come on, wake up. You're gonna be late for school. You fell asleep down here?"

Clare groaned. Honestly, the couch wasn't that comfortable and the pillow she was using was as hard as a rock. She had fallen asleep really early the day before, but felt like she could sleep for another week. "Leave me alone." she murmured in a hoarse voice.


"Five more minutes." Clare put a pillow over her head.

"In five seconds, I'm gonna undress you and stick you in the shower myself." Eli warned.

Clare groaned once more. "Fine." She dragged the word out as she stretched, wincing at the bright light streaming in through the window. "I hate you." She glared at Eli.

"I love you, too." He smirked as usual and pecked her on the lips. "Now go." She dragged herself off the itchy brown couch and went as quickly as possible up to her room. She looked around and saw only one thing she wanted: her bed. She laid down as carefully as possible.

Eli looked at his watch. Five minutes had passed and he did not hear the sounds of a shower running. He took the stairs two at a time.

"Clare!" he called up. He knocked on her bedroom door. "Clare?" When he got no response, he pushed her door open. There she was lying on her bed, sleeping. Eli walked over to her and tried to shake her shoulder.

"Mmm." Clare grumbled, pushing his hand away from her shoulder and rubbing her hand over her face. "Ow." Clare opened her eyes, sitting up. Blood dripped into her right eye.

"Oh, my gosh, Clare," Eli grabbed some tissue off of her night stand and held it to her forehead. "What happened?" He grabbed her hands, searching them. "You must have scratched yourself with your ring. You're not wearing a ring. Are your nails really that long?"

"I'm gonna go shower," Clare got up. Seeing Eli's expression, she told him, "I'm fine! Really." She turned back around to walk into her bathroom.



"We're late."

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