It's been so long since I updated this story. I am so sorry! I couldn't think of anything to write and I lost interest, but I'm going to try and finish the story. Also, sorry if things don't make sense. I don't know anything about cancer, treatments and legal things, so a lot of this is made up.

Clare was tired and nauseous all the time. At school, she could barely focus, and teachers and her classmates would give her weird looks all the time. She was constantly being asked if she was okay. Then, she heard the first rumor about herself.

"Did you hear Clare Edwards is pregnant?" she heard one girl ask another as she hid in a bathroom stall.

Clare heard someone gasp. "Saint Clare?" Clare scrunched her face up in confusion. Why would anyone think Clare was pregnant?

"Yeah, Saint Clare is pregnant with that goth boy's baby. That's why she's so tired and sick all the time." Girl #1 explained. "Why else would she be throwing up all the time? It's obviously morning sickness."

Girl #2 laughed. "She's so judgmental all the time. I hope this taught her a lesson." Both girls laughed as they left the bathroom.

Clare was offended. She was shocked. People thought she was pregnant? Obviously, Clare and Eli only told Adam what was going on with her, but now people had started drawing their own conclusions. And sure, Clare could be judgmental sometimes, but only because she really cared about everyone being okay. Sure she had only Adam and Eli as friends now since K.C. and Jenna had betrayed her and started dating, and Alli was still mad at her for judging her for sleeping with Johnny, but people really thought Clare was pregnant?

Clare was brought out of her own thoughts as she heard more girls enter the bathroom. She quickly flushed the toilet, washed her hands and left to go find Eli.

The looks on the girls' faces as she passed them did not go unnoticed by Clare.

Sorry I don't update this story more often, and when I do it's really short, but I hope you enjoyed this short thing. I know this chapter isn't really well written, so sorry again.