8:03 pm

Drusilla smiled down at Miss Edith in a wicked way that only suited her. She knew that playing with her dollies was not a very grown-up thing to do. Not that anyone had ever really seen her as grown-up, hell, no one even saw her a sane.

No one but him. The half-giant man. He saw her as interesting.

She did not disagree much that she was interesting. A vampiress sired in 1860 by Angelus, the souled vampire, and sire to her own grandsire, Darla. Interesting, strange, whatever the word was that he used for her. What was that word?

Hagrid. That was what they called him. She would refer to him as Rubeus. And he called her Miz Dru.

Not a lot of people had included 'Miss' in her title. Usually it was 'that crazed, lunatic bitch' or something like that. With the exception of her Spike, of course.

She had meant to hurt him by pashing with that chaos demon in the park, but he had started it all. He took her daddy away and joined up with that Slayer. The good girl. He hurt his little black goddess, so she hurt him back.

But it was all for the better. He didn't have much of the darkness left. She missed his darkness... Rubeus was a kind heart, but he had a dark side when angered. She liked it.

"Amazing." She murmured, finally remembering.

That was what he called her.


8:23 pm