More Than One

10:35 pm

Forrest let out a soft grunt as his ass bone met with hard, solid, ground. He peered around through narrowed eyes, stinging against the harsh light. Sunlight.

"Oi, Forrest! You all right there?"

The dark-skinned teen nodded. "Yeah, I'm fine Lee."

Quidditch Practice. That was it. He'd fallen off his broom due to a stray Bludger from Fred and George Weasley. He grasped the dark hand in front of his face and allowed himself to be pulled up to his feet.

"Good, didn't want my little brother all bruised up before the game Thursday."

"Nah, I'm fine."

"You sure, Forrest?" Katie called from the air.

"Yeah, Bell, I'm fine!"

"Forrest, get the ball!" a familiar male voice called.

His eyes snapped open and he inhaled deeply. What the bloody hell was going on?

"Miller, get out of the bathroom!" he snapped at the door, "I have to piss! Hurry up!"

The second of the Jordan twins pressed the palm of his hand to his temple as images flashed before his eyes. A monster, they called him Adam, horrible... killing things and people. Riley... Parker... Miller... Pain. Lots of pain... then nothing. Nothing at all. Just cold, hollow, empty nothingness.

Adam had turned him. Turned him into whatever the hell it was he was.

He looked up as he noticed Fred, George, and Lee around his bed. "What is it, Resty?"

10:55 pm