Seers of Angels

10:10 am

She felt the world drop below her as she walked through the clouds in the sky. Well, she could only assume it was the sky. Cordelia smiled and looked down at her body. Love this gown. she thought.

This was heaven. White clouds and warm sun. Beautiful.

"'Ello there, Princess."

Cordy's brow furrowed and she turned to see him. The man she thought she'd never see again. Looking great in his white tux.

"Allan Francis Doyle." she breathed, shocked to her core.

Doyle flashed her once of those charming smiles and offered a hand. "Walk with me?"

She took his hand in hers and nodded. "I'd love to, Doyle."

"So who all is here?" she asked.

"Well, there's a girl named Cassie - she's a seer, too - and, ah, Tara I think it was. There's Lily, James, Sirius, an' Cedric. Lily an' James 'ave a son, Harry, whose still alive. He's a 'chosen boy'. Got himself some prophecy or two."

"Like Angel?"

"Yeah, 'cept he's just a kid. He's gonna save the world."

"Poor guy."

The man shrugged his shoulders. "So, how ya been?"

"Alright... Demonized, comatose, pregnant-ish, warned Angel, died... Same ol' same ol'."

He smiled at her and leaned over to kiss her cheek.

"This isn't all there is for you, Cor." he said cryptically, "It never is for the seers of Angel's. Soon, you're gonna go through a veil with Sirius and you'll meet all of his people. And you'll meet Remus and you'll love him. You two have destiny, go get it."

Cordy bit her lip and hugged Doyle. "I love you, D."

"Love ya too, Queen C."

10:30 am