Is It love?

-Chapter 15: Mine-


One more sleep and tomorrow, Kahoko and Len will finally depart to Germany for the competition. Yet; at Hinos' Residence—

"Are you sure about this, dear?" Mrs. Hino asked in a discouraging way. She doesn't want Kaho to exile anywhere. She wants her to stay but, Kaho wants the opposite of it.

"Mom, I am sure and no turning back. Len promised me that he'll take good care of him as I support him back there." Kaho responded in an annoyed whine. She knows her mother wants her to stay so, she'll have company and not because she wants her to stay.

Mr. Hino tapped his wife's shoulder. Mrs. Hino looked up as Mr. Hino nodded in agreement. "I allow you, Kahoko. I know this is your will and no one forced you so, I, as your father, allow you to depart as long as you'll be safe and sound."

Mrs. Hino stared at him bewildered. "You can't—"

Kaho's older sister stepped forward with a thumbs up. "As you wish it, sis. I know you are happy with it so, we'll be here waiting for you to come back." She approved and smiled at her little sister.

Her oldest brother came on the view with a cup of…er, coffee? He smirked. "I didn't think you'll go this far, Kaho. As long as you'll be careful and taken care there, I won't be too stubborn."

Kahoko nodded with a wide smile. "I assure you that!"

Mrs. Hino shook her head, struggled from her husband's grip and ran to her room.

"Let her be, Kahoko. She'll realize it afterwards." Mr. Hino muttered. Kahoko guilty, nodded and went back to her room to prepare the other things she needs there.

All I need is to be with Len.


At Len's residence, Len is eating an apple; taking a bite specifically. He stared at the illustration in a book on his lap as he took another bite and chewed it.

He heard Hamai Misa giggle at her seat, so, he drifted his attention from the book to his own mother.

"What is it mother?" he asked in a demanding yet, still polite way.

Hamai Misa faced her son and smiled. "You eat quick this night, Len and when did you like apples?" she asked.

Len looked at his apple which he unconsciously bit and chewed since earlier without even knowing if it's already the limitation.

He looked down and saw that there are still unbitten spots. "I am…eating quite quick but, I just want to eat."

Larry smirked. "Quite reasonable son." He teased.

Len bit his lip for the first time as he felt embarrassed so, he just sighed and raised his book to the same level as his face to hide his reddened cheeks.

"I am glad that you decided to take Kaho-san with you." Larry muttered.

"Why are you glad?" Len asked.

Hamai Misa gasped "God, Len! It's like you actually regretted you invited her company! I should cancel this invitation!" she said.

She stood up and with a grin went to the phone when Len stood up and took a hold of her arm. "No mom. I am sure."

Hamai Misa and turned around. "Just gonna get another apple." She teased.

Len blushed again and turned to the stairs. "I'm gonna excuse myself." He muttered flushing as he walked upstairs.

When he's gone Hamai Misa stared at his invisible figure. "I hope he'll be happy for our decision to let him go alone with her. Without our guidance."

Larry tapped his wife's shoulder. "We'll visit them several times. Don't cry Misa…"

Hamai Misa sighed as she looked away. "It's just…now, our son will be the one to go abroad and us separate from him. He's just that precious to me. I don't want to lose my only child."

"We are not losing Len, Misa. He's just trying to prove that he went out from his dark zone. His frozen heart melted and he found the right one for him."

Hamai Misa looked up again. "Do you think he'll take care of Kaho-san? This is his first and –surely- last love and he's still kind of amateur with it. He might hurt Kaho-san's feelings and lose her…like losing his sanity."

Larry just didn't response, for he, also doesn't know the answer.


After about 2 hours; Mrs. Hino went out from her room and went downstairs to Kaho's place.

"Kahoko?" she called.

Kahoko, who's washing the dishes, turned around and faced her red-eyed mother. "Yes, Mom?"

Mrs. Hino hugged her as she buried her face in her daughter's red hair. "Go on and do what you would like. I'll support you as long as you'll be happy and he won't hurt you." She, at last, approved.

Kahoko began to cry. "I won't be gone for so long, Mom. I'll go home as quickly as we finish the competition. And I know, Len is the one."

Mrs. Hino nodded and kissed her daughter's cheek. "Good luck, Kaho."

Kaho wiped her tears and buried her face in her mom's chest. ""I'll miss you, Mom."


The next day came and Kahoko met Len at her front door as he came to pick her up. "Len?"

He stepped one stair and arched one eyebrow. "Did you cry?"

She shook her head.

"You are lying. Your eyes are kinda red."

Kahoko chuckled as she hugged Len. "Good morning Len!"

Len held her in his arms. "Good morning; are you ready?"

Kahoko nodded as she looked up at him with a smile which Len call her in his mind as—My angel. "As ready as I can be."

The other Hinos' came out to greet him and bade Kaho farewell. "Good morning Tsukimori." They greeted in unison.

When he saw her mother, he flinched when he saw her eyes kinda red as well. They really are related. So sentimental.

"Take care of my sister or you'll lose your knees Tsukimori." Kaho's brother warned.

Len blinked. Geez; now I'm being the bad guy. "Y-yes. I understand."

Mr. Tsukimori eyed him. "So you are the one that Kaho is going with."

Len nodded.

"You seem kind of responsible to handle my child."

Len frowned. "I am responsible." He muttered. Hey! Do I look irresponsible? What on earth?

Kahoko tugged his shirt. "Len," she warned.

Len sighed and bowed at them. "I'll vow that I'll protect Kahoko."

They smiled as Kaho's older sister spoke at last. "Please do. She's my favorite." She giggled as she saw Kaho's older bro's eyes narrow.

"Ok, ok. We'll go now." Kahoko interrupted even though she's also laughing.

Len watched their family as they grew sad and happy together. Just like his.

They pulled her in a family hug. "Take care."

Kahoko nodded as they released her and she jumped at Len's arms. Len held her in his arms like he'll lose her if he won't. He ordered Sasaki to get her baggage and put it inside.

When they were inside; Kahoko waved goodbye and left.

"Len…" she called in a sing-song voice.

Len looked down at her. "Hn?"

"Did you get enough rest?" she asked.

Len nodded. "Yes. Why?"

"Can I sleep in your chest for awhile? I lack sleep."

Len watched as she yawned. He frowned. "You should sleep early, Kaho," he caressed her cheek. "Ok, take some nap first."

She smiled in gratitude and leaned her head in his chest as she drifted to sleep.

Len watched her sleeping figure. Kahoko…

"How many months will you be there Tsukimori-sama?" Sasaki asked.

"About 2 or more months."

Sasaki smiled. "Take care and God bless, Young Master."

"You may call me Tsukimori-kun instead Sasaki. I am not that picky and respected."

Sasaki's eyes widened. Master never corrected me to call him in an acquaintance name! He nodded. "Tsukimori-s-kun."

Len nodded in approval.


Kahoko was waked up by Len when they arrived at the airport. They went out and held their bags inside the airport.

Misa and Larry came to bade them farewell like Hinos' did.

"Take care, Len, Kaho." Mr. and Mrs. Tsukimori said in unison.


Larry's watch ringed once when it's already 10 am. "Misa, we have to go. The concert will be after 3 hours."

Misa kissed Len's cheek. "Good luck my boy."

Len smiled in response.

Misa went at Kahoko crashing her in a hug. "Take care of Len and yourself for us."

Kahoko nodded.

Larry bowed in farewell.

They were left alone for about 10 minutes and they still have 15 minutes before flight so, they sat on a bench for a little while.


Len recognized few of the passengers who are also heading Germany from Japan for the competition especially the purple-headed one and the pale-green headed guy which is his best friend.

"Yunoki, Hihara?" he mumbled.

Kahoko looked up at him. "Hm?"

Len just wrapped his arms around her. "Nothing."

"You sure?" she asked trailing her fingers at his face. She smiled then whispered, "I love you."

Len buried his face at her hair. "I love you too." He responded with a smile he never gave anyone.

A guy came and Len cursed. He told Kaho to stand up to greet the guy.

She did and obeyed confused.

A guy extended his arm and offered her a shake hand. "You must be the partner of Tsukimori at the contest. Nice meeting you," he greeted.

Kahoko shook hands with him and then the stranger kissed her cheek.

She flushed. "I-I am,"

Len narrowed his eyes and crossed his arms. "Maybe, this isn't necessary. You are feeling too close, Yunoki-kun." He reminded.

The guy named Yunoki just gave his unapologetic smile. "That's how I greet ladies, Tsukimori-kun,"

Tsukimori pulled Kahoko away from him. "Treat her like a different kind of lady." It's more like a 'you-have-no-right-to-touch-her' tone.

Yunoki chuckled in a sly voice and left with a bow.


Len held her hand firmly as they went inside the plane. He can't even look straight at her.

When they finally got their seats; Kahoko leaned her head in his chest like earlier. "Len, are you mad at me?"


"Then look at me." She begged.

Len looked down and Kahoko pecked on his tender lips.

Len was left astounded. "K-Kahoko?" he gasped.

Kahoko wrapped Len's arm around her and pouted. "I want to be in this position."

Why am I even angry? She's always mine, he thought with a smile.

He let his arms rest at her waist and his beloved on his chest and heart.

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Sneak Peek:

"Len, who is your partner now?" she asked anxiously.

He frowned at her. "I-I don't know."

Kahoko stepped away a bit.

"Ka—" he was about to get a hold of her when a brown head lady held his hand and shook it.

"You must be Len Tsukimori. I am Camille Tiongco. I hope we'll be a good pair." She exclaimed in a sing-song voice and with a smile with dimples.

But he doesn't care.

When he looked around; Kahoko's gone.


Will this separate both of them? This girl which was named: Camille Tiongco? Will everything be broken soon?