"Good morning Aisha!" said Chouhi.

"Oh, good morning, Rin Rin," said Kan'u.

[A/N: In case the reader is confused, Kan'u and Chouhi call each other "Aisha" and "Rin Rin," respectively. What compels them to do this is beyond me.]

"Let's going out of town and get in some sparring!"

"How about we have breakfast first?" Kan'u suggested.

"Almost forgot about that!" said Chouhi, who just now realized she was hungry.

This being an anime, they at a ton of food as usual, somehow never getting fat. Then again, their line of work burns a lot of calories.

"That hit the spot!" Chouhi exclaimed.

"Now I'm ready," said Kan'u.

So the two women head out of town for the sparring session. Just as they were about to start, a flying starfish appeared out of nowhere and announed its intention to conquer the world.

Kan'u and Chouhi were about to make a last stand against the starfish, when their allies all showed up. [A/N: I don't remember their names and am too lazy to look them up. Besides, it's not all that important to the story.]

"Now we have a chance," said Kan'u.

"So... we're going to do... that?" said Chouhi.

"Indeed we will, Rin Rin." She turned to the others. "Okay, just like we practiced."

The group of women did a running start toward the starfish. When they'd gained enough momentum, they shouted "MERGE FOR JUSTICE!" and turned into a giant flaming bird and took off toward the enemy.

"You cannot stop me, I will rule the world," said the starfish.

"No you won't!" said the burning bird, as it beat up the starfish.

"CURSES!" The starfish fell to the ground, then retreated back toward the ocean it came from.

"Yet again, evil is defeated." The bird turned back into the women that had formed it.

"I can't believe that worked," said Kan'u.

"That was awesome, Aisha!" said Chouhi.

The other women went about their earlier business as Kan'u and Chouhi finally got around to their sparring.

All in all, a typical day in, um, whereever these characters live.