Okay everyone as you have probably have guessed already. I like far fetch things. I like things I know can not happen in real life. I like to go over board on writing my stories.

Xoxoxoxoxoxxo Prologue part 3 xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

" shopping?" Pam questioned.

" yeah, you know a girls number one priority ." Ambrosine rolled her eyes.

" Pam doesn't do shopping." Eric stated.

" I can see that." Ambrosine looked at Pam from head to toe.

" what does that mean?" Pam furrowed her eyebrows together.

" oh nothing, lets go." Ambrosine grabbed one of Eric and Pams hands.

" are you two ready?" Ambrosine asked.

" ready for what?" Pam asked. Ambrosine just smiled, and transported them.

" where are we"? Eric asked. Pam and Eric were looking around.

" the mall duh." Ambrosine sighed.

" how did we get here?" Eric asked a little confused.

" I transported us here?" Ambrosine answered.

" can all demons transport?" Eric asked.

" no, not really, only the powerful ones, and the ones that look human." Ambosine answered.

" so that makes you one of the powerful ones?" Eric asked.

" yeah pretty much, not that many more are more powerful than me." Ambrosine answered.

" okay, I'm tired of talking, lets shop!" Ambrosine shouted.

" lets shop for you first Pamella." Ambrosine said.

" Pamella?" Pam asked confused.

" yeah my new nickname for you. Pam just sounds so boring like an old ladies name, so that is your name from now on." Ambrosine told Pam sternly. The look she was giving Pam spelled out. You better agree or face the consequences. Pam shook that thought away, and nod her head. To agree with Ambrosine.

" whats wrong with what I have on?" Pam asked looking at how she was dressed.

" you look like a woman from the 1950's." Ambrosine scoffed at her.

" but that's when master turned me." Pam said.

"oh well, that explains it." Ambrosine giggled. Ambrosine looked at Pam from head to toe. Pam had on a pink summer dress that went past her knees. With white poky dots, and a pink headband.

" your a vampire indulge in it this is the 1990's , just stop talking, and lets shop." Ambrosine got frustrated.

She walked off leaving Pam, and Eric where they were standing. When they noticed she was gone. They caught up with her, until she stopped at a clothing store. The store looked like it was filled with mostly black and red clothes. Ambrosine went in. They followed her in.

" come here Pamella." Ambrosine ordered. Ambrosine had in her hand a black leather mini skirt, and a black leather corset. Pam looked at her horror stricken.

" I'm not wearing that." Pam said shocked.

" Pamella you don't have to be so modest any more." Ambrosine sighed.

" plus your a vampire now." Ambrosine said.

" your not suppose to care for what anybody thinks of you."

" your immortal do what you want, wear what you want, and tell everybody else to fuck off, and leave you alone."

" or better yet just kill them." Ambrosine smirked.

" live a little Pamella." Ambrosine smiled. Pam thought about what Ambrosine said, and decided she was right. She did need to live and forget about her past. She grabbed the outfit, and walked swiftly in the changing room.

" thank you." Eric said smoothly.

" for what?" Ambrosine asked.

" for helping her." Eric pulled Ambrosine in for a hug.

" no prob, she needed it." Ambrosine smilled.

" you are the most wonderful est mate that any man could ask for." Eric said while kissing her neck, Ambrosine giggled.

" I would never do that for any body else, I just think I'm going to like her, plus I hated that out fit she had on." Ambrosine said with a smirk. As soon as Ambrosine was done talking. Pam come out of the dressing room.

" you look hot Pamella." Ambrosine winked.

" are you sure I never wore anything like this before." Pam said worried.

" trust me if you look like that I think your dinner will be begging for you to bite them." Ambrosine smirked. Ambrosine went up to Pam and pulled out her pink head band, and fluffed her hair out a bit. She stood back and looked at her handy work.

" There, all we need to do is find you some black high heeled boots." Ambrosine said while leaving that store and walking in another store. They were surrounded by shoes, but Ambrosine didn't stop, until she got to the back of the department.

" what size do you wear?" Ambrosine asked Pam.

" umm size seven in a half." Pam answered. Ambrosine nodded her head to confirm she understood, and started looking through the boots. She finally picked a pair out.

" here try these on." Ambrosine handed Pam the box. She opened the box with a shocked face.

" their thigh high 4in. Leather boots." Ambrosine explained. Pam just nodded and started putting them on. She wobbled a little when she got up.

" mmmm your still missing something." Ambrosine narrowed her eyes, and tilted her head while biting her lip. Then all of a sudden her eyes lit up. She started digging in her purse.

She if very amusing to watch, wait where did that purse come from? Eric thought to himself.

" aha found it!" Ambrosine shouted. She had in her hand a lipstick, and a black pencil.

" sit down." Ambrosine told Pam. When Pam sat down Ambrosine walked up to her, and stood in front of Pam. She smeared red lipstick on Pams lips, and put black eyeliner around Pams eye.

" now your finished." Ambrosine smiled, and turned Pam around to a mirror to look at herself.

" wow is this me?" Pam said in a whisper, while lightly touching her face.

" yes all I told you is that those clothes you had on was not the real you." Ambrosine said with a soft smile.

" but what your starring at in your reflection is the real, and new you." Ambosine said.

" thank you so much." Pam said with blood tears starting to form.

" you know, we are going to have to kill a lot of humans if you let your blood tears flow."

" but by all means do I wouldn't mind killing the humans." Ambrosine smirked. Pam stopped her tears before they fell.

" oh well your lost." Ambrosine clicked her tongue to the roof of her mouth.

" well I guess it is time for me to go to my favorite shop." Ambrosine said happily. They left the shop.

" what kind of outfits do you wear?" Eric said in a husky voice.

" you will just have to wait and find out." Ambrosine giggled.

" yes I will." Eric smirked thinking of different ways of taking of different kind of clothes.

xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo AURTHORS NOTE!

I thought it would be interesting if Ambrosine taught Pam how to dress. I'm going to quit this story for a little while, because I want to work on a Buffy story. The story will be a Spike, Willow, and Angelus love story. Willow evil. Also for Buffy haters there is just some reason I do not like that girl.