Sidestory 6

~Takes place during Chapter 88 ~

It would have to be him.

Hector let out another slow breath, forcing himself to remain calm and forcing himself not to dredge up memories of oppressive humid heat, kids with machine guns and the sandal-clad feet of a corpse in his hand as he dragged the bodies into a pile out of the way of further operations. This wasn't Thirteen. This wasn't anything like Thirteen.

Lelouch wasn't that heartless.

Still, it would have to be him. He would have to be the one that apprehended Saito. Lelouch might have said that he didn't need to prove his loyalty, but the fact still remained that he had questioned orders from Lelouch. For the first time since they'd met, he'd vocally opposed Lelouch's plans for reasons other than the prince's safety. And worse, he'd discussed his opposition with two other members of Lelouch's Royal Guard.

Both Roy and Lukas knew exactly how he felt about this whole operation. And even now, even though he knew it was all smoke and mirrors, watching them be slaughtered on national television still brought bile to his throat.

So yes, it would have to be him. He would have to be the one to bring Saito to Lelouch because it was the only way he'd be able to redeem himself to the prince. The only way to prove that he was still loyal. That he would do whatever it took, whatever Lelouch needed, regardless of his personal feelings about he matter.

Hopefully it would be enough to solidify their trust.

When the first explosion ripped through the perimeter, he didn't rush wildly into the fray like so many of the other soldiers in attendance. Instead, he waited for another minute, watching the confusion through the monitor behind the stage, scanning the faces of the Elevens that were gunning their way in through the reporters and the soldiers in the plaza. There was only one face he needed. There was only one terrorist that he had to reach at all cost.

He caught a glimpse of the man's face. He'd seen it enough times on the television to be recognizable. Tatsuhiro Saito stood near the back of his charging comrades, urging them forward into the open. Urging them to continue firing indiscriminately, bringing down reporters left and right. Most of them would have bulletproof vests on underneath their clothes, but there would inevitably be some casualties here too.

"Let's go, Roy." He said gruffly as he made note of Saito's position.

"Yeah." His friend said darkly.

AN: Yup, this is tiny, but I just wanted to give you all a peek into what was going through Hector's head when he rushed off after Saito.