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Eric's POV

Niall took his fairies and left as promised. Everyone including the injured Dermot and Sookie's cousins Claude and Claudine were forced to go. I cannot say that I am unhappy about this but I know that it weighs heavily on Sookie. She was close to Claudine and had begun to hope that one day she might be close to NIall as well. I know she is deeply confused by his behavior first showing up unexpectedly in her life, and then leaving just as suddenly, but she accepts it because there is no choice other than to accept.

In all the loss of life on our side was relatively small. Only a few vampires met their final deaths in battle and only a few more when Breandan's forces burned down Fangtasia. I wanted to feel angry about it, but I guessed that Fangtasia was burning about the same time Niall was slicing him into small strips so in all I feel he got the worst of it. Since Pam was not in the club at the time and was not harmed I have allowed the insurance company to pay me handsomely and have begun to look into another business, one that will not have fangbangers throwing themselves at my feet each night begging me to bite and fuck them. My wife and bonded frowns on other women doing that to me in general.

Sookie did come to live with me that very night and we have rarely been apart since. I have loved every moment and never once been unhappy about it, but in the beginning I did worry. I worried that she was using me as a shield against the world, attempting to hide behind me so that she would not have to deal with the deep psycological wounds that Breandan and Dermot inflicted on her. But in time I came to realize that she was getting better, truly coming to terms with her torture, both mental and physical, and that despite her returning health she wasn't leaving.

The time will come soon when I will bring Sookie to join me in this existence. At one time it was something she could not even fathom, would not even consider, but since the events of those nights I have seen her more and more leave her stubborness behind and embrace the truths her heart has always known. What we have is meant to be.