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+++ Lines in italics are supposed to be Abby's thoughts.+++


Pairing: Gibbs/Abby

Rating: M

Genre: Hurt/Comfort/Romance

Beta-Reader: GabbyFreak aka "WolfInTheShadows" – Thanks a lot for your effort! :-) It's highly appreciated!

The rainy Washington weather woke Abby the next morning. She blinked sleepily and realized that she hadn't been dreaming – there she was for real, in Gibbs' bed, snuggled to his chest, his arm around her. She inhaled his masculine scent and snuggled closer. Abby vividly recalled the happenings of the last night, all the impressions and feelings that she had never felt before at such intensity. She had finally found what she was looking for - the freedom to surrender without regret or guilt for simply being what she was.

It never has been easy being different in so many ways, not to fit in anywhere properly. Surrendering her power to Gibbs was her driving force, abandoning herself to him completely. Trusting in his strength and the choices he would make for her.

For the first time in years, Abby felt perfectly safe.

A whole new world had opened to her and she was curious and excited to explore every tiny bit of it.

After Gibbs had woken up too, they exchanged affectionate smiles and headed for sharing a shower, toweling each other dry afterwards. Re-entering the bedroom after her morning toilet, Abby started getting dressed but was soon interrupted.

"Not so fast, Abs." Gibbs said, opening a drawer, pulling out something Abby couldn't see and slipped it in his pocket.

… (censored part)

Two minutes after her shift had ended, he showed up in her lab.

"Ready to go, Abs?"

"Over-ready!" she nodded her head enthusiastically.

"I hope for your own sake that you've been a good girl, haven't you?" he smirked. "Remember I will check on it."

"Sure, Sir." she replied, her pigtails bouncing as they made their way home.

As soon as they got back to the shelter of Gibbs' house he locked the door, just to make sure they wouldn't be bothered by anyone.

After getting rid of most of their clothing whilst on their way up to the bedroom, Abby was placed in the middle of it. Gibbs made himself comfortable upon the bed and commanded.

"Now, Abby-girl, let's check on your homework. Show me what you've learned."

… (censored part)

She had learned earlier that this was a worship position and a display of obedience. Abby complied equally well as before.

"Good. I can see you have done your homework." Gibbs made a come-here-gesture followed by a downward movement with his open hand, from side to side. "Now lie down...on the bed."

… (censored part)

"I love you."

"I love you, too." Abby sighed breathlessly. "I never want this to end, Sir."

"Neither do I, Abs."

Gibbs spontaneously decided that he would forgive her addressing him Jethro before. After all, she hadn't been too disobedient today. Still, he wanted to introduce her to his next wicked little game: The dice.

After a while of consensual silence he kissed Abby on the forehead and said "Abby, I got a new task for you."

"Huh?" she answered curiously.

"I got two wooden boxes in my basement - a punishment box and a reward box..."

"Sounds naughty!" Abby giggled.

…(censored part)

Guessing that she would probably screw up pretty soon again, no matter if intentionally or not, he was looking forward to the fact that this would quickly increase the odds of drawing lots of blue dice.

Oh yes, this was going to be fun...


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