Jenny was sitting in her office. It was dark already. Her eyes were staring at the picture on the wall. It was the face she'll never forget – Rene Benoit or La Grenouille. He is the man she hates, the man that will take her down one day if she doesn't take him down before. There was a bourbon glass on her table, it is comforting and also the reminder of Jethro and that he has her back. He was even too nice to her, at least that's what she thought.

Time passed as she sat there sipping bourbon, staring at the photo on her wall and occasionally doing some paperwork. She wasn't obsessed as Jethro thought, but there was the determination to get him and kill him. There is a difference between determination and obsession. Jenny made it clear to herself. She believed in that or at least wanted to believe. She had to believe that determination ran her and not her obsession and anger towards that man. She knew her personal feelings were there and those had important role, but she tried to push them into the back of her head and lock them there safely. Unfortunately she was not that lucky. The memories and La Grenouille kept on coming in front of her eyes. They creep into her sleep and make her wake up panting and covered with cold sweat covering her body. He is her personal enemy, the person to hate, but she doesn't need one in her life.

It was already 2 am and she decided to go home after all. Slowly she turned off her computer and put papers nicely on the edge of her table. Then she emptied her glass of bourbon and used the bathroom to wash the glass, then she put it back on it's place in her office. Jenny turned off the plasma, so La Grenouille's face was gone from this room. She gave a quick look to her office and then turned off the lights. Last thing she grabbed her coat and put that on. It was red and matched her hair color. She walked through the doors and left the building. Her driver was waiting for her and she sat into the car that took her home.

'' Late night director ? '' her driver asked

'' Yes. I would give anything for a nice bath and warm bed in this moment, '' Jenny said.

'' Let's make sure you get them as soon as possible, '' the man said to her and gave her a smile.

She returned a smile and leaned back. She closed her eyes. The sleep was so obvious now. She had a strange feeling, but she blamed it on the bourbon. And so the car started to move and hopefully she'll be home soon.