It was a long wait for the ambulance. Gibbs, Jenny and Tony were all outside. Tony was a little further from Gibbs and Jenny. Gibbs her Jenny in his lap as he sat on a bench in front of the house.

'' I'm sorry Jethro, '' she said weakly.

'' It's okay. You have nothing to be sorry for, '' he said softly.

'' I have. I'm sorry the way I left you in Paris. I'm sorry about the secrets I kept. I'm sorry for hurting you, '' she said.

'' Jen. I am the one, who should apologize. I was angry at you, I tried to hate you, but I just didn't know. But I know now. You were trying to protect me and that's over everything. I'm sorry for being an ass, '' he said.

'' Let's just put it behind us, '' she suggested.

'' Done. Jenny, I made a mistake once, by letting you go, but I don't want to lose you again. I love you and need you, please let me take care of you, '' he said and unreleased his secret wishes.

'' I love you too, '' she whispered.

He smiled and kissed her hair. Everything was going to be better once Jenny was healed. And now hopefully there are no secrets coming from the past. Nothing will tear them apart again.

Unknown to Jenny and Gibbs, Tony was cheering in distance. Finally his boss' were together and hopefully for good. It takes one strong person to handle the other and they were able to do it.