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For a little background: Yes, Harry is the seeker for the Gryffindor Quidditch team, but I have it that Hermione joined in the second year. They rotate in the roster every few games. There is no Voldemort because I don't want to add him to this mix. A stupid reason, but there it is. Hope you enjoy my newest story.

Hermione scanned the crowd from the height of her broom. Her eyes looked for any flash of light that would tell her where her target was. The Quidditch match between Gryffindor and Hufflepuff was in full flare under and around her, but she tuned it out and looked around the field.

A flash caught her eye and she zoomed after it. The wind whipped her hair as she drew in close. The Hufflepuff seeker had noticed her dive and was now following her. But Hermione was faster. She reached out and grabbed the snitch in her fingerless gloved hands. She pulled up and raised her hand in the air to show the snitch.

The Gryffindor seats erupted into cheers and applause as the Hufflepuffs groaned. There wasn't a sound from the Ravenclaws, but plenty of booing from the Slytherins. Hermione landed and was surrounded by her team as they congratulated her.

Harry smiled at her as the team moved toward the locker rooms. "You can relax for the rest of the month, now. I'll be taking over for the next few games," he said.

Hermione passed the golden snitch to Madam Hooch and headed toward the girl's locker room. "I'm glad. I hate going against the Slytherins. Malfoy finds it hilarious fun to try and knock me off my broom," she said.

Harry smiled sympathetically. He rubbed her shoulder and said, "You leave Malfoy to me, then. I'll knock him down a peg or two."

Hermione smiled. Harry always had her back. But her mood was dampened when an annoying ferret said, "Well, well. If it isn't Potty and Granger."

She looked over at Malfoy and his gang. They were snickering. "If you need the loo so bad, Malfoy, I suggest you go. You're a big boy now, right? You don't need to ask me where it is," she said.

His gang snickered and his smile turned into a frown. "Shut your filthy mouth, mudblood," he said.

"Afraid of a muggle-born?" she shot back.

Malfoy smirked. "You don't stand a chance against me, Granger" he said.

Hermione gritted her teeth. "I can beat you any time in anything, Malfoy."

"Then play seeker in the next Quidditch Match," he said.

Hermione laughed. "You'll only get humiliated," she said.

"What? Afraid you'll lose Granger?" Malfoy smirked again.

Hermione frowned. "We'll see who wins." She took a step closer to Draco. "See you on the field." She turned on her heel and walked away. Harry followed.

"You sure you want to be seeker for the next match?" he said.

"Malfoy isn't going to scare me off that easily, Harry. Put me as seeker for the next match." Hermione stormed off to the showers, her Quidditch robes swirling angrily around her.

The hot spray from the shower calmed her down and loosened her muscles. It was stupid to accept Malfoy's challenge, but she couldn't stand that self satisfying smirk. She could handle his arrogance and calling her names; he wasn't the first person she'd met like this. But that stupid smirk just made her so mad!

Hermione washed herself free of dirt and sweat, trying to relax again. Once done, she dried herself and pulled her damp hair into a bun. If she put her hair in a bun when it was wet like now, then she had less friz and more tame. Dressed in a pair of comfy jeans and a sweater, she headed down to dinner.

As she sank down into her normal seat with her friends, she noticed that some of the others were whispering and looking in her direction. "What's going on?" she asked.

"Everyone's heard about you and Malfoy's spat. Probably making bets of who's going to win," Ron said.

"And Katie doesn't look too happy," Ginny said.

The looked up and saw their captain, Katie Bell, heading toward them. She stopped in front of them and said, "What is this I'm hearing about you playing in tomorrow's game against Slytherin?"

Hermione turned red a bit. Katie hated not being informed of happenings on her team. "Katie-"

"You've already played in the last three matches. The roster clearly shows that Harry is up next."

Hermione nodded. "I know, Katie. But I can't stand Malfoy's damn smirk. I just want to wipe it of his face. I took the challenge and I can't back down. I'd lose to Malfoy."

Katie paused and turned to Harry. "You letting her fly in your place?"

"Yes. I'll pick up another game so we're still good. But Hermione can fly tomorrow."

Katie nodded and turned. "Hey, Lee," she called. "Put three galleons on Hermione," she smiled at her. "To win."

The boy laughed and others began to openly place their bets. Ginny hugged Hermione. "We are so gonna win tomorrow."

Hermione nodded and smiled back. She looked over at the Slytherin table and found a multiple of eyes on her. One pair of which, was a pale silver. The pair belonged to Draco Malfoy. Hermione glared at him and turned away from his smirk, to Ginny. "Yeah," she said, smiling. "I can't wait to rub it in his ferret face when we win the Cup."

"That's the spirit," Ron said. In doing so, he showed his mouth full of pre chewed food.

"Gross, Ron!" Ginny said.

Ron opened his mouth wider. Hermione chuckled and threw a napkin at him. "Cover your mouth, Ron. No one wants to see your dinner," she said.

He threw a roll at her. She caught it and threw it back. Ginny and Harry joined in with the small food fight, tossing a couple grapes and orange slices at each other. Hermione laughed and turned her head away as an orange slice hit her cheek.

"I'm so glad that Gryffindor's finest are acting on their best behavior," a cool voice said behind her.

She looked up and saw Snape standing over her. His black eyes stared into hers. "Professor Snape," she said politely, wiping juice off her cheek.

"Ms. Granger," he responded. "I would like you to remember that food is for eating, not for throwing at others."

Hermione put her hands in her lap and said, "Yes, sir." Snape turned and walked to the teacher's table. She rolled her eyes at her friends. "Kill joy," she mouthed before going back to her meal. Ron chuckled. She finished her meal and got up. "Gonna get some sleep in for tomorrow," she said, standing up. She bid them goodnight and headed out of the Great Hall. She made it to the stairs before someone stopped her.

"Getting scolded by teachers, Granger?" Malfoy said.

Hermione looked up and glared at him as he leaned against a banister. He had that smirk on. "What do you want, Malfoy?" she asked, walking past him and standing as far away as she could on the staircase. It started to move, taking her to another landing.

"Just wanted to bask in you humiliation," he said, coming to stand next to her. She glared at him before turning her attention forward. She hoped he got the message, but apparently not. "This humiliation isn't as great as it will be tomorrow, when Slytherin trounces Gryffindor; but it'll do for now."

Hermione walked and to another staircase. Malfoy followed. She turned to him, her arms crossed over her chest. She rested her hip against the banister and said, "If I didn't know better, Malfoy, I'd say you were following me because you like me."

Malfoy snorted. "As if I would like a mudblood like you," he said.

Hermione chuckled, smiling slightly. "You know, you say that a lot, but I know you don't mean it. About you liking me," she said.

He raised an eyebrow. It was one of curiosity more than of condescending. "Oh?" he asked. "What makes you think that, Granger?"

Hermione stepped onto the platform as the stairs stopped moving. She turned to him and said, smiling smugly, "Because you've followed me all the way up to my dorm. Now, either you really wanted to make fun of me...or you like me. And I'm sure you can harass me better this."

Malfoy looked over her shoulder. He probably hadn't known he was following her up to the Gryffindor dorm. His eyes snapped back to her. She smiled at the realization in his eyes before turning to the portrait. Hermione leaned forward and whispered the password, stepping back when the portrait swung open.

She turned back. "See you on the field, Malfoy." She walked into the Common Room, leaving Malfoy standing outside the Gryffindor portrait.

She was smiling as she went up to her room. Everything she'd said was a complete fib, but it had been priceless to see Malfoy's face when she'd said that he liked her. It would be almost as priceless as what he would look like when she snatched the snitch right out from under his nose.