Hermione felt someone shaking her shoulder. "Five more minutes," she grumbled. She didn't want to leave her Draco scented bed.

"In five more minutes, you're going to be pushed out of the bed," a voice said.

Hermione blinked her eyes open and rolled onto her back. She looked up and grinned. "Draco," she said, reaching up and pulling him into her arms. He took the place of his scented pillow, but he smelled better.

He slid in next to her slowly, not moving his arm too much, and smirked. "You were expecting someone else?" he asked.

Hermione shook her head as she hugged him. "Never," she said. Draco laid down next to her and sighed as his body dipped the mattress. "Shouldn't you still be in the Hospital Wing?" she asked.

Draco groaned and pulled her closer to his side. "I didn't want to spend another day there," he said. "So I left a note saying my wife could take care of me."

hermione sat up and looked down at him. "You left without telling Madam Pomfrey you were leaving?" she asked. "What if she wasn't done healing you?"

Draco sighed and looked at her. "Please, Hermione. Just lay back down and let me hold you. I can still do that with a sore arm, can't I?" She frowned at what he'd done, but she, too, just wanted to be with him. She laid down and curled into his side. "I hope this hormonal thing goes away quickly," Draco said before they both fell asleep.

"Hermione! Put the plate down," Draco said. He ducked as another plate soared over his head. He looked at where it fell, unharmed from the throw, and turned to his wife, who was starting to show a little bit of a baby bump. Her hard eyes were focused on Draco, ignoring the Slytherins and Gryffindors who had wisely decided to take cover from the hormonal pregnant woman's rage. The Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws just watched, enjoying the show with their meal. This would be the last time they saw this fight, tomorrow being Graduation and everything.

Hermione picked up another plate and pulled it back. Pansy quickly jumped up and grabbed it out of her hand. "Girl," she said. "Calm down."

Hermione turned to her friend. "I've told him five times already to change his cologne. That is makes me sick. And he just continues to ignore me," she said. She turned back to Draco and he saw her eyes go glassy with unshed tears.

He felt terrible. He walked forward, opening his arms. "Oh, honey," he said. "I'm sorr-"

Hermione raised her fist and started beating on his chest. "You don't listen," she said. Draco stumbled back and quickly ducked as she threw a goblet. "You know what? You can sleep on the couch until you stop wearing that stupid cologne." With that, she stormed out of the Great Hall.

Draco stared after her and turned to Pansy. "But I'm now wearing cologne," he said.

"Then you're screwed, mate," Blaise said with a bright smile. He enjoyed the couple's fighting more than he should, but it was too entertaining.

Slowly, people came out from under the tables and returned to their meals. Draco sat down and glared at his food. "How am I suppose to change the cologne when I'm not wearing any?" he grumbled.

"Maybe it's your deodorant," Goyle said. "Some women get sick on it. Their noses are all messed up when they're pregnant."

Draco looked up at him. That was smart, coming from Goyle. "Have some experience?" Draco asked.

Goyle shrugged. "My mum is a midwife and I use to go with her on her visits," he said, returning to his food.

Draco looked up as he heard snickering. He looked over at the Gryffindor table and saw Harry trying to hold back his laughter. "Yeah, Potter," Draco said. "Just you wait until the Weasllette gets pregnant and throws plates at your head." That stopped Harry's laughter and even wiped the small smile of Ron's face. Satisfied with the result, Draco stood up. "I'm off to sleep on the couch," he said with a grimace. At least Pansy got a laugh out of his discomfort.

Hermione smiled up at Draco as she stood with him for pictures. Her muggle parents were really into the picture thing and were making the two of them pose for them as they snapped off a few hundred. Last night, Hermione had forgiven Draco and apologized for getting angry. He'd still had to sleep on the couch, though.

Draco looked down at her and bent his head. Gently, he kissed her and she smiled. "Come on, you two," her father said. "Let's go. We have the Graduation feast still."

They made their way up to the castle and Hermione paused. Draco stopped next to her, watching her face. "I'm going to miss this place," she said.

Draco looked up at it, and nodded. "Yeah," he said. "Good memories. The Christmas party, fighting in the hallways, Quidditch matches, taunting each other, the great showers..."

Hermione laughed and nodded. "Yeah," she said sadly.

Draco wrapped his arms around her and kissed her cheek. "Don't worry, though," he said. "You'll be back before you know it. This time as Professor Hermione Jean Malfoy, Professor of whatever it is you're going to teach."

Hermione met his eyes and said, "I was thinking about being the new Flying Coach. Assisting Madam Hooch with teaching the first years and working Quidditch games."

Draco chuckled. "Our kids will be born on broom sticks," he teased.

Hermione nodded and they headed into the Hall. One last time to be with everyone as students.

"Scorpius!" Hermione called to her son. "Come on down. Dinner's ready."

The little four year old boy looked over at his mother and flew back across the Hogwarts playing field. "Mum," he said. "Uncle Ron and Aunt Ginny said they would let me play with their teams at the next match. Can I? Please?"

Hermione waited until he was close enough before she reached out and plucked him off the small toy broom. The little boy, a spitting image of Draco with the exception of his brown eyes, laughed and hugged her. Hermione laughed and said, "Well, they'll have to bring me and daddy along, as well as Grandma and Grandpa. They would love to see you play."

"My son will be a champ," Draco said, coming up behind Hermione. She turned to him and smiled. He was dressed in his work robes, and he looked tired, but it didn't stop the smile from appearing on his face.

"Daddy!" Scorpius said, waving his arms.

Draco picked him up and said, "Hey, little man. Are you being good for your mother?"

"The best," Scorpius said.

Draco smiled and kissed Hermione's lips. "Good day today?" he asked.

Hermione shrugged. "As can be expected for first timers on brooms," she said as they walked back to the castle for dinner.

"Daddy," Scorpius said. "Can Davy come play tomorrow?"

Draco smiled and said, "We'll have to talk to his parents, but it's fine with me if she comes to play. Hermione?"

Hermione laughed as her two boys looked at her. "Alright," she said. "But don't fly too high this time."

Scorpius grinned and nodded. When they reached the Great Hall, he squirmed in his father's arms. Draco set his son down and watched the boy run off to the head table and talk to Dumbledore about his flying that afternoon.

Draco and Hermione took their own seats at the table. When Hermione had come back as a teacher, Dumbledore had welcomed her with open arms. Had even said they could stay there in their old rooms. They'd charmed a new room for Scorpius and the other teachers had taken to him quickly. Between Harry and Ginny Potter, Ron and Lavender Weasley, the rest of the Weasley clan, Blaise and Pansy Zabini, the teachers and his own parents, Scorpius was one spoiled child.

Hermione smiled as Dumbledore lifted Scorpius onto his lap and listened to what the boy was saying. "Who would have thought we would have such a beautiful child?" she said.

Draco smiled and took her hand. He laced their fingers together and kissed her knuckles. "I did," he said. "I have good taste in women."

Hermione laughed and shook her head. "You are so weird sometimes, Draco," she said.

He leaned forward and whispered in her ear. "When was the last time you went on a moon lit broom ride with your husband?" he asked.

Hermione met his eyes and smiled. "This will have to be the last for a while," she said.

Draco raised an eyebrow. Hermione took their joined hands and placed it over her stomach. He looked down and then back at her. He smiled wide and let out a great whoop, lifting her out of her chair and turning her around. When he finally set her down, everyone was looking at them.

"What's wrong, Daddy?" Scorpius asked.

Draco picked him up and said, "You're going to be an older brother, little man."

Scorpius smiled and said, "Really? I get a little brother?"

"Or sister," Hermione said. Scorpius smiled and hugged his parents as a few people clapped, giving their congratulations.

Draco smiled and then paused. "You know," he said. "We'll have to tell our parents."

Hermione laughed. "The last time we did that, your father fainted, mine made a drink, and our mothers didn't stop bothering us for months about baby names and outfits."

He laughed and said, "Well, I'm glad, anyways to be here with you."

"And to think," she said as she hugged their son. "This was all because of a kiss."

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