Chapter 1: Sacrifices

"Untold sufferings seldom so."



Life was never good to him.

It must have been the case that when God showered all the bad luck in the world, he must have been the only moron standing up, with his head and hands raised towards the heaven, accepting everything like an idiot that he was. Like they were all meant for him. Like he deserved every goddamned piece of rotten luck meant to exist in the world. And though his life for the past 17 years had not changed, he remained hopeful. He hoped that one day things would be a little different. Life would be less… difficult and painful.

Time and time again, he should have learned. He should have stopped clinging on to these naïve dreams. He should have known better.

"I told you Uzumaki."

He should have fucking known better.

"He will be watching us. Start playing the part, why don't you?" Naruto barely registered the smooth whisper that ghosted over his ears as warm breaths tickled his nape. The voice was smooth but the tone was undeniably cold nonetheless. Crisp and cool like it had always been in his memory.

They were friends. How could have this happen?

Naruto inwardly cursed. He squeezed his eyes shut, unconsciously tightening his grip on the clean, expensive-looking satin covers of the bed. Lying on his bare chest, he tried to shift his position to face the other, but it proved futile as the body over his leaned in closer, effectively weighing him down.

"Neji." Naruto mumbled, letting his cheeks rest on the covers instead, ceasing all efforts of struggle. "Just get this over with, you jerk."

"Hmm." The pale boy breathed deeply, then leaned in closer, his long hair grazing the blonde's back. "Don't be cheeky Uzumaki. All of these would be pointless if we skipped the foreplay."

"The hell are you saying-!"

"You have to enjoy this." Was the curt response. It was like the pale boy had expected that the blond would retaliate. The worst part is, Naruto knew all too well what those words mean.

"As a crucial part of the deal, you have to show him that you're enjoying this…

If you decline, what do you think will happen? His beloved family's prominent reputation on the line, and I hate to say what will happen if the public knew of this. This disgrace… It will ruin everything.

He'll suffer, Naruto.

His perfect, little world would shatter into pieces.

And it would be your entire fault.

Naruto gritted his teeth and swallowed hard.

Your fault, Uzumaki…"

Two years ago, none of these would have meant anything to him. He could have cared less or given a flying fuck for the famed Uchiha reputation. In all actuality, he doesn't even know them. His life, for the first fifteen years, had only concentrated on one thing—and that is survival. Being an orphan, he was left alone to survive in the harsh neighborhood of downtown Tokyo. All his innocence stripped away at such a young age. He had given up everything, sacrificed everything just to survive, because there was nothing else in his life that mattered anymore. There was none worth keeping. There was none worth cherishing. None worth protecting. Not his dirty, tainted body. Not his naïve, pointless dreams. Not his pitiful, unloved life.

Uzumaki Naruto was never worth it.

But all of these changed two years ago. Two years ago, he crossed the path of one Uchiha Sasuke. And it changed his life.

It was supposed to be just a one-time encounter. Naruto had only planned to mug the conceited looking bastard who happened to wander in "his territory". But in one of the rarest occasions, he failed. The Uchiha caught him red-handed immediately, earning him a broken nose and a bloody lip. Straightening himself up and fixing his tie, the Uchiha, who frustratingly, didn't even have a mark on his face, looked at Naruto for a minute before dragging him, kicking and screaming (literally), to the nearest foundation center. It was then that he knew that the bastard was one of the people supervising the charity works in their area, a part of a developmental project of the government.

It was where he met Iruka and many other orphans like him, and of course, Sasuke.

The first person to save him.

The first person to ever acknowledge him.

The first person he ever loved.

And who loved him back…

Two years ago… Those were the happiest moments of his life.

But it was all a mistake. It should have never happened. They should have never adopted him.

Because he'll ruin them. His tainted past will ruin everything. His only family in the world.

"Uzumaki." A cold voice brought him back to the harsh reality. "We have a deal."

The door clicked open. Uchiha Sasuke who was still wearing his school uniform, and the student council band in his left arm, stepped inside his room. Naruto took one last glance at Sasuke before wetting his quivering lips. He smiled, closed his eyes and brought his lips to Neji's.


Without taking his eyes off the stunned Uchiha, Neji responded and roughly pushed Naruto against the bed, returning the kiss. Neji's hands trailed across Naruto's exposed chest, drifting lower to the blonde's stomach. Naruto forced a moan.

"What the hell-?"

Naruto had barely heard Sasuke's surprised statement when he felt Neji being yanked away from him. There was a grunt as Sasuke slammed Neji none too gently against the wall.

"It's nice to see you, Uchiha."

"Shut it, Hyuuga."

Neji sneered, unmindful of the sheer loathing radiating off of the other pale boy. Sasuke was breathing heavily, his shoulders tensing, and his whole face contorted into pure rage.

"What seems to be the problem, Sasuke?"

The Uchiha glared, before letting his clenched fist connect to the other's jaw. There was a faint crack as Neji was thrown sideways by the impact.

"Get out of my sight, Hyuuga before I kill you right here." The words were spoken with such venom and threat that Neji's mocking smile visibly faltered. He then stood up, picked up his discarded white polo and blazer and approached Naruto. Sasuke's nails were digging into his palms when Neji leaned closer to Naruto's face.

"Good bye, Naruto. We had such a great time." The blonde fought back the urge to flinch. Neji noticed this and smiled. He then took one last look at Sasuke and walked away, leaving the two in the most uncomfortable situation.

For a full minute, silence reigned inside the room. No one dared to speak or to move.

"Sasuke…" Naruto started, unable to contain the silence.

"Get the hell out of my house, Naruto. Pack your things and leave." Naruto stiffened. He was expecting this - planned for this to happen, but he didn't know why his chest felt unbearably tight.

Slowly and quietly, Naruto stood up. He picked up his uniform and bag and walked towards the door.

"Goodbye Sasuke," he said, finally.

And then he left, never once looking back.


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