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Chapter 1

"Oomph," Brandon huffed as I tackled him to the ground and smiled wickedly as he glared up at me. "Liv, it's touch football, not tackle," he said as our brothers laughed and Braden started teasing his twin.

"That was like a bunny tackling a Great Dane!" Braden said through his laughter and I saw Brandon's cheeks darken in slight embarrassment as his dark eyes narrowed.

"You're just upset that your little sister got the best of you," I said with a smile and he rolled his eyes before he shoved me off of him. I fell onto the sand of the beach and laughed as he grumbled to himself, got up, and started stalking over to Braden; who he punched in the arm when he was close enough. Suddenly, Lucas was standing over me and held out his hand to me with a grin on his face. I laughed and took hold of his hand and allowed him to pull me from the ground.

"You wounded his pride, Liv," Lucas said, still grinning, and I smiled.

"Serves him right," I said before I tightened my ponytail. "Just because I'm smaller than all of you doesn't mean I can't take you down." After breakfast that morning, we all had gone down to First Beach to play football on the sand. I usually just sat on the beach and cheered them on, but Brandon had been teasing me all morning; so, I joined up with Lucas and Alex to take him and Braden down.

"Lesson learned," Lucas said before he threw his arm over my shoulders. Out of my four brothers, I was closest to Lucas. He was only two years older than my sixteen and Brandon and Braden were about to turn twenty-one next month. Our younger brother, Alex, was twelve and was currently teasing Brandon right along with Braden about getting tackled. Lucas and I walked over to our brothers and Brandon tossed the football at me. I caught it easily and smiled at my brother's scowling face.

"Come on, Brandon," I said as I walked away from Lucas and over to my brother. "Don't be mad. I was just messing with you." I pouted slightly and batted my eyelashes, a trick I learned long ago to soften Dad when I wanted something or got in trouble and it worked wonders on my brothers too. It didn't work on Mom though. She would just smile and shake her head before she would roll her eyes. I tapped the football on Brandon's stomach and batted my eyelashes at him a little more. He sighed and took the football from my hands before he wrapped his left arm around my shoulders and pulled me close to him.

"You know I can't stay mad at you, Liv," Brandon said before he tossed the football to a still chuckling Braden. "Let's head home. I'm starving," he said before he started walking, dragging me along with him, to his truck. Lucas, Alex and I sat in the backseat of the extended cab while Brandon settled behind the driver's seat and Braden the passenger seat. It wasn't long before we were heading down the road and home, with Brandon turning up the radio to some heavy metal rock song. All four boys started screaming/singing along with the lead singer and I rolled my eyes as I shook my head from my seat between Alex and Lucas. Lucas nudged my arm and I smiled as I looked at him. I laughed as he started banging his head slightly and I rested my head on his shoulder. I was going to miss him come the end of August.

Brandon and Braden had each forgone going to a four year university and went to vocational school after college. They worked as contractors with Dad, Sam, Jared, and Uncle Jason. They still lived at home since they weren't quite ready to leave behind Mom's cooking and the fact that she still did their laundry and tidied up after them. Dad made sure they paid for their keep though, and neither young man minded. Lucas, however, was not like our older brothers.

He wouldn't be satisfied following in our father's footsteps and living life on the reservation wasn't for him. We all knew that, and none of us were surprised when he was accepted to all four colleges he had applied to. He was able to go to his first choice, and there was going to be no financial strain on our family. Lucas was going off to Stanford in the fall, on a full academic scholarship, and our parents were very proud. We all were proud of him.

"Okay!" I shouted as I lived my head and reached forward, turning down the radio.

"Hey!" Brandon and Braden chorused, but they had smiles on their faces.

"I'd like to maintain my hearing, thank you," I said and they chuckled before leaving the radio at the quieter level I had turned it down to. Thankfully, we reached the house a few minutes after that and we all piled out of the truck. However, I barely took two steps before Braden scooped me up and threw me over his shoulder. "Braden!" I cried as I hit at his back with an open palm, but really only hurt myself as he laughed and trudged towards the house with me lying over his shoulder. I gave up on fighting him and let him carrying me inside.

"Braden, what are you doing to your sister?" I heard Mom's voice ask and I could tell by her slightly shaking voice that she was trying to hold back a laugh. Braden laughed and I rolled her eyes.

"Just thought I'd give Little Livy a lift into the house," Braden said before he put me down onto the floor and I smacked his chest. He grinned before I turned around and tugged down my t-shirt to see Mom laughing quietly with her hand covering her mouth as she stood in the doorway that led to the kitchen.

"I don't know why I put up with them," I said as I rolled my eyes.

"You know you love us, Liv," Braden said as he tugged on my ponytail and walked towards the kitchen. He leaned down slightly and kissed Mom's cheek before he went into the kitchen where I could hear Brandon and Alex debating on what to eat. I sighed as Mom lowered her hand and walked over to me.

"Alex told me you tackled Brandon during a game of touch football," Mom said and I smiled at her, my hazel eyes meeting her blue.

"They were picking on me all morning," I said as I crossed my arms over my chest. "Brandon was being cocky as he ran and I took him down." Mom smiled at me before she winked.

"That's my girl," she said and I smiled at her as I uncrossed my arms.

"Where's Dad?" I asked.

"Council meeting," she said as she reached out and pushed my bangs out of my eyes. "He'll be home before dinner." I nodded my head and pulled my shoulder blade length hair from the ponytail I had pulled it in that morning.

"I'm going to take a shower," I said and she smiled.

"Get in there why you can. Brandon's going out with Lily tonight," she said with her eyebrows raised and I laughed. Lily was Anna and Trevor Mallory's oldest daughter and she was just as sweet as her Mom. Anna and Trevor were long time friends of our mom and Brandon had taken a liking to her at the last barbeque of the summer we had last year.

"What time?" I asked.

"Six," she said and I glanced at the clock in the living room. It was just past two in the afternoon, but Brandon would be commandeering the bathroom any minute. That boy took longer to get ready than I did and it was crazy.

"I better get in there now," I said before I raced up the stairs and into the one lone bathroom in our house. It was always a battle for the bathroom, which was why I woke up at the butt crack of dawn everyday to get in there before the guys used all the hot water. I stopped long enough in my room to grab a pair of black sweats, clean under clothes, and a baggy t-shirt before I slipped into the bathroom.

I turned on the water and while waiting for it to warm up, I looked at my reflection and sighed quietly as I ran my hand through my loosely curled reddish brown hair that I inherited from Mom. I took after her in more ways than just hair. I had my own variation of her nose and lips, and I could see a lot of Mom in my face and I considered myself a plainer version of Mom. Despite the scar on the side of her face, Mom was beautiful. She was just as great inside as she was outside and it was easy to see why Dad loved her so much.

Unlike my best friend, Grace, I didn't have the perfect body. I wasn't super skinny but I wasn't the least bit fat, I just needed to tone up a bit. However, I was too lazy to work out hardcore like Brandon, Braden, and even Lucas did. I jogged every morning with them and ran on the treadmill we had in the basement during the winter time. I may have thought I needed a few improvements, but all in all I liked the way I looked; even if I was a bit plain.

I made a face at my reflection before I took out my contacts and put them in their container on the counter. I undressed, threw my clothes in the hamper, and climbed into the shower. I sighed as the hot water undid the knots on my upper back and then I set to washing. Fifteen minutes later, I was finishing up when I heard a hard knocking on the door.

"Liv! Hurry up! I need to get ready!" Brandon called and I rolled my eyes as I turned off the water.

"I'll be out in just a few minutes," I said. "I need to get dressed."

"Hurry up!" he said again and I rolled my eyes again as I climbed out of the tub and dried off. Lotion and everything would have to wait until I got into my room. I made sure I was dry and wrapped my hair up into the towel before I quickly dressed. I opened the bathroom door and Brandon was standing just outside of it.

"Took you long enough," he said and I laughed as I walked out of the bathroom.

"It's all yours, princess," I teased before I scooted over into my room, closing the door behind me.

I unwrapped my hair and towel dried it as best I could before I draped the towel over the back of my desk chair. I grabbed my black framed glasses from where they sat on my computer desk and slid them on my face before I brushed out my hair and threw the wet locks into a clip on the back of my head. I flopped down onto my double bed and grabbed the book from my nightstand as I leaned back against the mountain of pillows that rested on my bed and opened the pages of my latest read.

Grace had left for camp the day before and she was going to be gone until the end of July, leaving me to fend for myself for the next seven weeks; which was why I was spending a perfectly good Saturday at home with my family. However, if Grace would have been home, we probably would have done the same thing. There was no bonfire that night or no party going on that I knew of, so, we would have just hung out. In a little while I'd help Mom with dinner and probably veg out in front of the TV with Mom, Dad, Alex, and Lucas since Braden would head out to hang out with his friends while Brandon went on his date. Lucas was a homebody, so, unless one his friends called him up he was more than likely going to stay home with us.

Okay, so, I was rather boring, but I was sixteen and lived in a very small town. I would have to drive an hour just to go to a movie, and I'd rather stay home than drive to Port Angeles by myself to see a movie. Plus, hell would freeze over before Dad would let me go to Port Angeles alone. I couldn't even go to Forks by myself. He always drove me or he made one of the guys drive me; but if he or the guys were busy and only Alex and Mom were around, I couldn't even go. Mom tried to talk sense into him that I would be fine or that she could drive me, but he always held his ground. I loved my dad to death, but he was way, way, too overprotective. It's not like there was anything out there that was going to hurt me.

A few hours later, I was in the kitchen with Mom helping her fix dinner for our seriously large family. Brandon was already gone to get to Lily; Braden was up in the room he shared with Brandon, while Lucas had taken Alex with him to the store to pick up some milk after Mom had asked him to run to the store seeing as we wouldn't have enough milk for everyone at dinner.

"Harper?" Dad's voice called through the house and Mom didn't even look away from the oven door she had just opened to check on the pork chops she had roasting away.

"Kitchen!" she called back. I looked up when I heard Dad's boots reach the tiled floor of the kitchen and I smiled at him from where I stood in front of the cutting board, fixing the salad that we always ate with dinner.

"Hey Livy," Dad said with a smile.

"Hi Dad," I said and he walked over to me and kissed my head before he moved over to Mom and took her into his arms before he kissed her softly upon her lips. I smiled slightly as I watched them for a second.

Looking at them when they were together, you wouldn't guess that they'd been married for almost twenty-four years. The way they looked at each other, it was like they were in the early stages of a relationship where it was all hearts and rainbows. Sure, they weren't perfect and they argued sometimes but they always worked it out and I just knew that they were one of the lucky ones and that what they had was forever. Now, if only I could be that lucky. I sighed softly before I returned my eyes to the cutting board; however, movement at the doorway to the kitchen caught my eye and I looked up.

I gasped quietly when I saw the youngest member of the Uley family smiling at me as he took a step into our eat in kitchen. Andrew Uley was Sam and Emily's youngest son. Like me, he was going to be a junior in high school in September and despite growing up together and practically being in all the same classes, we weren't exactly friends. Sure, we hung out with the same people and went to all the same events but he was more outgoing and a bit more popular than I was.

Don't get me wrong, we got along just fine and were friendly to each other. We were more acquaintances than friends really, and I had no idea what he was doing there, especially since I didn't see the rest of his family with him. The only time he had ever come to our house was when it was our family's turn to host a barbeque, and it had been almost a year since he had been over.

He looked the same as he had on Wednesday when I saw him on the last day of school before summer break. He was dressed in his usual t-shirt and jeans ensemble and his black hair was still shaggy and falling slightly in his dark eyes in the messy 'I don't give a crap' style he had going. Like his older brother, DJ, Andrew was tall; but not quite as tall as his dad or mine; and he was well put together. It was easy to see why half of the female population at our high school was in love with him, but he didn't really date. He'd gone out a few times with a couple of girls in our year, but he'd never been in a serious relationship; at least, as far as I knew anyway.

"Hi Drew," I said, calling him by the nickname I knew he preferred.

"Hey Liv," he said back and I returned my eyes to my task. I mentally wanted to kill my father for not calling to tell Mom that Andrew would be coming with him. Like all the other girls, I had a small crush on Andrew and there I was standing barefoot in the kitchen wearing sweats, no makeup, with my curly hair frizzy from air drying and held back in my clip, and my glasses perched on my face. Of course he had to see me looking a mess; granted I wasn't exactly girly when I wasn't in my house clothes, but at least I was presentable then. My sloppy look was just another thing to add to the list of why Andrew would never date a girl like me.

"Sam and Emily left for Seattle earlier today to pick Sadie up from the airport tonight, and I told Emily I would have Drew over to dinner with us tonight so he could have a home cooked meal," Dad said as he walked over to where I stood and put his hand on my shoulder before he stole a cherry tomato from the bowl I had them in.

"Hey, hands off," I said as I put down the knife in my right hand and smacked at his hand as he reached for another tomato. Dad laughed and held up both his hands before he kissed my head again and walked around the island. I smiled at him as he walked into the mudroom on the other side of the kitchen and resumed my cutting.

"I hope it's not too much trouble, Harper," Andrew said, his voice sounding closer than it should have, and I looked up to see him standing just a few feet away from me.

"It's no trouble at all, Drew," Mom said as she settled up next to me at the island. "I always cook plenty, and all we need to do is set an extra plate." She smiled at Andrew and he smiled in return before he glanced at me. "Olivia, why don't you go and keep Andrew company," she said as she took the knife from my hand and I looked at her. "Your father can help me finish dinner."

"You sure?" I asked and she nodded. I swallowed hard before I wiped my hands on my sweats and walked around the island. The two of us walked out into the foyer and I scratched the back of my neck nervously. "So, um, what do you want to, um, do?" I asked and Andrew smiled before he pulled his mp3 player out of his jeans pocket.

"You got a dock?" he asked and I nodded.

"Yeah, up in my room," I said as I gestured towards the stairs.

"Can we go up there? I want to play you a few songs and I want you to tell me what you think of them," he said.

"What songs?" I asked with a slight frown.

"Originals," he said with a pause, "mine."

"Really?" I asked as I raised my eyebrows and he nodded. "Why do you want my opinion?"

"Because I know you'll be honest with me. Plus, you've got better taste in music than any of my other friends," he said with a grin. I laughed quietly as I shook my head and blushed lightly.

"I guess you're right there," I said. "The classics are the way to go. You can't go wrong with Morrison, Eagles, Skynard, and the like right?"

"Nope," he said as he smiled and tapped his mp3 player on the palm of his hand.

"All right," I said as I took a step towards the stairs. "Let's go."